Surrender To Love

by Sanaya Roman

To surrender to love, you will need to pay attention to any of your own emotions, moods, or thoughts that might lead you to act in less than loving ways. You may need to surrender pride, a sense of self-importance, or the need to have your way, to feel superior to, or to have power over others. You will want to let go of those emotions that make you feel less than, inferior, or doubtful of your worth. You will want to train yourself to think about others in positive ways, even if you feel they have hurt you. You will want to bring about harmonious conditions through your speech, actions, and thoughts.

Discover Feelings of Wanting to Hurt Others

Discover any reactions to others that may contain even the slightest desire to hurt them. Watch your moods and feelings so you can still be loving to others even when you are experiencing negative emotions yourself. Surrender to love, and respond to those around you with kindness. Recall several times when you have done this, and how good you felt about yourself afterward.

When you feel others have hurt you, you may be tempted to hurt them in return. At first you may want others to feel the pain you feel when they have attacked, criticized, not valued, rejected, misunderstood, or disappointed you. When you feel hurt by others you may want to react with anger, withdraw your love, or retaliate in some way.

Acknowledge and Feel Your Pain

If it seems that someone is trying to hurt you, start by acknowledging and feeling your pain. Do not force yourself to feel and act in loving ways until you have transformed your pain. Lift the emotions you are feeling from your solar plexus center into your heart center so you can feel the serenity of love. Think of times you have responded with love even when hurting others felt justified based on their treatment of you. Acknowledge yourself every time you choose to respond with love even when others act in unloving ways. In addition, forgive yourself for those times when you could not or did not want to act lovingly.

Once you connect with your soul you can feel your soul's compassion. You will understand that some people do not know how to be kind or considerate. They are not really reacting to you; they are reacting to their own fears and to their past. People sometimes say or do hurtful things because they do not feel good about themselves. Your soul never takes offense; it understands that whatever others do that seems unloving is a reflection of who they are, not who you are.

Think of the person you have picked to soul link with. In the last few weeks, have you, in even the slightest way, had the desire to hurt the other person? Why did you feel this way? Were you in a bad mood or in the grip of strong emotions? Or were you picking up the other person's intense emotions? Did you think the other person was trying to insult or hurt you? Pay attention to the things that trigger unloving reactions in you.

Honor Your Feelings, Loving or Unloving

Stop before you react in a hurtful way. Take time to love and honor your feelings. Do not try to talk yourself out of unloving feelings. Love your feelings, listen to them, feel them, and then lift them into your heart to be transformed into love. Take time away from the relationship, or create physical distance, until you can respond with love. It is better to be apart for a while, while you transform your feelings, than to be together and act in unloving ways. Wait to respond until you can do so in a way that honors both of you.

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About The Author

This article was excerpted with permission from "Soul Love" by Sanaya Roman, 1997, published by H J Kramer, Inc. Sanaya has been channeling Orin, a timeless being of light, for over 15 years. She has worked with Orin to write Living With Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, and Spiritual Growth. She and Orin have coauthored the books Creating Money and Opening to Channel with Duane Packer who channels DaBen. Sanaya currently conducts seminars with Duane in awakening the light body, and in spiritual growth. For a free subscription to the newsletter which includes messages from Orin and DaBen, write to: LuminEssence, P.O. Box 1310, Medford, OR 97501. Phone: 541-770-6700. Visit their website at www.orindaben.com

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