How To Identify And Stop Fraudsters

How To Identify And Stop FraudstersA common stereotype of fraudsters is that they are psychopaths. That fraudsters are considered manipulative, callous and remorseless is understandable, considering the consequences of fraud.

Backdoors And Spyware On Smartphones Is The Norm In China

Backdoors And Spyware On Smartphones Is The Norm In ChinaKryptowire, a security firm, recently identified several models of Android mobile devices that have preinstalled permanent software, known as firmware, that serve as backdoor that collects sensitive personal data, including text messages, geolocations, contact lists, call logs and transmits them to a third-party server in Shanghai, China.

Is Your Employer Watching You Online?

Is Your Employer Watching You Online? A new study reveals employers are using online information about job applicants without their knowledge, to inform hiring decisions. Approximately 55% of organizations now have a policy about this type of practice, called profiling.

Why Are Black Youths So Often Branded As Criminals

Why Are Black Youths So Often Branded As CriminalsTwo years ago, on Aug. 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African-American teenager, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Two years have passed since the recent high school graduate was denied the opportunity to begin his next stage of life: college.

Should We Be Locking People Up In Prisons At All?

Should We Be Locking People Up In Prisons At All?Footage aired last week of children being abused in a Northern Territory prison sent shockwaves around the nation. These images forced us to grapple with the problem as if it were breaking news, despite the fact that so many people knew so much about it for so long.

How To Spot An Online Lie

online lying 6 29There are three things you can be sure of in life: death, taxes – and lying. The latter certainly appears to have been borne out by the UK’s recent Brexit referendum, with a number of the Leave campaign’s pledges looking more like porkie pies than solid truths.

Hillary Clinton Seizes On Environmental Justice

Hillary Clinton Seizes On Environmental JusticeHillary Clinton has won the California primary, in part by appealing to environmentalists in a state with a long tradition in conservation and aggressive climate change policies. The victory follows the release earlier this spring of her strategy to address environmental and climate justice – a topic that’s risen to national prominence following the Flint water crisis.

Securing Web Browsing: Protecting The Tor Network

Securing Web Browsing: Protecting The Tor NetworkThere are more than 865 encryption tools in use worldwide, all addressing different aspects of a common problem. People want to protect information: hard drives from oppressive governments, physical location from stalkers, browsing history from overly curious corporations or phone conversations from nosy neighbors.

Here Is Where Bernie's Justice Ideas Already Work

college in denmark 4 9In an election year, we hear endless promises of what our politicians will do to help the people. But are the ideas we’re hearing from Bernie Sanders and others—like Medicare for all, free college tuition, paid family leave—just slogans to pander to voters suffering under stagnating wages and burdensome debt? Could those ideas ever actually take hold?

These 3 Laws Might Reduce U.S. Gun Deaths By 80%

"Very few of the existing state gun-control laws actually reduce gun deaths, highlighting the importance of focusing on relevant and effective gun legislation," says Bindu Kaesan. "Background checks for all people buying guns and ammunition, including private sales, are the most effective laws we have to reduce the number of gun deaths in the United States." (Credit: K.G.23/Flickr)More than 90 people are killed by guns every day in the United States. In 2013, there were 33,636 gun deaths in the US. Civilians own approximately 270 million guns, roughly one “for every man, woman, and child,” as President Obama noted in an address to the nation in the wake of the shooting rampage at an Oregon community college last October that left 10 dead.

Why Apple Is Making A Stand Against The FBI

Why Apple Is Making A Stand Against The FBIApple has been ordered to help FBI investigators access data on the phone belonging to San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook. The technical solution proposed by the FBI appears to undermine Apple’s earlier claim that they would be unable to help.

It's Time To Shine A Light On The Algorithms That Power Big Brother

Sorting by algorithms puts us in boxes. How do we know they’re the correct ones? generated, CC BYSociety seems set on a course to a point where our lives are subject to the scrutiny of computer algorithms. The data we generate is pored over and analysed, whether by governments for national security or companies for profit, and this is unlikely to change – the power and appeal of data analysis, once found, will not be given up easily.

Hello Barbie, Hello Hackers: Accessing Personal Data Will Be Child's Play

Hello Barbie, Hello Hackers: Accessing Personal Data Will Be Child's PlayAt the top of some children’s Christmas present wish list this year will be the new Hello Barbie doll. Mattel’s latest doll connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and uses interactive voice response (IVR) to effectively converse with children. When the doll’s belt button is pushed, conversations are recorded and uploaded to servers operated by Mattel’s partner, ToyTalk.

How Much Does Your Smart Home Know About You?

How Much Does Your Smart Home Know About You?How much does your smart home know about you? That was the question that Charles Givre, a data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, set out to answer in a recent experiment. Givre has an account on Wink, a platform designed to control, from a single screen, his Internet-connected home devices, such as door locks, window shades and LED lights.

Why Do We Assume That Life Is Fair?

Why Do We Assume That Life Is Fair?Income inequality in America has been growing rapidly, and is expected to increase. While the widening wealth gap is a hot topic in the media and on the campaign trail, there’s quite a disconnect between the perceptions of economists and those of the general public.

The Rest of the Story About Greece

greece debtEU’s economic demands seek to derail small business and local communities, paving the way for multinational corporate giants. One demand is that Greece abolish any laws restricting the days or hours a business can operate despite the fact that several European countries including have enacted such policies to protect workers and small business, including Germany.

How Much Government Surveillance Will Americans Accept?

spy camerasThe expiration of key provisions of the US Patriot Act – and the passage of the USA Freedom Act – has renewed interest in the trade-offs between civil liberties and security. To what extent are American citizens willing to concede their civil liberties to the government in order to feel safe and secure from terrorism?

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