How The World's Elites View The US

How The World's Elites View The USChatham House’s new report on elite perceptions of the US in Latin America and the post-Soviet states – which follows a previous survey of Asia and Europe – underlines the uniquely daunting task of expectation management task that awaits anyone in charge of America’s image in the world.

Why Russians Support Putin's Foreign Policy

Why Russians Support Putin's Foreign PolicyTensions are again mounting between Russia and Ukraine.Dubiously claiming provocation, Russia has stationed 40,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of a full-scale invasion.

People Fight In Foreign Wars For Many Reasons, Or Sometimes None At All

People Fight In Foreign Wars For Many Reasons, Or Sometimes None At AllThe death of 22-year-old Dean Carl Evans, the second British man to be killed fighting the Islamic State in Syria after Konstandinos Erik Scurfield was killed last year, should prompt us to wonder why he and others would choose to travel to the frontline and involve themselves in the bloody civil war of a country other than their own.

What Happened To Iraq's Oil After The War?

What Happened To Iraq's Oil After The War?Opponents of the Iraq war often highlight the importance of oil when explaining why the invasion took place. While leaders at the time denied it was a motivation there is no doubt the country’s huge oilfields did offer possible post-conflict opportunities for the Iraqi industry and international corporations.

How Terror Attacks Influence Mental Health

How Terror Attacks Influence Mental HealthOnly four months after a series of coordinated attacks in Paris left 130 people dead, Europe was once again the target of chilling acts of terrorism when yesterday, March 22, 2016, two explosions rocked the airport in Brussels and another ripped through a subway station in the Belgian capital. At least 30 people were killed and several hundred others were wounded in the attack.

What's Wrong With Outsourcing War And Security?

What's Wrong With Outsourcing War And Security?The release of the CIA Torture Report last December re-opened the debate about using contractors to perform national security functions. Indeed, when Saturday Night Live mocks contractors for their role in waterboarding, you know that a national conversation has been unleashed.

Passengers Of Airliner Were Victims of Deadlock Between Safety and Security Demands

Germain Airliner Was A Victim Of The Deadlock Between Safety And Security DemandsIt seems incredible that a pilot of a passenger airline could be locked out of the cockpit. But analysis from the cockpit voice recorder recovered from Germanwings flight 4U9525 after it ploughed into the Southern Alps in France has revealed that this is what happened and that one of the two pilots had been trying to get into the cockpit before the crash.

When Talking About Terrorism, Let’s Not Forget All The Kinds

When Talking About Terrorism, Let’s Not Forget All The KindsWe need to define terrorism independently of who is employing it. Terrorism is violence against some innocent people aiming at intimidation and coercion of some other people. This definition says nothing about the identity of terrorists. They can be insurgents or criminals. But they can also be members of the military or of some state security agency.

Why Jihadism Appeals To Religiously Illiterate Loners

After killing 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi were heard proclaiming, “we have avenged the Prophet Muhammad”. Amateur footage also revealed the killers invoking God with the Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar”. This otherwise innocuous everyday religious utterance is frequently usurped as a jihadist battlecry.

Damaging Our Country With Wars of Our Choice

Damaging Our Country With Wars of Our Choice

The drums of war are beating once again with U.S. bombers to, in President Obama’s words, “degrade and destroy ISIS.” The Republican Party, led by war-at-any-cost Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain, wants a bigger military buildup which can only mean U.S. soldiers on the ground.

The True Test of American Resolve: Not Attacking Syria but Living Up to Our Ideals at Home

The True Test of American Resolve: Not Attacking Syria but Living Up to Our Ideals at Home

We are on the brink of a tragic decision to strike Syria, because, in the dubious logic of the President, “a lot of people think something should be done,” and American “credibility” is at stake. He and his secretary of state assure us that the strike will be “limited” and “surgical.” The use of chemical weapons against Syrian citizens is abominable, and if Assad’s regime is responsible he should be treated as an international criminal and pariah.

Breaking Free of History's Trauma—Together

Breaking Free of History's Trauma — Together

“Collective trauma” happens to large groups of people — attempted genocide, war, disease, a terrorist attack — and can be transmitted down generations and throughout communities. Its effects are specific: fear, rage, depression, survivor guilt, and physical responses in the brain and body that can lead to illness and a sense of disconnection or detachment...

Birth Defects: Did The Occupation of Iraq Leave a Toxic Legacy?

Birth Defects: Did The Occupation of Iraq Leave a Toxic Legacy?

During the occupation of Iraq, the city of Fallujah bore witness to some of the most intense US combat operations since Vietnam, with 2004’s Operation Phantom Fury widely condemned for its ferocity and disregard for international law. Paediatrician Dr Samira Al’aani has worked in the city since 1997. In 2006 she began to notice an increase in the number of babies being born with congenital birth defects (CBD).

Greenwald: Is U.S. Exaggerating Threat to Embassies to Silence Critics of NSA Domestic Surveillance?

Greenwald: Is U.S. Exaggerating Threat to Embassies to Silence Critics of NSA Domestic Surveillance?

The Obama administration has announced it will keep 19 diplomatic posts in North Africa and the Middle East closed for up to a week, due to fears of a possible militant threat. On Sunday, Senator Saxby Chambliss, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the decision to close the embassies was based on information collected by the National Security Agency.

The Coming Cyber-Cold War: US Pioneering Online Attacks

The Coming Cyber-Cold War: US Pioneering Online Attacks

The US government is openly and actively engaged in a reincarnation of the Cold War. Physical assets such as spies and informants have been replaced with zero-day software exploits and network security analysts. Old-school intelligence gathering, while effective to some degree, pales in comparison with the scope of big-data firms such as Endgame and Palantir.

Empire Serves No One But Itself

Empire Serves No One But Itself

Humanity has come to a defining moment in its two hundred thousand year evolution: we are at a place where we either have to give up or we have to stand up.Last night, amidst a backdrop of fear-creation by the security state, where you either shut up or face the consequences, my wife and I were talking about standing up to empire and what it might mean.

Jeremy Scahill & Noam Chomsky on Secret U.S. Dirty Wars From Yemen to Pakistan to Laos

Jeremy Scahill & Noam Chomsky on Secret U.S. Dirty Wars From Yemen to Pakistan to Laos

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill and author Noam Chomsky recently sat down together at Harvard University to discuss Scahill’s groundbreaking new book, "Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield." Amy Goodman hosted the discussion, which was sponsored by the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School and the ACLU of Massachusetts.

Don’t Ignore How Others See Us

Syria Is Blowback

For our national security, the American people must recover control of our runaway, unilateral presidency that has torn itself away from constitutional accountabilities and continues to be hijacked by ideologues who ignore our Founding Fathers’ wisdom regarding the separation of powers...

What Is The Path To Violent Extremism?

As new details shed light on the lives of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects' lives leading up to the attack, Chris Hayes talks with Maya Berry of the Arab American Institute and former federal prosecutor Ken Ballen about what we should know about the process of violent radicalization.

Does Torture Nullify American Exceptionalism?


Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. A new bipartisan report makes startling conclusions about the Bush Administration's role in detainee torture programs. Will we ever hold those responsible for one of the most shameful periods in our history accountable for their crimes?

The New Iraq: Money Down A Rat Hole

The High Cost Of The Iraq War

The occupation itself was classic bureaucratic bungling by political appointed hacks while the true experts were silenced and muscled aside by the Bush administration and the complicit media. And the cost in dollars and cents? Three trillion and counting and that buys a lot of college degrees.

The Iraq War: Ten Years Older And Deeper In Debt

Leaving Iraq

Ten years ago, the Bush Administration, which we now known to have had too many court jesters, pimps, and liars, ginned up the case for war. It was clear, the fix was in. It was a hoax. Looking back, admitting one is wrong 2, 4, 10 years later is problematic for most, but knowing a mistake is being made in advance and then having to watch it unfold day after grueling day is truly painful.

North vs South: The Civil War Rekindled?

Is the South preparing to rise again? Is the North massing forces for invasion? Given the recent gun control rhetoric one would think so. Attempts at controlling the proliferation in the US of guns in general and military style weapons in particular is pulling a scab off a festering sore.

War as Ritualized Behavior

War as Ritualized Behavior

One of the most powerful rituals in which we currently engage is the highly stylized way we think about warfare. Why is it that, knowing as we do the horrendous damage war does to everything it touches, we still speak the language of glory and victory?

The Key to Our Future: Survival of the Kindest

Survival of the Kindest: The Key to Our FutureDarwin suggested that togetherness and cooperation, like the kind we saw initially on 9/11, is positively adaptive for human beings. According to Dacher Keltner — a professor at the University of California at Berkeley — “Survival of the kindest” is as important a principle as “survival of the fittest.” “We have been designed to care about...”

Afghan Massacre Sheds Light on Culture of Mania and Aggression in U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

afgan agression

Democracy Now speaks with journalist Neil Shea, who has reported on Afghanistan and Iraq since 2006 for Stars and Stripes and other publications. Shea discusses his experiences witnessing disturbing behavior during his travels with U.S. troops in Afghanistan and offers insight into understanding the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians.

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