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Marie T. Russell

Marie T. Russell is the founder of InnerSelf Magazine (founded 1985). She also produced and hosted a weekly South Florida radio show, Inner Power, from 1992-1995 which focused on themes such as self-esteem, personal growth, and well-being. Her articles focus on transformation and reconnecting with our own inner source of joy and creativity.

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How To Take Baby Steps Towards A New Reality Activism
Life Is A Game, And We're All On The Same Team Marie's Blog
In The School of Life, It's Time to Shift From Manure to Compost Marie's Blog
Are You Watching From the Sidelines? Life Is Not A Spectator Sport Marie's Blog
What's The Next Step? Stretching My Body and My World Marie's Blog
Say What You Got To Say, Do What Needs To Be Done Marie's Blog
This Common Suggestion Is The Worst Advice Ever! Marie's Blog
It's A New Year... What Difference Does That Make? Marie's Blog
You've Been This Way Before Marie's Blog
What Needs to Change? Marie's Blog
Why Do We Do Things That We Know Are Bad For Us? Marie's Blog
I'm Grateful... But... Gratitude & Service
Can This Be Love? Am I Really Loving Myself? Yourself
You've Got The Power, So Stop Giving It Away Happiness & Success
We Are Not Beggars! We Are Adventurers Career & Success
What If I Wasn't Afraid? Fear and Worry
Where Is Your Joy? What Are You Hoping For? Happiness & Success
When Every Single Choice Makes a Difference... Performance
Attention All Adults: Are You Having Fun Yet? Leisure & Creativity
Free To Be Me: Spontaneously, Lovingly, and Joyfully Yourself
Let It Begin With Me Anger Management
Are You Afraid of...? Fear and Worry
Are You Addicted to Your Problems? Performance
Staying in the Positive: Why Is It Important? Fear and Worry
I Think, Therefore I Am ... So What Are You Thinking? Mindfulness
Procrastination or Living in the Now… You Get to Choose! Perfectionism
Practicing Equanimity Brings Inner Peace and Joy Creating Realities
True Intimacy: We Crave It Yet We Fear It! Couples
Moving From Rewards & Punishment to An Open Heart Forgiveness & Acceptance
Being Angry at Yourself Is a Roadblock to Your Success (and Happiness) Anger Management
Commitment: A Four-Letter Word? Behavior Modification
Hero Worship: Who's Your Hero? Yourself
Humble Pie? No Thanks! Just Give It Your Best Shot! Career & Success
Patience: Why We Need It and How to Get It Relationships
Is It Just My Imagination Running Away With Me? Self-Help
Always Wanting More... Can This Be A Good Thing? Prosperity & Finance
Love Your Neighbor... and Your Family... and Yourself, Unconditionally Inspiration
The Secret to Being Happy with Who You Are Yourself
Going From Hiding to Caring: What Can I Do? Activism
Trust, Faith, and Taking Action Activism
Don't Kill the Messenger... Pay Attention to the Message Communication
Who's To Judge? Perfectionism
Shifting Gears: Going Backwards or Forward? Anger Management
Taking Responsibility for Yourself and for Your Life Happiness & Success
All The World’s A Stage... What Part Are You Playing? Attitude Adjustments
How Does One Find Spiritual Guidance? Inspiration
Is It Luck, Coincidence, Synchronicity, or Just Life? Intuitive Awareness
The Golden Rule: Love, Light, and Compassion Creating Realities
Choosing to Love the World (and Those On It) More Activism
My Most Memorable Encounter Yourself
Afraid of the Past? Yourself
Finding the Gifts That Come Our Way Everyday Yourself
Rewriting the Script: I Give Myself Permission... Self-Help
Best Advice For You: The Advice You Give Others Counseling
Complaining Properly!!! It's The First Step of a Two-Step Process Perfectionism
Just Because You Don't See It, Doesn't Mean It's Not Happening Science & Technology
Acceptance and Then What? Forgiveness & Acceptance
We're All in Customer Service Performance
Are You Waiting for Something? Creating Realities
Cosmic Income Tax: A Humorous Look at an Enlightened Tax System Leisure & Creativity
You Have To Be Willing to Believe Performance
The Art of Believing and Holding On To Our Vision Performance
Who Are You Becoming? Do You Like Who You've Become? Yourself
Balancing Life's Choices: How to Be Happy With Your Job Career & Success
Accepting The Kid: Rediscovering Our Original Self Yourself
Can You Handle Happiness? Are You Sure? Self-Help
Holding a Grudge: Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy? Forgiveness & Acceptance
How To Have A Perfect New Year Creating Realities
Bashing Down Walls and Flying Freely Performance
Being Right: I'm Right, and You're Wrong! Forgiveness & Acceptance
You're on a Need to Know Basis Fear and Worry
Participate in Your Life: Let Your Voice Be Heard by Going to Vote Elections
Watch Out for Preconceived Notions and Limiting Beliefs Perfectionism
Strengthening Your Intuition While Playing Spider Solitaire Intuitive Awareness
It's Clean Up Time! Healing and Cleansing the Heart Forgiveness & Acceptance
Talking to Yourself? How and Why It's Good for You Self-Help
Why Aren't You Getting What You Want? Creating Realities
Choosing to be Happy, Right Here, Right Now Self-Help
Gratitude: Let Me Count the Ways Gratitude & Service
Animals As Teachers: Teaching by Example Pets & You
Your Body Is Talking to You! Are Willing to Hear What It Has to Say? Healing Disciplines
Are You Holding Back from Expressing Yourself? Self-Help
Change Is Inevitable So Don't Freak Out! Life Changes
Happy Mothers' Day To All (Men as well as Women) Parenting
A Day of Prayer & Gratitude: Today and Everyday Religions and Beliefs
Speaking Your Truth: It Does Make a Difference Friendship
Don't Tell Me What To Do! Anger Management
Is Lying Acceptable? Is It Healthy? Can It Bring Peace of Mind? Communication
Falling Off The Pedestal Relationships
Is Your Job Giving You a Heart Attack? Diseases & Conditions
Can People Change? What Can Be Done? Reforms
Will We Say "Enough Already!" Before It Is Too Late? Environment
The Whole Country Is Going Organic! Fact or Fiction? Environment
A Time for Truth Activism
Stop Repressing Your Emotions: Get Those Emotions in Motion Behavior Modification
Forgiveness: Should People be Sentenced to Life Imprisonment without Parole? Forgiveness & Acceptance
Song Keeps Repeating in Your Head? That's an Earworm! Leisure & Creativity
Animal Caregivers: Cat & Dogs Predict Cancer? Pets & You
Has the Cure for Cancer Been Discovered? Diseases & Conditions
Giving the Gift of Life Leisure & Creativity

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