Jupiter in Gemini (2000 & 2001)


The Eyes of Heaven
~ Jupiter in Gemini ~
June 29th - Sept. 29th, 2000 &
Jan.24th - July 12th 2001

by Eliza Bassett 

Aloha kakou - greetings to all. 

All times referred to in this article are Hawai'ian Standard Time.
Pacific time add 3 hrs., Eastern add 6 hrs., GMT +10

Continued from Part 1

Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Jupiter's presence does not make easy aspects to planets in these signs. Taurus will experience semi-sextiles, which are minor crises. Virgo feels a square -- a conflict. Capricorn receives a quincunx which is major crisis. 

Let's shift to a solar chart for the most beneficial view for this transit. Looking at the solar chart presence, for Taureans, Jupiter is in your second house, bringing you expansion in your prosperity, finances, and bank accounts. This is definitely something you enjoy seeing very much -- large amounts of funds in your accounts! On the other hand, if you've been putting off certain purchases, it is time for you to shop for the best bargains and spend this money *wisely*! One thing that Taureans always learn is the concept of the *value* of earned monies and how quickly you can squander it on this and that. In hindsight, you learn that the "this and that" has no long term value and you are saddled with debt from those times. Allow Jupiter to bring you the wisdom to invest and spend appropriately -- remember your long term goals.

Virgos are having another planet giving them fits and twists by transit and a square contact. The blessing is that in your solar chart, Jupiter is in your house of career. This may be just what all your perseverance and hard work slogging through the past years, focused on your goals, with little hope or joy back then... well Jupiter can bring them all to you. Are you willing to receive them? Are you willing to lift up your head and accept the accolades you've persevered so diligently and seemingly without reward at work? Yup, you. Your turn. Shed the mantle of oppression, dear Virgo. Lift up and be elevated by Jupiter. Laugh and play, please? Yes, you can even have that fun at work. Sometimes Jupiter can make people more overbearing, arrogant, and dominating. I don't think you'll move quite that far, unless you carry some planets in Leo in your natal chart.

The Sea-goat of Capricorn may have the hardest time of the transit of Jupiter. Quincunxes bring about crises. Even the beneficent planet of Jupiter can bring about difficulties because the black and white nature of Capricorn will be asked to find the new path between the extremes -- finding the gift of the shades of gray. Your solar placement of Jupiter puts it in your house of health, work, and daily routine. This allows you to be most joyful and optimistic as you go about your life. This may be the time for you to 'reprogram' yourself to a daily mind-set of positive thoughts. A new physical routine that will bring long term benefits is also possible. Bringing a lighter -- and dare I say? -- humorous perspective to your work life is also a possibility. Overall, allow -- get that Capricorn? -- *allow* yourself to be less burdened and find those shades of gray.

Water signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio

Like the Earth signs, the water ones also have un-easy transits from Jupiter. Cancer has, like Taurus, the semi-sextile crisis energy. Pisces the square of tensions, and Scorpio the quincunx of crisis.

The solar house placement for Cancerians puts Jupiter in your 12th house. This is the house of the subconscious mind and your mental health. When one of the "big planets" goes through this house, a person usually has quite a tumultuous time as their unconscious patterns, behaviors, and thoughts are changed. Jupiter in this house is a beneficial and easy transit releasing your ego from its usual demands and you can love yourself, releasing the judgements of others you've unconsciously taken on. You may be a teacher for others, sharing the wisdom you've acquired. Or you may find a teacher to help illuminate your mindsets. Perhaps some travel within your psyche, so when Jupiter pops into your first house in a year, you'll be able to travel wherever you wish without the old baggage.

Pisceans - ah dear fish! This placement urges you to find the middle balance point between your two sides. Know that your symbol is one of two fish, joined by a cord, one swimming upstream and the other downstream. Most times you have one fish more in charge than the other... Jupiter is asking you to be in the moderate mode. Jupiter may bring you rose-colored glasses, over-extension, and relying too much on good luck bailing you out at the last moment. By being centered, and knowing yourself well, you will be able to choose the opportunities wisely that will be coming your way. Your discernment must be at the highest level. For some people, the square brings difficulties with, or resolutions of, a legal nature. Compromise is the best way to resolve these matters.

Finally, we turn to the Scorpios. Like the Capricorns, your transiting aspect is a quincunx of crisis. You too must find ways to release the tensions you'll be dealing with. It is fortunate that this is Jupiter urging you to let go and be reborn. A quincunx from other planets would be extremely difficult as you work on mastering metamorphosis. In your solar chart, Jupiter is in your house of long-term relationships and inherited money, which implies death. So, you may inherit money or things that are valuable. If the inheritance doesn't manifest, in the mean time, enjoy a deep house cleaning -- let go of old possessions that no longer fit who you are now. This is a healing time also, if you've been having difficulties with stressful situations or needing to find new patterns that help you make sense of the world. Seek a well-respected and impeccable teacher to help you expand and understand a religious philosophy you strongly resonate with.

Overall, as with any transit of this nature, several signs have an easy time, and an equivalent amount do not. What we must remember is patience and tolerance is very important when we encounter others in their demanding times. Also we must balance the patience with our ability to speak up and not be 'doormats' or allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. We are moving more and more out of the Piscean Age and into Aquarius. Breathe in love and exhale toxins of all kinds.

May we all walk in beauty. 
Malama pono (take care). NamastT.





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