How Smart Drugs Are Making Workplaces More Competitive

Smart drugs could work wonders for tired doctors. michaeljungWe live in an increasingly competitive world where we are always looking to gain an advantage over our rivals, sometimes even our own colleagues. In some cases, it can push people to extreme, unethical and illegitimate methods – something we’ve seen recently in the doping scandal that has hit the athletics world.

Can People Actually Multitask?

Can People Actually Multitask?Despite the obvious limitations, we still keep trying to do many things at the same time. Many of us believe we can do two things at once. We try it every day even though our limitations are obvious. Yet we persist, so much so that laws need to be passed to deal with our foolishness.

Keep Your Focus in the Now: Be Where You Are

Keep Your Focus in the Now: Be Where You AreBeing present in my center is the only way I am able to be abundantly creative in managing a multitude of regions in my life: mother, writer, healer, entrepreneur, partner, and homemaker. If I tried to make a list of everything I did and cross it off in a linear manner, I would accomplish much less and with less creative insight. Instead...

9 Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Tackle Your Most Difficult Tasks Without Delays

9 Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Tackle Your Most Difficult Tasks Without DelaysTasks we find difficult in some way can trigger procrastination. Luckily, there are tools we can use and systems we can put in place that help us prioritize and stay on top of those tough challenges. No matter how big or small the job, if something triggers your procrastination and makes you fall behind, it can be addressed in the following steps...

Your Life, Your Legacy, Your Choice: Living In Ways You Would Be Pleased To Remember

Your Life, Your Legacy, Your Choice: Living In Ways You Would Be Pleased To RememberGranny was satisfied with life. Despite adversity, she did not dwell on or run from the disappointments of life; she courageously faced hardship by grieving, accepting, forgiving, and moving on. She made mistakes. But instead of living with regret, she made the effort to make a better choice the next time she faced a similar situation.

Is Your Life Filled with Drama?

Is Your Life Filled with Drama?

Dramas are the unconscious, personal, and emotional conflicts that we create with others, or with life situations. Many human beings spend much time or even their entire lives engaging in drama, for in their disempowered alienation from...

Valuing Your Natural Abilities

Valuing Your Natural Abilities by Gail McMeekin

Women have long had the self-destructive habit of discounting themselves and their natural abilities. This is a common gremlin, assuming that what comes easily to us is not valuable or unique. It's all part of our training to push others into the limelight and be a support person rather than...

The Clutter of Becoming a "Better Me"

The Clutter of Becoming a “Better Me”

I’ve noticed that a number of recent self-improvement books use the phrase becoming a better you. The problem with trying to be a “better you” is the implication that you are not okay now. It also presumes that there’s an objective standard of okayness. Often we want to be “better” so that...

We're All in Customer Service

We're All in Customer ServiceI was speaking to a friend who is the head of a customer service department. She tells everyone in the company, whether they work in the warehouse, in accounting, or wherever, that everyone in the company is in customer service. As I reflected on her words later, I realized that her sentence "we're all in customer service" had much more further reaching...

Unburden the Memory

Whenever you live something consciously it never becomes a loaded thing on you. If you go to the market to purchase something and you move consciously, walk consciously, purchase the thing consciously, with full remembrance, mindfully come back home, this will never be a part of your memory. If you want to remember it, you can remember it, but it will not be constantly forcing your attention towards it...

Did You Stop & Smell the Flowers?

 Did You Stop & Smell the Flowers?

by Marie T. Russell. One hears a lot about nurturing... nurturing one's self, nurturing loved ones, children, etc. I have been advised many times in my life to pay more attention to myself, and to nurture myself. Not feeling  too clear at one time about what that meant (since I had never learned how to nurture myself), I asked...

Guilt, Shame, & Failure

Q: In step seven of your book, you talk about guilt as a great human weakness. I was brought up in a family where I was made to feel guilty for everything, and find it difficult to transcend this deep-seated emotion. How would you suggest I banish guilt from my life...

The Ending Doesn't Matter

It is easy to be seduced by the idea that how things turn out is more important than what happens in the process. The real question is not "How did it turn out?" The question is, "What happened to your spirit as you journeyed?"


There are some mornings where I can't seem to get moving. Now, I am not talking of those mornings when I may be physically tired and need the extra sleep. I speak rather of those mornings when I've had enough hours of rest, yet can't seem to get motivated to "rise and shine".

Happiness, Laughter & Riches

The Billionaire Report is out and Bill Gates is it, the richest man in the world. What does it mean to be rich?? How much money is enough?? ...This weekend I was touched by two events, one was the World Laughter Tour in Boca Raton and the other the TV movie about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both made me think... who is the happiest person in the world?

The Sequel's Not Equal

The thing about sequels is that they rarely measure up to the original. Like movies, there are two ways to live a life: hiding out in history, or dancing on the cutting edge. History is safe, but reeks of regularity. The cutting edge seems scary, but it bestows life...

Aversion to Good, Aversion to Evil

Words which contain a reference to good and evil have become degraded, especially those which refer to the good -- not only courage but also effort, patience, love and hope -- are met with cynicism and indifference. Unless we boldly confront cynicism and indifference, we cannot make fundamental and effective responses.

Great and Noble Things

We all want to leave our children a better world than the one we found. The greatest legacy you can bestow is joy, which is a choice you can make right now. If you wait until the world changes to let your light shine, your dream will wither and die. Make your joy conditional on nothing outside you and on everything inside you...

Are We Soul Conscious...or in Trance?

Are We Soul Conscious...or in Trance?

by Ed Rubenstein. Any moment in which we are unaware and out of balance and harmony, then we are in trance. When we are feeling superior and feel justified in our judgments, we are in trance. When we feel inferior or unworthy, we are in trance. Streams of past, future, or worrisome thoughts that surface...

The Bottom Line

When something is taking place that is not in complete harmony, ask yourself one simple question. "Where is this coming from?" Keep repeating the question and take it step by step until you get to the "bottom line" -- a basic belief you hold which is instrumental in creating your reactions (and your reality).

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