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Becoming Parents

by Barry and Joyce Vissell.

Joyce and Barry VissellFor almost every couple, the thought of bringing a child into this world triggers a whole range of emotions. There can be a tremendous thrill of joy, and many couples are aware of this; but all too often this joy is covered by fear, doubt, or...


Children and Verbal Abuse

by Patricia Evans.

Patricia EvansWhen a parent faces a stressful situation and their child needs attention, the urgencies of the moment can invite a hasty response. For this reason, it is helpful for parents to remind themselves of the need to treat their child with goodwill and respect, even when they feel stressed...



Fear of the Dark

Sonia Choquette Ph.D.

by Sonia Choquette.

A common childhood fear is fear of the dark. Many children become terrified of the dark and can't go to sleep in a darkened room alone, convinced the "bogeyman" or some other night creature is waiting in the shadows to get them. I had a client whose son was terrified of the dark. He was a perfectly adventurous child during the day, extremely outgoing and interested in discovering new things, but come nighttime he would fall apart, begging not to be left alone.


Angel Blessings For Your Family

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

There is a new "breed" of humans among us, according to the angels, and they are here to usher in the new age of peace. These powerful and intuitive people have little tolerance for dishonesty. They are on Earth at this time so that they can teach others about the importance of speaking truthfully and living in harmony.


Children and Sex

by Morton & Barbara Kelsey

Let's look at some concrete examples of how parental attitudes tend to shape children's sexual identities. Certainly the lack of emotional affection and touch in many homes causes some youngsters to fail to relate sexuality and affection and such parental modeling can cause later sexual confusion. How parents treat the sexual interests and play of children can also have a profound effect upon the adult lives of those children.


How to Raise a Happy Child

by Sylvia Rimm.

The complexity of today's parenting makes it important to develop some basic principles to guide parents. In Dr. Sylvia Rimm's book Smart Parenting, four chapters emphasize the foundational concepts that can help parents raise happy, achieving children. She has now developed a top ten list to summarize essential principles to assist parents.

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