The InnerSelf Ban On Most Things Trump

Regular readers of InnerSelf may have noticed that we quit running pictures of Donald Trump several weeks back. We intend to not run a picture of him if possible and if not possible then only a caricature.

This does not include videos as we can't control the content inside a video and sometimes they need to be run even though it contains a segment on Trump.

In light of Meryl Streep's eloquent and thoughtful monologue at the Golden Globes we are extending this ban to include the name Trump, instead of just pictures.

In the future if we absolutely have to we will refer to him as him, something else, or Arump, Drump, Schrump, etc. This does not include the articles we did not write, only their titles.

Given his willingness, wink wink, to remove his name from some things, we will help him along here and urge others to do the same. Hey, let's all Make America Great Again, starting now.

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