Let Me Tell You a Little Story: Once, Before Anyone Thought of Time...

Let Me Tell You a Little Story: Once, Before Anyone Thought of Time...

If this world is a fiction, then soon as we discover what’s fact,
we’ve found our power over appearances.

"What’s going on, Don? My last seconds of the crash, it was a perfect landing. But now I know what happened ... my own memory, it was fiction!"

"All lifetimes are fiction, Richard."

"Are you fiction, too?"

He laughed. "The me you see, the you I see, we’re all of us fiction."

"I’m not so sure..."

Once, Before Time...

"Let me tell you a little story," he said. "Once, before anyone thought of time, there was a single force in all the universe. Love. It was, and it is and it will always be, the only Real, the only principle of all life. It does not change, it does not listen to anyone. You can call it God or Demon, nonexistent, cruel, or loving, it doesn’t hear, it doesn’t care. It is All. Period.

"When we came to appear to be," he said, "our worlds of form and fantasy, our universe shifting changing images of stardust, it did nothing. Love is the only Is, beyond space, beyond time, anywhere, everywhere."

He stopped.

I listened to the silence. "And?" I said. "What did it do?"


"Go on with your story. I want to hear what happened."

"You did. The story’s over."

"What about us?"

"Nothing. We’re fiction. Does reality have anything to do with dreams?"

Becoming Real?

"What can we do to be real?"

"Nothing. We already are. The deepest life within us is love. There is nothing else. Reflecting that reality, we cannot die. We don’t live here in the world of spacetime. Nothing does. Nothing lives, anywhere, except love."

"What’s the purpose of life here?" I said.


"In spacetime. There’s some reason for it."

"No. Reality doesn’t talk with beliefs, doesn’t listen. Reality does not take form, for forms are limits, and the real is All, unlimited."

Does It Matter If We’re Good Or Bad?

"Doesn’t matter," I said, "if we’re good or bad?"

"No. What’s good to one is bad to another. Words mean nothing to the All. It is indestructible, it is forever, it is pure Love."

"We are nothing to the...the All?"

"Our only life," he said, "is the expression of the Is, of Love. Not what we do, but love itself. You have no way of understanding this, while you live in the world of spacetime, the land of beliefs of harm and death."

"You’re telling me I can die any time?"

He laughed. "The love you know, it can’t die. The annoyances, the hatreds, the wish that things could be different, gone the minute you let go of the world that seems to be. Gone. What’s real, what does not dissolve, that’s yours forever."

Declaring the Power of Love

"Soon as you realize you’re immortal," he said, "declare the power of Love even when it seems invisible, you’ll go far beyond the illusions of space and time."

"Then, who are you? Are you an image, a friend who’s just a thought-form, comes around when I’m ready to die?"

"We’re all shifting out of the belief of mortals," he said. "I’m shifting, too. "

"What do you look like? When you’re not wearing your thought-form for me?

"I look like nothing. No form. Maybe a faint little sparkle of light, maybe not."

"Some day that’ll be me?"

"Some day? How about now?"

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©2013 by Richard Bach.
Reprinted with permission of the author.

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