Identifying and Removing The Causes of Disharmony and Disease Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles

External and Internal Causes of Disharmony and DiseaseIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that certain conditions are necessary for disease and disharmony to occur. Good health is dependent upon the smooth flow of chi, the balance of yin and yang, the influences of the five phases, and the balance between our organ network systems and our external environment.

How Yoga Makes You Happy

How Yoga Makes You HappyCan we really unlock our personal power by adopting “powerful” body postures? Unfortunately, the findings that link these so-called “power poses” beloved of certain politicians with a real sense of power and control are difficult to replicate.

How To Heal Our DNA with the Assistance of Our Innate Self

How To Heal Our DNA with the Assistance of Our Innate SelfInnate is responsible for the seemingly mysterious and miraculous healings: accelerated recoveries, spontaneous remissions, and unexplained disappearances of incurable diseases. There is no mystery after all when the Innate is involved and can bridge the gap between quantum intelligent information and our bodies. It is not a force outside ourselves--it is something within all of us.