Religious and Spiritual Values Affect How People Cope With Cancer

Do Religious and Spiritual Values Affect How People Cope With Cancer?

Most American adults say that they believe in God and that their religious beliefs affect how they live their lives. However, people have different ideas about life after death, belief in miracles, and other religious beliefs...

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A Multifaceted Approach to Healing Cancer

A Multifaceted Approach 
to Healing Cancer

by Donald R. Yance, CN, MH, RH(AHG). Just as there is no single cause of cancer, there is no single remedy. Therefore when approaching a complex disease like cancer it is important to formulate a balanced protocol that addresses: the characteristics of the disease; diet, environment, and lifestyle; organ weaknesses and the overall deficiency or excess of the person.

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Where Are The Low-Cost Treatments for Cancer?

Where Are The Low-Cost Treatments?

Big Pharma’s focus on blockbuster cancer drugs squeezes out research into potential treatments that are more affordable. Says one researcher: “What is scientific and sexy is driven by what can be monetized.”

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Therapeutic Nanoparticles from Grapefruit Juice

Researchers used nanoparticles derived from grapefruits to deliver targeted drugs to treat cancer in mice. The technique may prove to be a safe and inexpensive way to make customized therapies....

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Miracle in Thailand: Acacia’s Story

Miracle in Thailand: Acacia’s Story

by . In November of 2005, Acacia was hospitalized and diagnosed with recurrent lymphoma, in her brain, central nervous system, liver, and left kidney. It was clear that they would be unable to “fix” her. We decided to see what it would take to get her to Thailand for the memorial we were planning for Luke...

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Cancer of the Endometrium Similar To Other Cancers

Cancer of the Endometrium

A new study suggests that genomic classification of endometrial tumors could help guide treatment strategies. The analysis also revealed novel subtypes and found similarities to other cancers.

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Killing Cancer With Radioactive Bacteria

Killing Cancer With Radioactive Bacteria

Live bacteria delivered a lethal radioactive payload to pancreatic cancer cells in mice. With further development, the experimental approach might one day help doctors fight this deadly type of cancer in people.

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Indo-Canadian student gives boost to cancer treatment

A Canadian high school student has improved an ineffective experimental cancer therapy with a simple tweak -- pairing it with antibiotics -- earning accolades Tuesday from a panel of eminent scientists.

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Understanding and Preventing Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States, after skin cancer. The number of new cases and deaths from lung cancer is highest in black men.

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30 Days to Live? Try Forgiveness!

30 Days to Live? Try Forgiveness!by Greg Anderson. After I was told by my surgeon that he thought I had about thirty days to live, I was put in touch with an exceptional cancer survivor who was convinced that healing and forgiveness are inextricably linked. After weeks of resistance, I took her counsel to heart...

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A Big Killer: Cancer Feeds on Sugar

A Big Killer: Cancer Feeds on Sugarby Connie Bennett. While we often hear that cancer may be linked to smoking, asbestos, pollution, pesticides, sun exposure, or red meat, one of the best-kept secrets is that sugar fuels the growth of cancer. Don’t believe me? Consider a few studies...

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The Gifts That Cancer Diagnosis May Bring

The Gifts That Cancer Diagnosis May Bringby BJ Gallagher. "The truth is, we don’t know that the cancer just might come bearing gifts ... and that this last year of her life might very well be the best..." Life changes after diagnosis...

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Has the Cure for Cancer Been Discovered?

Has the Cure for Cancer Been Discovered? article by Marie T. Russellby Marie T. Russell. Cancer, which has been around for a long time, has been increasing in recent decades. Even with the tons of money poured into research, the "cure" has not been found. Or has it?

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Cancer Meditation & Medication

Cancer Meditation & Medication by Joyce Whitely Hawkes PhD

by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhD.

Each cell has its own biological clock that controls its individual rate of repair, replication, and death. Cancer cells are part of your body. At one time, they functioned perfectly well. For mostly unknown causes, a cell of any tissue type may...

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Cancer Prevention and Sunlight

by Richard Hobday. In some respects cancer is to industrialized countries today what tuberculosis was to the 18th and 19th century: a major cause of death and misery which defeats the best efforts of conventional medicine. Then, as now, all of the emphasis was on removing the manifestation of the disease and not on enhancing the patient's ability to overcome it.

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Can Words Cause Cancer

Lolette Kubyby Lolette Kuby. Is it possible that people who are diagnosed with cancer die of a sophisticated form of voodoo? Does the victim's belief in the power of vicious cells, like belief in the power of a hex, lead to his death? 'Cancer' is a demon word -- the destructiveness of cancer begins as soon as the diagnosis is uttered. The word strikes terror to the heart...

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Breast Cancer Deception

Prior to fifty years ago the incidence of Breast Cancer for a woman's lifetime risk was one in twenty. Now it has skyrocketed to one in eight. Clearly the so-called war on cancer has not even made a dent in the breast cancer epidemic as the rates continue to climb at the rate of one per cent per year.

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Causes of Cancer

Cancer Diagnosisby W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D. with Burton Goldberg. Food can make or break our health and, increasingly, factors related to food -- its quality, its nutritional constituents, even how it is grown and processed -- are considered a primary agent for contributing to the initiation and promotion of cancer. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 60% of all cancers in women and 40% of all cancers in men may be due to dietary and nutritional factors...

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Being Diagnosed with Cancer

Dr. Jeremy R. Geffen

by Dr. Jeremy R. Geffen. Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, you may find yourself facing this frightening experience without any knowledge or understanding of how best to help yourself. The sheer volume of information that is now available about cancer and various treatment options can make the aftermath of diagnosis even more distressing for you and your family.

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Diet Nutrition Cancer

by W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D.

The leading nutritional problem in the United States today is the eating of too many empty-calorie foods, says Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., a biochemist and nutrition expert. This contributes to nutrient deficiencies that can rob the body of its natural resistance to disease while weakening overall physiological performance.

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Emotions and their Role in Cancer

Under emotional distress, the brain may signal the adrenal glands to produce chemicals called corticosteroids. Cancer-related processes are accelerated in the presence of these chemicals. Certain cancers have also been associated with distressing life events.

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Dark Side of Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

by Sherrill Sellman. There has been much ado in the press about the wonders of the drug tamoxifen (Novadex) for the treatment and possible prevention of breast cancer. But as is the case with all pharmaceutical drugs, there are serious dangers. It has potential lethal side-effects.

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Beware Tamoxifen

by Sherrill Sellman.

There has been much ado in the press about the wonders of the drug tamoxifen (Novadex) for the treatment and possible prevention of breast cancer. But as is the case with all pharmaceutical drugs, there are serious dangers. It has potential lethal side-effects.

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Healing Cancer on My Own

by Jill Schneider.

In February of 1975, when I was 29 years old, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. As I thought about what my doctor said, I became convinced that the line of treatment he outlined was all wrong for me. It seemed painful, complicated, and disharmonious with nature.

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Herbs For Relieving Cancer

This herb gets its name from bur, for its tenacious burrs, and dock old English for plant. Many scientists are skeptical about Burdock and its uses. However, as a healing herb it has a potential for treating cancer. Early Chinese physicians, as well as Ayurvedic healers, used Burdock as...

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