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God of Fear and God of Love

Dr. Richard Moss

Fear is the principal force that divides our hearts. It will continue to do so unless we increase the muscle of our attention and faith that lets us remain present for more and more of reality. When we consciously meet our fear, our faith grows...


When Loved Ones Move On...

Marianne WilliamsonA common rite of passage at midlife is the declining health, or death, of our parents. Those who brought us into the world are usually the ones to leave it first. They welcomed us when we got here; now we'll wish them farewell as they move on...


Faith and Other Simple Things

Jim BrickmanI like the word faith: faith in God, in yourself, in your family. It's such an important thing to believe in something these days. I credit my faith with why I've been so blessed with such a trouble-free life. And my faith tells me that eventually when times do get rough, I'll be guided through it if I continue to believe.


Watching Over Me

One day, I asked my dad if he would be there when God called me home, and he promised he would. He told me he would be watching over me. One evening, many years later, Mom called and said that Dad had just died. It was the first time I had lost anyone close to me. I was devastated! I don't believe anyone is ever prepared for...


Calling Great Spirit

Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew KingI walk with the Great Spirit, with God. I talk to Him. The Great Spirit guides me in my life. Wakan-Tanka, that's what we call him in Lakota. You can call Wakan-Tanka by any name you like. In English I call Him God or the Great Spirit. So call Wakan-Tanka whatever you like. Just be sure to call Him. He wants to talk to you.


Becoming Angelic

Terry Lynn TaylorSpiritual creativity is a way of life, a way of wholeness. It is a path of integrity. Integrity entails not just a few beliefs or specific acts, but an attitude that we adopt and practice in our everyday lives...

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Thanks very much for this. I am an artist, into Jung, working through some dark stuff with imagery and struggling to withdraw some very explosive projections at

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I love this! This is what we need to know as believers who are aiming to grow everyday with Jesus. I am so blessed by this short exposition on the spiritual m

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In my intentional community I am bringing this research to the members and we are experimenting with dyads applying the skills revealed in the couples' studies.