How Solar Panels Save Everybody Money

How Solar Panels Save Everybody MoneyThe solar panels of about 40,000 Massachusetts households and community groups cut electricity prices for all of the approximately three million electricity ratepayers in the state, even those without the panels, also called photovoltaics (PV) systems.

Turning CO2 Into Stone

The test site in Iceland where gases from a geothermal power plant are pumped underground and converted into minerals by reacting with basalt stone. Juerg Matter , Author providedWe seriously need to do something about CO2 emissions. Besides shifting to renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency, we need to start putting some of the CO2 away before it reaches the atmosphere.

How We Can Get Even More Energy From The Sun

Solar panels on a Walmart roof, Mountain View, California. Walmart/Flickr, CC BYGlobal demand for energy is increasing by the hour as developing countries move toward industrialization. Experts estimate that by the year 2050, worldwide demand for electricity may reach 30 terawatts (TW). For perspective, one terawatt is roughly equal to the power of 1.3 billion horses.

And Now For Some Good News About Climate Change

 Dr. Letcher in a 15-year-old secondary forest in Costa Rica. Susan G. LetcherWhen you cut and burn a tropical forest, you’re left with a barren plain of cracked red mud, incapable of supporting life – the opposite of the teeming, hyperdiverse array of life that was destroyed. Once the trees are gone, the nutrients wash away and the soil degrades into a dense, brick-like layer so hardened that plant roots can’t get through it.

Politicians Hand The Climate Baton Off To Green Industries

Politicians Hand The Climate Baton Off To Green IndustriesThe international community has been negotiating on climate change since 1989, but the Paris Agreement marks a real step forward. It aims to accelerate a move away from fossil fuels to mitigate global warming and to help vulnerable countries adapt to the effects of climate change, and reflects a clear recognition of the urgency of the task.

How You Can Play A Part In Tackling Climate Change

How You Can Play A Part In Tackling Climate ChangeThere’s a curious paradox at the heart of climate change. Despite scientists asserting the need for urgent action and the widespread acceptance of the reality of climate change by people worldwide, it is a subject that we tend not to talk about with friends, family or colleagues.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Key To Tackling Climate Change

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Key To Tackling Climate ChangeClimate science has been instrumental in developing the ambitious carbon emission reduction targets negotiated at the recent climate talks in Paris. At the same time, the kinds of actions needed to avert the worst effects of climate change demand new ways of engaging that go far beyond science and formal diplomacy.

Why Capitalism Must Evolve To Solve The Climate Crisis

It Is Capitalism That Must Evolve To Solve The Climate CrisisThere are two extremes in the debate over capitalism’s role in our present climate change problem. On the one hand, some people see climate change as the outcome of a consumerist market system run rampant. In the end, the result will be a call to replace capitalism with a new system that will correct our present ills with regulations to curb market excesses.

Do Infrasound and Low-Frequency Noise on Wind Farms Cause Health Problems?

The Science On Wind Farms, Noise, Infrasound And HealthThe article in The Australian by Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonjhelm highlighted some very good points about wind turbine noise and its effect on people living near them. People are complaining of a range of health related problems and are attributing them to wind turbines. The question is: what is the cause of these health problems?

As US Procrastinates China’s Energy Revolution Leads The World

As US Procrastinates China’s Energy Revolution Leads The WorldNew report says a successful outcome at this year’s Paris climate talks will be far more likely if the world takes note of how China is reducing emissions. The pace of change in China’s energy policy means that the targets it has set for cutting  greenhouse gases (GHGs) are likely to be achieved sooner than expected, according to a new study.

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