Freedom of Choice

Seeing life as a series of "have to's" can be destructive. In reality, we don't "have to" do anything. On the contrary, we choose to do everything. If, in fact, you were governed by "have to's," you would be renouncing all responsibility for your life.

Mistakes Are Our Nature

All of us are created in a learn through our mistakes. Making mistakes is part of our makeup, as natural as drinking water and breathing air. To deny us the freedom to make mistakes can cause us to become sick, just as denying us needed water or air will make us sick...

Visual Response-Ability

by Betsy Gallagher.

We must take responsibility for ourselves in life. It is unfair to throw blame for what happens to us onto our parents, our spouse or life's circumstances. Whether or not we believe that creative visualization will work for us, the fact is, we are already using it.

Dare To Live

by Arnaud Desjardins. One day, as I was answering a question on the subject of death, the following words came to me: "You are not afraid of death, you are afraid of life." Thinking over that response, I realized how true it was. Our fear of death is all the greater when we have not dared to live. In fact...

Essential Wisdom

by Peter & Penny Fenner. As our Western lifestyles have become increasingly complex, there has been an exponential growth of interest in personal and spiritual development. Each year, in an effort to find satisfaction and happiness amid the pressure of our busy lives, more people are becoming involved in a movement that promises personal growth, inner contentment, and spiritual freedom.

Are You Ready to Surrender in Every Moment?

Are You Ready to Surrender in Every Moment?

by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in. One of the most potent teachings is "non-attachment". No matter which way we turn in life these days, we are being asked to let go of what we know, to be able to step into the vast unknown. Surrender and non-attachment work hand in hand. To live in non-attachment is to surrender in every moment; to "let go and let God".

How to Make Your Life Work by Changing Your Programming

How to Make Your Life Work by Changing Your ProgrammingOur childhood programming often keeps us from making our life work. How can we create happiness in our life? Making your life work means freeing yourself from your ego and rational mind that have kept you trapped in playing out the security, sensation, and power demands that you programmed into your big-computer during the first few years of your life.

Four Starting Points to a Healed Life

Four Starting Points to a Healed LifeThere comes a point when you must decide if you want a life that is fear-driven or one founded on love and hope. Establishing this premise is tantamount to bringing your healing to the next level. Remember, each gain will be incremental. You'll catch the negative voices faster; you'll dismiss them more quickly...

It's All in Your Head?

It's All in Your Head?Just as true happiness is not simply the absence of problems but an internal life state that enables us to challenge any obstacles to happiness that come our way, health is not simply the absence of illness. The important issue is whether we defeat sickness when it comes or whether sickness defeats us...

The Lamb and the Lion

From stories dating back to my childhood, I have memories of the lamb as being the weak one... The one who followed innocently... the one who had to be sheltered... the one who had to be picked up and carried to its nourishment and to its shelter. I recall seeing a lamb at its birth, and its legs were unable to support its weight. The lion on the other hand has...

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