Parenting Attitudes

Parenting Attitudes

It's Not Your Job as a Parent to Make Your Children Happy

It's Not Your Job as a Parent to Make Your Children Happy

by Barbara Berger. Sitting with clients every day makes me realize that so many people are confused when it comes to the parent-child relationship and what their responsibility is when it comes to being a parent. Some parents think it’s their job to make their children happy and to think for them – but this is not true.

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Your Relationship with Your Children: Best Friend? Confidante?

Your Relationship with Your Children: Best Friend? Confidante? Dependent? Overprotector?

by Dr. Brenda Davies. Though we all want our children to do well, to have what they want, to achieve, we need to be aware that what they want may be different to what we want for them. Many people feel unhappy and unfulfilled partly because they've done what was expected of them to please their parents...

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Working with a Sensitive Indigo Child's Energy Triggers

Working with a Sensitive Indigo Child's Energy Triggers

by Maureen Dawn Healy. Success with indigos includes figuring out how to partner with them, motivate them internally, and guide them toward making smart choices. Embracing your indigos' energy -- the upside, and challenges (triggers) -- helps you guide them to their unique greatness. Indigo kids are actually...

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The Art of Nurturing... Not Smothering or Controlling

The Art of Nurturing... Not Smotheringby Francesca Cappucci Fordyce. Nurturing is not to be confused with smothering. Nurturing helps a child blossom, while smothering leads to behavioral problems. When a parent suffocates a child, the parent's objective is to control...

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Making Marriage Work With Children

by Francesca Cappucci Fordyce. In many marriages, women grow resentful of their husbands when they are expected to work, clean, care for the children, shop, cook, do laundry, and then make love. Mothers feel the burden of expectation from their spouses to juggle too many commitments...

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How To Help Kids Have a Good Future

How To Help Kids Have a Good Futureby Sharon Astyk. The best thing we can do is offer our children a good and protected childhood that simultaneously prepares them for the future they will live in. That means we have to change how we parent...

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Whole Child Approach To Successful Parenting

Whole Child Approach To Successful Parentingby Dr. Caron Goode. If we knew that our children were our planetary and societal salvation and held the answer to the questions of how to survive and thrive into the next century, how would we treat them? Collectively, the statistics regarding our children's state of consciousness are frightening.

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Forgiving Your Children in Advance

Forgiving Your Children in Advanceby Tom Sturges.

If fear of punishment is a motivation that keeps your daughter from calling you when she needs you the most, you may need to examine your emergency procedures. The chance of real harm befalling her, out there alone in the world, simply because she is afraid to tell you...

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Raising a Successful and Happy Child

Jim Taylor, Ph.D. by Jim Taylor, Ph.D. What do kids really need to be successful and happy people? Parents, educators, and society as a whole couldn't ask a more important question. How you answer this question will determine how you will raise your child, and, ultimately, what kind of adult he will become... 

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Bonding of Mother and Child

Joseph Chilton Pearceby Joseph Chilton Pearce.   Bonding gives an intuitive, extrasensory kind of relationship between mother and child. Bonding is a felt process, not available to discursive thought, language, or intellect. It is a communion that bypasses our ordinary reasoning mind. The mother senses the infant's need to evacuate the same way she recognizes her own bodily needs, but the communion of bonding goes beyond just physical processes.

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Fear of the Dark

Sonia Choquette Ph.D.

by Sonia Choquette. A common childhood fear is fear of the dark. Many children become terrified of the dark and can't go to sleep in a darkened room alone, convinced the "bogeyman" or some other night creature is waiting in the shadows to get them. I had a client whose son was terrified...

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Dissolving Power Struggles

Samuel Osherson, Ph.D.

by Samuel Osherson, Ph.D.

We all know that it's best to avoid getting into control struggles with our kids -- battles over going to bed on time, cleaning up rooms, getting homework done, completing college applications when they're due. Yet power struggles are not so easy to avoid. What parent doesn't at times feel locked in a battle in which no one wins and no one surrenders?

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Are You a Depressed Parent

Richard O'Connor, Ph.D. by Richard O'Connor, Ph.D. The number of children on Ritalin is rising at a truly alarming rate. At the same time, the incidence of clinical depression among adults -- including parents -- is almost epidemic, and continues to rise. We need to understand the connection between...

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Cross My Heart

 Full Esteem Ahead by Diane & Julia Julia Loomans.

When I was little, my mom and I used to have a lot of fun turning old ideas around and changing the meaning into something we enjoyed more. When we heard someone say, "I'm going to kill two birds with one stone," we changed it to "I'm going to feed two birds with one seed!

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Broken Parents Broken Children

Francesca Cappucci Fordyceby Francesca Cappucci Fordyce.

When parents have a baby, they unwittingly have to deal with their own brittle past. At every new stage, memories sneak up. A parent recalls what happened when they were that age. Just as we cope with unfulfilled expectations, the most effective way to avoid recalling childhood memories is to keep moving. There is a syndrome of "running parents", always on the go. The neurosis of running becomes a family affliction, parents insist that their children remain busy as well.

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Accept and Validate

Vimala McClure

Acceptance is the hallmark of many Eastern teachings. Author Melodie Beattie says, "Acceptance is the magic that makes change possible." You are able to make the space for change if you accept and validate what is. The opposite of acceptance and validation is judgment and denial, which make us tense up, lose our center, criticize ourselves and others, and hold impossible standards for everyone. When we are being judgmental, we invalidate ourselves and others.

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