Three Simple Steps For When You're Feeling Stuck

When You Don’t Know What to Do Next...Do ever feel stuck or unsure what to do next? All of us have felt that feeling, of not being sure what to do next. Whether it is feeling unsure what to do next for the day, or what to do next in life, confusion about “next steps” can leave us feeling stagnant, confused, frustrated, or even depressed. I’ve found that when...

Is There a Mind/Body/Money Connection?

5 Kinds of Money and the Mind/Body/Money ConnectionPeople tend to lump all money issues together, but they can actually be divided into five categories, each representing a different aspect of how you deal with and manage your money and wealth. It’s important to look at these categories individually, since each elicits its own set of feelings and beliefs...

It’s Not About The Website

It’s Not About The WebsiteThe business and relationship situations in your life do not have a life or reality of their own. They are reflections of your psyche, the images you hold about yourself projected onto the screen of the world. As James Allen stated, “We think in secret and it comes to pass. Environment is our looking glass.”

What Coworkers Think When You Suck Up To The Boss

Here's What Coworkers Think When You Suck Up To The BossFew employees would deny that ingratiation is ubiquitous in the workplace. This behavior goes by many names – kissing up, sucking up, brown-nosing and ass-kissing. Indeed, the fact that there are so many names that describe this behavior suggests that it’s something that goes on all the time at work.

Understanding The Energy of Money

energy of moneyMoney is an uncomfortable subject for most of us. We love money, and we hate it. We can't live with it, and we can't live without it. Money can be a source of great joy and creativity, or it can bring frustration and misery, depending on our relationship with it. And we bring all these doubts and fears, hopes and expectations with us every time we...

Does Makeup Make Other Women Jealous?

Does Makeup Make Other Women Jealous?Imagine you’re sitting at an important job interview. You’re suitably dressed and have taken the time to do your hair and apply some makeup. You’re smiling, answering questions, and attempting to appear competent, and, obviously, hireable.

Would You Get More Done If You Weren’t Sitting Down?

Would You Get More Done If You Weren’t Sitting Down?The researchers examined the productivity differences between two groups of call center employees over the course of six months and found that those with stand-capable workstations—those in which the worker could raise or lower the desk to stand or sit as they wished throughout the day—were about 46 percent more productive than those with regular desks and chairs.

What Is It That Keeps Unruly Kids In School

It's Empathetic Teachers That Keep Unruly Kids In School"Teachers are caught between two models, a punitive model that says you have to punish kids to get them to behave and an older model that goes to the heart of the profession, which says that teaching is all about building strong relationships with children, especially when they struggle," says Gregory Walton.

Do You Owe The IRS Money? Here's What To Do

Do You Owe The IRS Money? Here's What To DoTax Day is finally here. If you’re getting a refund, lucky you. But if you owe the government money, you may be worried that you have to pay the amount due by the filing deadline of April 18 – even if you asked for an extension.

Five Ways To Boost Your Job Satisfaction

job satisfaction 4 12Are you part of the whopping 60% of people in both the UK and US who are feeling unhappy at work? Now that it’s spring – a time of new beginnings – perhaps you are scratching your head, wondering if it’s worth leaving your job and looking for something new, something more exciting and meaningful, something more satisfying.

It's Never Too Late to Lead a Meaningful Life

age asideWe aren’t done, even if at first it appears that way. We always have more to offer. Always. And the community around us deserves to benefit from our continuing vitality. Our lives remain quite purposeful, even though what we had considered our primary purpose for the many years of our career has come to an end.

Is It Possible To Have A Work Life Balance?

Balancing act. Tony Delgrosso, CC BY-NC-NDBack in the early 1980s, when I started researching the field of careers, the notion of “work-life balance” was decidedly embryonic. It certainly had almost no resonance among women, who were still expected to work both at work and at home. Now it’s an acknowledged part of the zeitgeist and central to how we arrange our lives.

Overcoming the Failure Neurosis

Overcoming the Failure NeurosisUltimately, it is not what we think or say that determines our reality but what we are or are not capable of doing. Each time we experience failure on the path to a goal that is close to our hearts we face the ultimate trap of the acquired personality: the failure neurosis.

Can Behavioral Science Help Clean Up Our Personal Finances?

Can Behavioral Science Help Clean Up Our Personal Finances?The first few months of a new year can be a stressful time financially. The Christmas holidays typically lead to depleted savings and higher credit card balances, while tax season is right around the corner. Unfortunately for most us, this isn’t a seasonal dilemma but a chronic problem that brings anxiety throughout the year.

Five Traits Of The Ethical Leader

Five Traits Of The Ethical LeaderThe year just past saw many major business scandals including those at Volkswagen, 7-Eleven and Turing Pharmaceuticals. All pointed to a business culture using the “end justifies the means” argument to justify unethical if not illegal practices.

It Turns Out Clothes Really Do Make The Man

It Turns Out Clothes Really Do Make The ManAbout 14 million people, including me, watched the top Republican presidential contenders spar in their third debate Wednesday night. And while most pundits and viewers were attuned to their words, I noted the importance of what they wore – dark business suits, crisp button-down shirts and formal dress shoes.

Living from the Creative Flow of your Heart

Make New Patterns and Live from the Creative Flow of your HeartMany of us have limited thinking patterns regarding how to earn an income or even to assess value. Yet when we feel connected to our inner creative, we naturally access the feminine realm that generates our creative currency. This is the space where dreams are free to range, time or money concerns and other limitations fade...

Get Self-Promotion Right: 6 Ways to Conquer the New Career Survival Skill

Get Self-Promotion Right: 6 Ways to Conquer the New Career Survival Skill In today’s intensely competitive, hyper-social work world, self-promotion is no longer just a professional responsibility. It’s a career survival skill. Employers must know your real value. Otherwise you’ll frequently find yourself on the losing end professionally. You won’t get the job, the raise, the promotion, the respect and recognition you deserve.

What Are The Origins of True Success?

What Are The Origins of True Success?Many people hear the title Think and Grow Rich and immediately connect it with the idea of acquiring material wealth. Yet, interestingly enough, Napoleon Hill doesn’t devote a lot of time in his book to the actual making of money. For Hill, rich had a different meaning or, at the very least, a much broader one.

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