The First Step of Being Abundant Is Believing In Abundance

The First Step Of Getting Is Believing In Abundance

by Stuart Wilde. It isn't hard to see the abundance of our planet. You only have to look at the fruit trees in the fall, the lushness of life. Buckminster Fuller calculated that if all the wealth of the world was divided equally among its citizens, each and every one of us would be a millionaire.

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Riches Won’t Make You Happy, But A Greener Economy Might

 Why Are We More Optimistic About Riches Won’t Make You Happy, But A Greener Economy Might

In the industrial era, economic growth has become equated with human progress, with a fundamental assumption that material growth and consumption inevitably leads to improvements in our well-being...

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However You Spend It, Money Isn’t The Key To Happiness

However You Spend It, Money Isn’t The Key To Happiness

by Christopher Boyce. How important, if at all, is having more money for our happiness and well-being? Unsurprisingly this question stimulates a lot of opinion and debate. But are people accurate in their predictions about the benefits of having money?

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Learning Life Lessons by Playing Dice

Learning Life Lessons by Playing Diceby Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D. I started this journey feeling that miracles were rare and wonderful events. I felt mostly that we prayed for them and, if deemed worthy of such grace, a miracle might descend upon us. I now feel that we swim in a sea of constant miracles. They abound with such great frequency that...

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Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask For

Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask Forby Michelle-Jeanne Noel. Someone said to me recently; "I'm not asking for much!" Well, her mind has given her exactly what she wanted...she hasn't got much. If you don't ask for much you won't get much. Your unconscious mind will give you exactly...

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How to Realize Abundant Prosperity: The 40 Day Prosperity Plan

How to Realize Abundant Prosperity: The 40 Day Prosperity Planby John Randolph Price. Here is a program for realizing abundant prosperity in your life and affairs. According to the mystical Christian principles, on which this program is based, it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth...

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Feeling Down? Give to Feel Good

Feeling Down? Give to Feel Goodby Sonia Ricotti. Many people say that they would love to help others in need but can’t because they have to get through their own personal crisis/situation first. How can I give to others when I don’t have much myself? Once they are taken care of, then they will help others. Sorry; that’s not how it works...

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How to Be Wealthy: About Poverty, Prosperity & Wealth Consciousness

How to Be Wealthy: About Poverty, Prosperity & Wealth Consciousnessby David Cameron Gikandi. It is not money that makes a person wealthy. It is wealth consciousness. Several studies show that many people who win over $1 mil­lion in lotteries end up worse off financially than they were before they won...

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What Is Your Dream? What Do You Truly Desire To Do?

What Is Your Dream? What Do You Truly Desire To Do?by Julia Cameron with Emma Lively. If money were no object, what would you truly desire to do? This is a question well worth asking. Many delights are well within our reach. We have simply been tell­ing ourselves we can't...

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The Universe of Infinite Plenty: Abundance Unveiled

money is not scarceby John Randolph Price. The universe of infinite plenty assures us that enjoying wealth on the material plane is not only our right and duty, but is the law. In other words, we must be rich -- not as a possibility, but as a certainty. Of course, it is possible to overcome or break the law...

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As You Reap, So Will You Sow

As You Reap, So Will You Sow by Pamela Jo McQuade

by Pamela Jo McQuade. The spiritual law of giving is that you get what you give and reap what you sow. You attract more of what you give, so it's imperative to give from a place of the purest intentions. If you are anything like I was...

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Lack or Abundance?

Lack or Abundance?by Joyce and Barry Vissell.

Everywhere we look, there are signs of economic challenge: companies going out of business, houses not selling, rising unemployment, more and more people complaining about less and less money. This is one picture Is it the only picture, the only reality?

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Having All You Want

Whoa! Hold on a minute, you may be thinking as you look at that headline. Yes, I know the objections, but come with me as I show you how the statement does hold up under spiritual scrutiny. As many of us on a metaphysical path, I started my training with visualization, programming and positive affirmations. And yes, after much practice...

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Agape and Prosperity: Learning How To Love Yourself

Agape and Prosperity: Learning How To Love Yourselfby José Stevens, Ph.D. How do you learn to love yourself? Self-acceptance is the first step. Self-agape requires that you accept yourself as you are, warts and all. This means dropping every particle of self-deprecation you can find. You may think that feeling bad about yourself will motivate you to do better...

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The Essence of Need: Waking Up to Who You Are

The Essence of Need: Waking Up to Who You Areby Dr. Paula Horan. It is essential to tune into the love that is all around us if we are to receive the abundance which is truly ours. Instead, we spend much of our time trying to please others. Most of us unconsciously, try to please our family, friends, and co-workers in order to barter for the love we so deeply crave — but will not acknowledge.

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What Is Wealth?

J. Donald Waltersby J. Donald Walters.

Wealth is something we create. It is not merely there, waiting for us to find it and lay claim to it. Thus we see that it isn't only that we attract money to us: We attract energy, which then manifests itself in the form of money.

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Ask And Receive

by Susan de Montfort.

It has been dramatically revealed to me time after time that the Biblical pronouncement of "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" is a veritable truism. It only needs a deep-seated belief and a fervent affirmation to successfully execute it.Why does it work? Perhaps no one will ever be able to prove why in purely scientific terms, but...

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The Floating Fig Miracle

Alan CohenI was famished. I had not eaten for many hours . I began to feel anxious about not being able to get anything to eat until the next day. Somehow, I reasoned, I would be taken care of; even if I had to go without food for a while, my heart was full. I surrendered my sense of struggle and remembered...

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Consciousness and Money

Prospering Woman by Ruth Rossby Ruth Ross, Ph.D. Prosperity has had only one connotation for too long -- money. The subject of money has a powerful emotional charge, equivalent to the subject of sex. Yet, we will usually talk about it only like the weather -- in general economic terms. In this age of open discussion...

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Generating Abundance

by Paul, via Penelope Ashton. It is true that money should never be used as the only yardstick for accomplishment, but it is useless to pretend that is not so. That may change in the future, but for the now, money is the measure to be used as an exchange of energy. As always, the end result to strive for is balance...

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Having It All

by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

It is a simple procedure to calculate the number of seeds in an apple. But who among us can ever say how many apples are in a seed? No one — and the reason is that the answer is infinite. Endless! That is what the abundance principle is all about...

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Receiving Prosperity

Louise L. Hay

When we use the term prosperity, a lot of people immediately think of money. However, there are many other concepts that come under the auspices of prosperity, such as: time, love, success, comfort, beauty, knowledge, relationships, health, and, of course, money.

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Abundance - Truth, Love, and Energy

José Stevens, José Stevens, Ph.D. What is prosperity? Many of you automatically think of prosperity as something primarily financial. However, this is simply not so. It is success by your standards: it could mean lying in the sun for an hour a day without having to feel you should be...

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Enough Already: Do You Ever Have "Enough"?

Enough Already -- article by Alan Cohenby Alan Cohen. While having dinner with a well-known author and lecturer, our conversation drifted to money. "I have enough money," he told me casually. I don't need any more money." I know people with more money than this man, and they still don't have enough..

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How Riches Come to You

by Wallace D. Wattles & Dr. Judith Powell.

When we say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, we do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the need to deal with your fellow human beings. We mean that you will not need to deal with them unfairly. You do not have to get something for nothing, and you can give to every person more than you take from them.

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Expecting the Best: Living by Faith Instead of Fear

Expecting the Best: Living by Faith Instead of Fearby Tom Butler-Bowdon. Sometimes, intensity of desire can actually turn away things that are good for you because it suggests faith only in yourself and not in the higher power that has created you. Even burning ambitions and desires are most easily realized by allowing them to be realized — a case of "set and forget."

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Creating True Prosperity

Shakti Gawainby Shakti Gawain.

 True prosperity is not something we create overnight. It is not a fixed goal, a place where we will finally arrive, or a certain state that we will someday achieve. It is an ongoing process of finding fulfillment that continues to unfold and deepen throughout our lives.

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Energy Is Priceless

Stuart Wildeby Stuart Wilde. To make money, you have to deliver your energy in some form, to satisfy a demand that is out there. So your stuff -- your service, your creativity, whatever will always be different, unique, and desirable. Why? Because you will imbue it with energy, the God Force, love, and caring.

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Balancing Spirituality

by Robin Crow.

Robin CrowI have always believed that separating spirituality from the rest of our lives is like shooting ourselves in the foot. Your spiritual life should be reflected in the way you run your business, the way you treat those with whom you work, and the way you treat your competitors. Honor, honesty, and integrity are essential ingredients in spiritual and material abundance.

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Becoming Fulfilled

Deborah L. Priceby Deborah L. Price. We have so confused money with fulfillment that the very meaning of the word has been lost. Fulfillment can only be truly experienced internally. It is not something you can acquire or buy. It is not a place you can fill full enough with stuff to take you there. Fulfillment is about completion and self-realization.

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Are You Financially Literate

by Grace Terry.

Grace TerrySeveral years ago when I decided to attract my ideal spiritual partner, I created a long list of qualities and characteristics I would like to have in that partner. I then released my desire to the Universe and asked for "this or something better." Well, I got everything...

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Fear of Success

Jann Mitchell Success can feel scary, almost like a shameful secret. Success carries a whole new set of fears: of being rejected by people, of having our parade rained upon, of having our success somehow invalidated or even ripped away from us overnight. Success can feel good and bad at the same time.

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Fears of Managing Money

Frederick S. Brown by Frederick S. Brown. Many of us are terrified of handling our money because we don't believe we can do it well, and to do it wrong would jeopardize our very existence. On a deeper level we know that money is not the source of life, but our egos don't, and they drive us to act as if it were. They imprison us in self-doubts and prevent us from...

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Abundance Lives Inside of You

Susan Smith Jones by Susan Smith Jones. For many people, abundance and prosperity are tied to their level of self-esteem. You make a good living, pay your bills and save money, so you feel successful. I define success in a different light. Success can be measured only by the degree to which you have inner peace and if...>

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The Meaning of Success: Illusion of Contentment or Lasting Happiness?

The Meaning of Success: Illusion of Contentment or Lasting Happiness?by Robin Crow. In one way or another we're all seeking ways to find happiness and fulfillment. And we all know that success alone doesn't bring happiness. Mother Teresa said that the greatest poverty was spiritual, not physical.

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Self-Appreciation Is The Key To Spiritual Growth and Abundance

Self-Appreciation Is The Key To Your Attracting Abundance

by John Payne. Two feelings are fundamental to the attracting of anything in your life: one is gratitude, the other is self-appreciation. When you look at your life with gratitude, you shift your focus onto what you like. As you shift your focus onto something, more of the same comes to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

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