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The Sun


Feel the sun brightly shining overhead, warming the atmosphere as if it were noon on the most perfect June day imaginable. Feel the earth underneath, green and rich, soaking up those golden rays of light, and reflecting back the radiation commingled with its own healing energies...


Embracing the New

by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Duane Packer

Sanaya Roman

A meditation by Orin & DaBen focusing on letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing the new in order to create the life we really desire.


Vipassana Meditation

Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D.

Vipassana meditation is a Buddhist practice that uses pure self-observation to realize the transient nature of life's activities. This is accomplished by meditating on the thoughts, sensations, and feelings that are moving through your body, and noticing their source and the fact that they are transient. This technique is especially effective in helping...


Making Soul Contact

Duane PackerSanaya Roman

I breathe in light. With each breath in, I feel the light within and around me increasing, until light is radiating from me. I am becoming radiant with light.I draw light into the cells of my body. The light within each cell is growing...


Meditate A Little Happiness

Shepherd Hoodwin

Notice your emotions. What color or colors are they? What shapes do they make? Notice your thoughts. Again, what colors are they? What shapes do they have? Notice your emotions....


Keep the Mind in the Middle of the Tongue

Keep the Mind in the Middle of the Tongue

What are you doing when you are thinking? Talking within. Can you think anything without talking within? You are alone; you are not talking to anyone, you are thinking. What are you doing while you are thinking? Talking within, talking to yourself. Your tongue is involved. Next time, while you are thinking, be aware: feel your tongue. It is vibrating...

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