What Is It Like To Be You?

What Is It Like To Be You?I have been asking myself deep questions about the next stages of my work and my life: how do I teach? How do I live? What, now, is my highest calling, my deepest contribution toward creating a peaceful, kind, compassionate, thriving world that supports and respects all life, human and non-human?

8 Strategies for Confronting Hate That Don’t Involve a Safety Pin

8 Strategies for Confronting Hate That Don’t Involve a Safety PinThere’s no denying it anymore: Hatred is erupting all over the United States, after having long simmered beneath the social surface. In the face of such upheaval, how can you prepare to protect those who are being threatened—to stand up for the worth and dignity of every person, even when it’s uncomfortable or scary?

Let’s Talk about Guilt

Let’s Talk about GuiltGuilt is a difficult burden to carry around with you. And guilt perpet­uates what you are guilty about; how does it do that?  Guilt is a very negative, destructive energy. It is different from remorse, the feeling we get when we know we have done something wrong and we’re dreadfully sorry. In the case of remorse...

How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull

How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s SkullI saw a documentary that introduced Jawara women who wear the bones of their dead husbands around their necks. In some cases, the widow totes the man’s skull. In our culture many of us also wear the skulls, bones, or remnants of dead husbands, lovers, family members, business partners, or  friends around our necks—not physically, but energetically. We hang past memories, resentments, and upsets...

Don't Blame And Shame Women For Unintended Pregnancies

Don't Blame And Shame Women For Unintended PregnanciesThe line between “intended” and “unintended” pregnancy can be blurred. Some unintended pregnancies can lead to wanted births, and some intended pregnancies are aborted. But women should not be blamed for getting pregnant accidentally, because factors outside their control are often involved.

We All Feel Disgust But Why Do Some Of Us Turn It On Ourselves?

We All Feel Disgust But Why Do Some Of Us Turn It On Ourselves?Disgust is a universal emotion – we all get disgusted by things, just as we all experience other “basic” emotions, such as happiness and sadness. Disgust has many functions. It protects us from products that might cause us harm (food that has gone off), it can give us a moral compass (when we see someone being treated unfairly) and it keeps us away from things that remind us of our animal nature (dead bodies).

Is Revenge Spiritual?

If you "grew up on the Bible", you learned the "eye for an eye" concept. How is that to be put into effect in a spiritual practice that focuses on inner peace, forgiveness, and peaceful interactions with "all our relations"? Can "an eye for an eye" be interpreted in any way other than anger and revenge?


Acceptance is a major theme of world religions. In modern life, however, acceptance is always tension-filled and problematic. The urge to fix, change, and improve pops up at every turn. Reinhold Neibuhr summed up this tension in his Serenity Prayer, written in 1934: 'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...'

When the Offender is Me

In one of her video lectures, Carolyn Myss reminds each John or Jane Doe in her audience that just as he/she is working on the process of forgiving other people, any one of those 'other people' may be sitting in workshops, writing in journals, or consulting with a therapist, in that very moment, in order to forgive John or Jane Doe...

Mistake Salad

Are you so sure your mistakes are just mistakes? Or could they be building blocks to a success beyond any you imagined? Everything is part of something bigger, and mistakes are no exception. Every minus is half of a plus, waiting for a stroke of vertical awareness

Finding True Freedom by Crossing the Bridge of Forgiveness

Finding True Freedom by Crossing the Bridge of ForgivenessAs you begin to seek inner faith and come to trust yourself and your abilities, you must first cross the 'bridge of forgiveness'. You have come this far by making the intellectual decision to move forward, but now you must make the emotional decision. Now you must step upon this bridge of forgiveness so as not to carry the past into the future.