How To Redefine Aging and Stay Involved In Life In Any Way We Can

Looking Forward to Aging and Being My Future SelfWhen a growing percentage of the population lives past one hundred, we will see what happens to the psychological and spiritual direction of our culture. As we move into the future, we will be redefining aging. After we battle the cultural attitudes that try to define us and attempt to stall us out, we will be staying involved in life in any way we can...

Living Life with Change in Each Moment

Living Life with Change in Each MomentChange is a necessary part of living. Many of us use planners to lay out the course of our day. Then, plans change — someone cancels a meeting, or the car won’t start, or the kids get sick. You couldn’t predict that something else was going to happen, but it did. So, you...

How To Handle Fears About Getting Old

How To Handle Fears About Getting OldDespite the fact that we have a good chance of reaching one hundred (whether we like it or not), many of us fear the unknown landscape of aging. We fear illness, not having enough money, losing our mental abilities, being dependent on others, and becoming a burden to our families. Truth is...

Why Time Goes By Faster As We Age

Why Time Goes By Faster As We Age When we were children, the summer holidays seemed to last forever, and the wait between Christmases felt like an eternity. So why is that when we get older, the time just seems to zip by, with weeks, months and entire seasons disappearing from a blurred calendar at dizzying speed?

Celebrate and Dance On Life

Celebrate and Dance On LifeHow do you feel when you encounter cheerful, happy people who laugh a lot and seem to find some good even in the worst of circumstances? I can recall what my reaction to these people was in the past. I would stick my finger in my mouth and act as if I was gagging.

Reset Your Life! Ask Yourself What Makes You Come Alive

Reset Your Life! Ask Yourself What Makes You Come AliveI know I’m not the only person who’s lived through tough times. I know that you, like me, have experienced your fair share of dreams, hopes, and disappointments. But I also know that you are committed to creating your best life. And I can help. I’ll share with you how I pushed the reset button on my life and take you through the steps so that you can too.

Aligning with Life and Living Within the Cycles

Aligning with Life and Living Within the CyclesFor most of my childhood, one of my favorite sayings was “It’s not fair!” As an adult, I continued to believe life should go the way I wanted it to go. When I couldn’t control the external world, I tried to make things better by transferring the sense of “Life isn’t right when . . .” to “I’m not right unless . . .”

Staying Smoke-Free Forever

Staying Smoke-Free Forever

They say that the most voracious anti-smoking person was probably once a heavy smoker. I (Karen) was at a party and a guy next to me pointed out three people scurrying onto the patio to have a cigarette. He then launched into a rant about smokers being the...

The Defining Moment: The Confidence To Change

The Defining Moment: The Confidence To ChangeMy life was spinning out of control. I hated myself. I hated life. I hated people. My life was going nowhere. My childhood thoughts — I'm stupid, I'm not good enough, I'm not loved, and it's wrong to express myself — had contaminated my adult life and were crippling me by hindering my confidence, true potential, and success...

How To Change in Three Simple Steps

How To Change Things in Three Simple Steps

Most of us find it difficult to change things. If you look at ordinary life and ordinary people, you will discover that they also find it very difficult to change things. Some people haven’t changed since they left school. At eighty years old they are still the same as when they left school...

Meeting the Shadow: From Dante's Inferno to a World of Compassion

Meeting the Shadow: From Dante's Inferno to a World of Compassion

In European mythology, this specific process of self-discovery (meeting the shadow) is usually depicted as the hero literally descending into the underworld and meeting the dead. Whether it’s in The Odyssey or The Divine Comedy or the Harry Potter tales (in which Harry frequently visits past events), the first part of this process involves going into a netherworld that allows the traveler (and the reader) to think...

Brace for Impact!

Brace for Impact!

On January 15, 2009, a jet taking off from New York City suddenly plummeted into the Hudson River. What would your thoughts, feelings, desires, regrets, and heartfelt prayers be if you, like these passengers, knew you perhaps only had two more minutes to live? ...

Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

The time has come to write a new story for our lives and to let go of those handed down to us by our families and our cultures. These are not our stories; they do not belong to us. We must hand them back with love and write our own. We are being urged to become aware and informed and, by doing so...

Gifts of Suffering

In honoring our feelings, we can more swiftly and comfortably navigate through difficult times, and come out wiser in the process. If we face our difficulties with grace, gratitude, if we can combine occasional expressions of pain and sadness with our usual routine of...

Core Themes: The Body's Messengers

Core Themes: The Body's Messengers

by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. Each event in our life builds off other events emotionally so that they create our core themes. Every perception, drama, trauma, relationship (both the good and bad ones), fear, belief, success, and failure are rooted in our core themes. They're all just waiting for ...

Divine Birthright Reclaimed

by Gail E. Steuart & Barry Blumstein. While we focus much of our attention on the "afterlife", we often fail to consider the "beforelife" in gaining a more comprehensive perspective and understanding of our life experience. It is during the period before being born into this world that we placed within our Soul the purpose for our life -- what is that purpose?

Control or Joy: Which Will You Choose to Experience?

Control or Joy: Which Will You Choose to Experience? by Alan Watts.

by Alan Watts. An old aphorism from India says, What is beyond, is that which is also here. And you must not mistake this for a kind of blasé boredom, or a tiring of adventure. It is instead the startling recognition that in the place where we are now, we have already arrived. This is it. What we are seeking is, if we are not totally blind, already here.

Awash in Guns

In just one year, guns are used to kill more than thirty thousand Americans, and thousands more are injured. The fear of gun violence alone affects the quality of life of every American, even those who have never experienced it firsthand. What we forget is that living in fear does not have to be an inevitable part of life in America.

Bringing Out the Shadow

According to Jung, the shadow is any part of the psyche which remains unconscious. It is not always dark or undesirable. Since the shadow is any part of ourselves that we "send away," it contains parts of oneself which may also be quite pleasing, yet for one reason or another, are allowed neither awareness nor expression.

Aspiring to Beauty

Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? Can we call whatever we see beautiful, depending on our perspective? Beauty, Sensuality, Sexuality, Charisma. I have long questioned these notions. What are these things? Are they culturally defined? Dependent on the fashion...

Midlife Clarity

"You know, girl, after forty-eight years, need I remind you of that old adage -- God never puts more on your plate than you can handle." She sat for a long moment, then looked me straight in the eye and said, "Right now I'm very clear about one thing: I need a smaller plate!"

How To Eat A Mango

I love the smell and taste of a plump fresh mango. I always have. But for most of my life I would not buy or eat them. Why? I really never thought about it. Then one day somebody showed me how to eat a mango. Here's the secret...

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