Are You In Love With?

Are You In Love With...

"The wedding feast was very gay, and the dancing and festivities lasted all through the night. And Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after."

Ah, love! Who among us hasn't dreamed of the real thing; soul mates together for all time? Happiness and joy with ease for eternity? Some day, somewhere, my Prince (or Princess) will come... surely?

In all my years as an astrologer, relationships and the search for love has been the number one concern of most of my clients. Questions like, "What sign is my best match?" and "What does my chart say about my love life?" are among the most common. These inquiries are made with passion and longing. People want to pair up. Why not? It's completely natural and extremely satisfying once you've worked through the various stages.

So, this information is written especially for everybody's Sun sign. Of course, there are many signs in your own personal horoscope, but -- hopefully -- this text can help you to recognize which energies flow easily with yours and how to best work with those that don't.

And, of course, if you are attracted to someone, there is usually a reason. Your Moon or Venus could be in his or her Sun Sign or you could share many other personal planets (living with someone is particularly easy if your Moons are compatible). So, if you don't happen to agree with what I am saying, you are probably right. Good luck!


Are You In Love With An:



(Click on each sign above to read about the characteristics
of your loved one and how to best love him/her.)

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