Living Life with Change in Each Moment

Living Life with Change in Each MomentChange is a necessary part of living. Many of us use planners to lay out the course of our day. Then, plans change — someone cancels a meeting, or the car won’t start, or the kids get sick. You couldn’t predict that something else was going to happen, but it did. So, you...

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energies

Protecting Yourself From Negative EnergiesMost people don’t know that they need to protect themselves from negative energies around them. Most people on this planet do not even think in terms of ‘energy’ at all, which is strange, because everything on this planet is a form of energy, and we use these different forms of energy all the time!

What Is The Secret To Success?

What Is The Secret To Success?At hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, thousands of students are in the midst of the fall semester, trying to manage the academic tasks of studying, exams, papers and lectures.

From Crappy to Happy in Four Easy Steps

From Crappy to Happy in Four Easy StepsWhat am I doing? is the most frequent question I ask as I let go of my most recent job and relationship. The answer always comes back the same: You are being true to yourself. You are living your Truth. This is crazy, I say to myself. No job, no security, saving good-bye to someone who loves me, whom I love.

Living the Choice: Our Own Holy Grail Quest

Living the Choice: Our Own Holy Grail QuestWe live in challenging and exciting times. Because the old gods are crumbling, and our old models are failing us, we can explore new ways of living, understanding ourselves, and growing that may result in opportunities that are more unique, personal, fulfilling, and loving than ever before.

Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian Age

Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian AgeMemories and responses to living are passed through your genes from one generation to another. Limited thinking, encouraged and taught to your ancestors, is imprinted in the cells of your body. Everything you deal with in daily living is recorded and stored in your physical body, and just because you do not consciously remember your experiences does not mean the cells of your body forget.

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