Changing Your Energy: The Potential

Changing Your Energy: The Potential

Imagine letting go of your stuck, heavy energy and releasing it so you feel lighter, more radiant, more connected. Imagine being supported as you shift into your heart, opening to the beautiful world around you. Imagine transforming your challenges—relationship, life path, financial, or physical—by learning to shift your energetic response to them. This is the potential that changing your energy—Energy AlchemyTM—offers you.

Moving from Challenge to Transformation

The cumulative effects of ten years spent as a single mom—sandwiched between aging alcoholic parents and an unusually challenged child—flooded over me. I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was drowning in sorrow and could never rise for air.

Like so many people who run the same tapes in their heads repeatedly, I wasn’t finding solutions. I was emotionally stuck, and rarely at ease. I felt desperate and overwhelmed. I had tried many things, as you may have: meditation, therapy, exercise, journal writing, yoga, a vision quest. I had developed some insight and calmness, but I remained the same person—with the same heavy heart, challenges, and worries. As a friend observed to me, “You carry the world on your shoulders.” And I can tell you: carrying the world is a pretty heavy burden!

Then one evening I heard a pivotal question: “If you have energy that’s sad, why not transform it into lighter energy?”

This question went directly to my heart. The speaker, a Peruvian from the high Andes, was known as a “master of moving energy.” Américo Yábar was also a mystic on a mission: to bring the long-protected wisdom of the Q’ero nation to the West.

I had never been around anyone who was so lively and compassionate at the same time, so compelling and fervent in his vision. The picture he painted—of connecting with nature and the cosmos, shifting from head to heart, and moving our energy with fluidity—simply drew me in.

Although not a workshop-taking person, I signed up for a weekend with Américo to explore the Andean ways of using stones and ceremony (yes, I love those things). Surprising myself, a scant seven months later I traveled to Peru to experience for myself the world and the “living energy universe” he spoke of.

What Was Their Secret To Being So Joyful?

In the Andes, I observed that letting go of what weighs you down—hunger, worry over a sick child, a bitterly cold winter, a heavy heart—is as normal as breathing. The joy and laughter people exude is palpable and omnipresent: their habit of filling with lighter energy—cleansing winds from the mountaintops, a brilliant night sky, the companionship of other villagers—continually shifts their perception.

The Q’ero and other Quechua-speaking people I met could have perceived their lives with deep sorrow. They lived in stone huts at fifteen thousand feet. They had none of our material resources: no electricity, no vehicles, a subsistence economy. Their children were often malnourished. Their crops and herds were completely subject to the whims of nature; there were no government rescue handouts. The itinerant doctor passed though maybe once a month. Yet they maintained their presence and joy.

Experiencing a world in which people are radiant no matter what their challenges, I wanted to figure out how they did it. What was their secret to being so joyful?

I wanted to be able to get rid of my heavy energy, or hucha—the equivalent of getting rid of what we Westerners call neuroses and depression—as they did, and figure out how to do it every day.

I didn’t know it then, but as I learned to change my energy, exchanging the heavy for the lighter, I was also going to learn how to perceive life differently. I would learn to carry the world in my heart rather than on my shoulders. This changed my life. And I hope it will change yours.

Premise and Promise: Where Your Attention Goes, Your Energy Flows

No matter what challenges you face, you can always view them through a different lens.

When you view everything as just energy, there’s no judgment. You can learn to notice energy that no longer serves you and release it. You can connect and fill with something lighter. You can open to the beautiful world of living energy that surrounds you: this takes you outside of your small self, beyond the ego, and reconnects you with the great web. You can open to “the environment as your extended body,” as Deepak Chopra puts it. You can cultivate your perception and energetic relationship with other living beings by developing your intent, alignment, reciprocity, and receptivity.

The choices you have with your attention and energy are illustrated by an old Apache story:

A grandfather is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he says. “It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf is angry, arrogant, resentful, and judgmental. The other wolf is kind, compassionate, and generous. Sometimes it is hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both try to dominate my spirit. The same happens for you and everyone.”

The grandson thinks for a minute, then asks, “Who will win?”

His grandfather replies, “The wolf you feed.”

If you feed the wolf of compassion and kindness, your energy moves in that direction. If you focus your attention on being open-hearted, your energy moves in that direction. Conversely, if you focus on the heavy or negative aspects of your experience—in your behavior, the stories you tell, or the chatter in your mind—your energy remains stuck there.

Understanding Energy Alchemy

The essence of Energy AlchemyTM is transformation. Instead of transmuting base metals into gold as the alchemists in the Middle Ages tried to do, you learn to transmute your heavy, dense energy into lighter, more nurturing energy. Changing your energy changes your life.

Everything in the universe exchanges energy. Massive stars collapse and form black holes. Seeds sprout, grow, fruit, and decompose to feed new growth. What falls apart becomes source energy for what is becoming—in us, in seeds, in stars.

The essential pattern of Energy Alchemy is a simple exchange. You release energy that no longer serves you, and fill with lighter energy. By exchanging the heaviness inside you for the lighter, living energy of a plant, a gentle breeze, or any other living being, you replace separation with connection.

Practicing Energy Alchemy helps you cultivate the power, untapped potential, and resonance of your energy body. It lets you step into the largest story you are capable of living, moving beyond your “small self” into connection with all the living beings around you.

Releasing and Filling: Experiencing Fluidity

The underlying principle of all energetic releasing and filling is that lower frequencies (heavier, denser, disordered energy) attune to higher frequencies (lighter, more refined, more harmonious energy).

By consciously releasing the heavy and filling with the light, you can shift your spirit, body, mind, and energy field. You learn energetic fluidity—switching from sadness to equanimity, for instance, or from burnout to open-heartedness—as you embody the process.

You have likely experienced energetic fluidity if you have ever practiced gratitude. When you concentrate on being grateful—an emotion that fills your heart with joy and light—you resonate with your own appreciation. Irritations and fatigue dissipate; you feel better. In other words, the more refined energy of gratitude trumps the denser, heavier feelings you started with.

Similarly, you probably feel much happier when you are in nature than when you are in the middle of a factory or office building: the density of energy in the office makes you feel heavy; the lightness of trees and wind and water lightens your mood.

When you are drawn to an ancient sacred site, you are feeling the energetic fluidity and lightness of reverence, ceremony, and beauty that is held there. When you are drawn to a great spiritual teacher, her presence elicits your own energetic, embodied resonance and attunement.

Energetic releasing and filling is also based on the reality of your interconnections: you are affected by and pick up energy from the people around you and from events in the world.

Even when your personal life is going fine, you pick up “stuff.” In the world beyond your personal dramas, what is happening dribbles into your energy field, muddies the view, or acts like blobs of debris, making things harder and heavier. As changes in the world speed up, you find yourself working harder to stay clear, clean, and open. Energetic releasing and filling can be applied to all energy, no matter where it comes from.

Just as your body releases the vivid memories of breaking a leg, giving birth, or having surgery—retaining only a memory or idea that it hurt—you can learn to release emotional pain and fill with something new.

Connecting and Opening

Learning to keep your energy body clear and light is key to being present and empowered. Whether you are facing a partner’s rage, a disaster, a child’s disappointment, or the state of the earth, Energy Alchemy helps you be as open-hearted and filled with your natural radiance as possible.

In this state, you can support others, be loving, and affect energy fields beyond your own.

Dense, heavy energy comes from human responses: greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, shame, blame, and all those other emotions that create separation. Whether it’s because someone else is angry and you feel like running from the room, or because you are hurt and you blame the other, you automatically feel separate. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to overcome this feeling.

Reconnecting with and opening to the light, nonjudgmental energy of your natural surroundings replaces the density of human reaction.

When you connect more strongly and surely with any part of nature—trees, creatures, rivers, or the earth herself—you clear the debris that surrounds you and move more surely from your essence. In feeling, experiencing, and perceiving your interconnections, you expand and open your heart to the world as it is.

In compassion, you can let rage and despair arise, and fall away. You can let sadness arise, and fall away. You can let go of judgment (who is bad, who is good) and just be with what is.

As Star Goddess, one of my spirit teachers, told me about weaving the heart of the universe into your life,

When you connect your body and cells to the heart of the universe, your whole energy changes. You are receptive to insights from the cosmic field, wisdom from what some of you call the Akashic Records. Everything changes in what you perceive, how you experience and respond, and how your cells interact with the universe. It is your free will to do this or not. The results arise from the void, all possibility, so they aren’t “known” in advance. You enter into the great mystery … the enigma, the sacred wisdom.

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