How To Unwrap the Gift Within Your Heart

Turning On Your Heart’s Light and Discovering Your True SelfJust as a sculptor chips away the marble that covers the already-formed work of art, our inner work is to remove what doesn’t belong and what is not in resonance with our authentic selves. Put another way, within each of our hearts is a gift. It is up to us to unwrap it.

How To Be Your Own Relationship Therapist

How To Be Your Own Relationship TherapistMaybe you can't see an obvious reason why you haven't found happiness in your relationships, but somehow it's not happening as you envisioned. You can't seem to locate the answers that will bring everything together. Don't give up. Understanding is a journey...

Why Stories Matter With Children Learning

Why Stories Matter With Children LearningEver wondered why boys and girls choose particular toys, particular colors and particular stories? Why is it that girls want to dress in pink and to be princesses, or boys want to be Darth Vader, warriors and space adventurers?

How To Feel Love and Open Up To Love

How To Feel Love and Open Up To LoveOnce upon a time, there was a young woman who gave and gave to other people until it hurt. She generally bent over backwards to help anyone she cared about (or didn't care about). It pleased her no end to buy something special for a friend, even when she really needed some...

Are Single-sex Schools Good For Your Child?

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Gender-segregated education is making a comeback. Single-sex classrooms, long discouraged under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in education, have been gaining prominence in recent years, especially in urban charter schools.

Why Sex Gets Better In Older Age

Why Sex Gets Better In Older AgeAging is generally associated with improvements in our quality of life: We become more proficient in our work, learn how to manage our finances better and our bonds with loved ones deepen.

Why Do We Fall For Fake News?

Why Do We Fall For Fake News?In recent weeks, the amount of online fake news that circulated during the final months of the presidential race is coming to light, a disturbing revelation that threatens to undermine the country’s democratic process.

Why Male Couples Should Think About HIV

Why Male Couples Should Think About HIVIn a relationship there are myriad issues to manage. Who walks the dog? Does his mother like me? Whom are we supporting to win RuPaul’s “Drag Race All Stars 2”? But there is one issue that can often be harder to manage – how do we as a couple deal with HIV?

How To Tell If Your Mate Lying?

How To Tell If Your Mate Lying?A Romantic Liar isn't the man who tells a little white lie now and then to keep your spirits up or fails to tell you the whole truth because he wants to spare your feelings. Some Romantic Liars specialize in concealing the fact that they're married, while others...

The Surprising Origins Of Post-truth

The Surprising Origins Of Post-truth“Post-truth” has been announced as the Oxford Dictionaries’ international word of the year. It is widely associated with US president-elect Donald Trump’s extravagantly untruthful assertions and the working-class people who voted for him nonetheless.

Creating a Joyful Environment for Our Children and Ourselves

Creating a Joyful Environment for Our Children and OurselvesIn a world where negativity seeps into every corner of our lives and whatever is gross, weird, or shocking is considered hip and appropriate for children, we must find ways to create a home environment that promotes positive thinking and joyful attitudes. Create a fortress of beauty, hope, and peace where we can...

How Should We Teach Our Kids To Use Digital Media?

How Should We Teach Our Kids To Use Digital Media?Any time a new technology is introduced, it disrupts values, routines and behaviors. This goes back well before the printing press replaced oral histories or the telephone replaced face-to-face conversations, but is evident today in our regular habits of checking our smartphones for notifications.

The Truth About Soul Mates

The Truth About Soul MatesThere will be times when someone special will walk into your life and a bonding of the spirits will take place. This means that both people are compatible, and that their inner spirits are harmonious with each other. Because of this, a kinship is started first, followed by deep inner emotional feelings for each other...

What Do Your Boundaries Say About You?

What Do Your Boundaries Say About You?In our lives -- and in relationships -- we create personal boundaries to define the space we call our own. We set boundaries and say “no” with our words, with our behavior and actions. Boundaries may sound negative, but in reality, they are very important and help to define our personal identities.

What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!

What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything!Over the years, I have come to understand that much of what people identify as love is nothing of the sort. It is codependency, lust, neediness, addiction, and the ego's constant desire for attention. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of television shows, movies, and music really reflects a spiritual sickness...

How To Be Real, Authentic, and Juicy

How To Be Real, Authentic, and JuicyOne of the qualities Buddhists strive for on the path to enlightenment is called “sameness of being.” It means being exactly who you authentically are, no matter who you are interacting with. To be your most authentic self, you must get over your habits of worrying about....

Why Wisdom Must Be Shared

Why Wisdom Must Be SharedIf there is a reward for longevity, it is paid out in the form of wisdom, a quality of consciousness that has little to do with intelligence/I.Q. or book learning. Being a by-product of experience, wisdom more often is possessed by men and women who have survived fifty or more winters.

Can Great Apes Read Your Mind?

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One of the things that defines humans most is our ability to read others’ minds – that is, to make inferences about what others are thinking. To build or maintain relationships, we offer gifts and services – not arbitrarily, but with the recipient’s desires in mind.

Will I Ever Love Again?

Will I Ever Love Again?People in the throes of a breakup universally express the fear that they will never love again. I was afraid of this myself for a few months after losing my life partner. In the midst of the despair and hopelessness, we believe that losing our loved one means losing the possibility for love and connection forever.

Forgiving Your Children in Advance

Forgiving Your Children in AdvanceIf fear of punishment is a motivation that keeps your daughter from calling you when she needs you the most, you may need to examine your emergency procedures. The chance of real harm befalling her, out there alone in the world, simply because she is afraid to tell you...

How To Be A Conscious Single

How To Be A Conscious SingleUnfortunately, being single today is not easy. One, it is difficult, for a number of reasons, to be at peace with being single. Two, it is very difficult to meet other singles, in most any environment much less a healthy environment or process.

Adopting Your Own Romantic Manifesto

Adopting A Romantic ManifestoI find satisfaction in the pursuit of love, and a life that gives full expression to the powers of my mind and my body, while keeping open, uncensored, and unmediated lines of communication with the spirit that dwells inside me. . . to work in partnership with the creator in further improving human love and life

When And Why Do We Feel Like Sex?

When And Why Do We Feel Like Sex?Sexual desire can change from moment to moment. One minute you’re feeling frisky, and the next you just feel like a cup of tea and a nap.

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