Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

We need to awaken a crucial understanding at this time of evolution... What we need to become aware of is that the choices many of us have made on Planet Earth are not resounding with the highest truth, and therefore our planet is not evolving as fully as it could...

Clutter Busting Your Life: Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You

Clutter Busting Your Life: Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You

Giving yourself permission to let go of what doesn’t serve you is very powerful. You will become highly energized. People who have done clutter busting on their own have told me about how they were enjoying the feeling of openness and freedom. Then suddenly, it became too much, and they stopped the clutter bust.

What Is Your Spiritual Purpose? A Secret Truly Worth Discovering

What Is Your Spiritual Purpose? A Secret Truly Worth DiscoveringIf there is one secret truly worth discovering, it is not the secret of the law of attraction. It is the secret of Spirit. True, the law of attraction can bring you whatever you want in life, but it won't necessarily bring you what is good for you. Only Spirit understands what you really need and why you are here.

How To Live a Life True to Yourself with Compassion and Patience

How To Live a Life True to Yourself with Compassion and Patience by Bronnie Ware.When I left yet another 'good job' to go and live on the island, confusion reigned. 'Why would she do that? Where is she going to this time?' And through all of this I was just thinking with excitement, 'I'm going to live on an island!'

How To Change in Three Simple Steps

How To Change Things in Three Simple Steps

Most of us find it difficult to change things. If you look at ordinary life and ordinary people, you will discover that they also find it very difficult to change things. Some people haven’t changed since they left school. At eighty years old they are still the same as when they left school...

What Are Your Needs? Are They Being Met?

What Are Your Needs? Are They Being Met?

We all have intense desires that we experience as needs. I know that I have very real needs that go beyond basic survival. And I know that getting these needs met has a higher priority than getting my wants and desires satisfied.

Is The Weather Deciding What Mood You're In?

Is The Weather Deciding What Mood You're In?When you catch yourself complaining about the weather, stop. Sim­ply say, “Really? I love this weather.” Usually that produces a shock effect. Remember that all kinds of weather are necessary to keep this earth healthy. So...

The Way to Happiness: From Attachment to Detachment

The Way to Happiness: From Attachment to DetachmentWhat does Buddhism mean by non-attachment? Many people think the idea of detachment, non-attachment, or non-clinging is very cold. This is because they confuse attachment with love. But attachment isn’t genuine love — it’s just self-love.

Indigo Child: What is Your Life Purpose and Personal Mission?

Indigo Child: What is Your Life Purpose and Personal Mission?

Some people have a Life Purpose that just affects a few, while others are spiritually contracted to help thousands of people. Just like in an orchestra, every player is equally important. The piccolo player and the first violinist are both crucial to the music's orchestration.

Are You Living Your Life Natural or Regular?

Are You Living Your Life Natural or Regular?

It is becoming clear to me that the way most of us have lived our lives has not been in harmony with the way the universe intended. It seems that we have somehow lost touch with the loving flow of life, our rhythm of being, our sense of peacefulness about ourselves and satisfaction with what we are and what we are here to do.

Has Something Shifted? Entering the Twilight Zone?

solar flares

Just as you thought life couldn't get any weirder - it did! You don't have to be a super psychic to feel that the energy has accelerated with a strange new twist. Many are feeling a little dizzy or out of balance / out of body, while others are feeling just plain tired...

Meeting the Shadow: From Dante's Inferno to a World of Compassion

Meeting the Shadow: From Dante's Inferno to a World of Compassion

In European mythology, this specific process of self-discovery (meeting the shadow) is usually depicted as the hero literally descending into the underworld and meeting the dead. Whether it’s in The Odyssey or The Divine Comedy or the Harry Potter tales (in which Harry frequently visits past events), the first part of this process involves going into a netherworld that allows the traveler (and the reader) to think...

This Moment on Earth: The Statements We Make With Our Choices

This Moment on Earth: The Statements We Make With Our ChoicesSo much is at stake in our times. Whether we like it or not, and whether we accept it or not, the choices we make, individually and collectively, in the coming years will make an incredible amount of difference, perhaps...

What You Make of It

2012: What You Make of It

2012 is here. Finally. After many years of anticipation, sensationalism, foreboding, titillation, and wild prophecies, we’ve reached the end of the Mayan calendar. The era of momentous...

I Wish I Could Give You the Moon

I Wish I Could Give You the Moon, article by Alan Cohen

We all have possessions and we want to keep them. The question is, do you own your possessions or do they own you? If your possessions bring you joy, they are serving their purpose. If you worry about them, you have missed the moon. No one possesses the moon, yet everyone does...

Go With the Flow, But Keep Paddling

Go With the Flow but Keep Paddling, article by Barry Vissell

Here’s what I’ve learned so far from “Mother River”: Go with the flow! Most times the main current will bring you through tricky areas without any struggle on your part. But how often do we fight against the flow, not trusting the divine current to keep us safe. One of my favorite...

Everyone Desires Happiness... Yes, Everyone!

Everyone Desires Happiness -- Yes, Everyone! article by B. Alan WallaceIt’s easy to like some people and it’s not very easy to like others. They don’t smile back! So it has to go deeper. If we continue to judge people on the basis of appearances and behavior, the endeavor is hopeless. Instead we have to return to a very simple truth...

Personality Need Upgrading?

If you are brave enough to appraise your personality and arrive at some conclusions about what changes you want to make, you will still be faced with the enormous challenge of actually changing your personality...

Inner Voice to the Rescue

Inner Voice to the Rescue, article by Shari Rathman

Once upon a time there was this young person who had such great hopes for an exciting life filled with adventures and love. Then one day she heard a voice inside her. It was as if someone was whispering to her a message that no one else could hear.

Fear: The Core of Your Problems

Fear: The Core of Your Problems

The idea that we create our own reality — that is, the concept of the mirror universe — often seems to ring true, but it also raises some troubling questions. Sometimes it’s easy to see this principle at work in our lives, but other times, especially when things aren’t going very well, it can be...

Confidence: Being the Best Me That I Can Be


Rather than comparing ourselves to others or competing against others, author Keith Johnson suggests "Focus on becoming your personal best. Compete with yourself by becoming your best; then compare against only yourself.

Our Choices Predict Our Future

Our Choices Predict Our FutureWe're often told to live in the present, yet then we're told to set goals and plan for the future. Which is it? "...imagine you’re driving a car. As you look through the windshield you’re looking into the future. As you’re sitting in the driver’s seat you’re in the present. If you look..."

Calling Forth Brilliance & Genius: Be An Uplifter, Not A Downer

A Reputation to Live Up ToA number of years ago I went on an intense lecture tour that left me feeling exhausted. The last event of the trip was a full-day workshop, and as I pulled myself out of bed that morning to get ready for the seminar, I wondered how I would gather the energy to present a decent program. When I arrived at the venue, I...

Brace for Impact!

Brace for Impact!

On January 15, 2009, a jet taking off from New York City suddenly plummeted into the Hudson River. What would your thoughts, feelings, desires, regrets, and heartfelt prayers be if you, like these passengers, knew you perhaps only had two more minutes to live? ...

Creating Your Own Nest of Peace

Creating Your Own Nest of Peace

Finding peace in your lives and relationships, especially if you feel stressed with financial, health, or relationship challenges, can sometimes seem almost impossible. And yet finding that peace is essential. There is a story of a king who offered a prize to the artist who could paint the best picture of peace...

The Freeing Power of Honesty & Being True to Yourself

The Freeing Power of Honesty & Being True to YourselfEach of us longs to express who we are, what we think and how we feel. But how often do we? From my perch I see more being repressed than expressed. Considering that repression can lead to depression, illness and even violence, what is stopping us from being true to ourselves and...

Spiritual Funk: Untethered & Free Falling Surrender to the Process

surrender to the processEver felt like you were falling through space? Everything that held you and tethered you has disappeared and evaporated. What is a free-falling, spiritually-inclined person to do? Pull off the galactic highway and take a little snooze or hitch a ride on a screaming meteor? There might be another way...

Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

The time has come to write a new story for our lives and to let go of those handed down to us by our families and our cultures. These are not our stories; they do not belong to us. We must hand them back with love and write our own. We are being urged to become aware and informed and, by doing so...

Taking Radical Responsibility: Personal Healing is Global Healing

Taking Radical Responsibility: Personal Healing is Global HealingResponsible means able to respond, answerable for, trustworthy. Most of us would probably say we are responsible. But it is often the wrong response! Frequently, we are tempted to take responsibility for others, as in changing or healing them. As a peace activist, I know this one quite well. To me...

Gifts of Suffering

In honoring our feelings, we can more swiftly and comfortably navigate through difficult times, and come out wiser in the process. If we face our difficulties with grace, gratitude, if we can combine occasional expressions of pain and sadness with our usual routine of...

What Is Your Life Purpose Now? Finding Meaning In Your Life

What Is Your Life Purpose Now? Finding Meaning In Your LifeSometimes we may feel as if we haven't discovered our purpose. However, each moment brings with it a new purpose, right now in the moment. Zen sword master Taisen Deshimaru reminded his students, “Be happy here and now or you never will be.” And writer Margaret Bonanno points out, “It’s only possible to live happily ever after on a..."

Do Beliefs & Biases Rule Our Life?

Do Beliefs & Biases Rule Our Life?

by Eldon Taylor. Uncovering our biases is an important step in discovering ourselves. Evaluating the words we choose, what they mean, what they imply, and how we use them is an exercise in self-awareness. Whether we repeat a “blonde” joke, a sexist expectation, a racist definition...

Examining Your Beliefs: Why Is It Vital to Question Your Beliefs?

Examining Your Beliefs

by Deborah King. Often, our most important beliefs are unconscious. Over 90 percent of those that we currently hold we took on as kids from our parents or caregivers, school, and culture. These views run the greater part of our lives and determine if we’re going to be...

We're All in Customer Service

We're All in Customer ServiceI was speaking to a friend who is the head of a customer service department. She tells everyone in the company, whether they work in the warehouse, in accounting, or wherever, that everyone in the company is in customer service. As I reflected on her words later, I realized that her sentence "we're all in customer service" had much more further reaching...

The End of Sacrifice: Suspending Our Belief in Personal Sacrifice

The End of Sacrifice: Suspending Our Belief in Personal Sacrifice

by Alan Cohen. I recently made a pilgrimage to the ancient Mayan temples at Chichen Itza and Tulum in Mexico. At one pyramid our tour guide informed us that the Mayans regularly offered human sacrifices to appease their gods. While we would regard such offerings as primitive and even abhorrent, the mindset of sacrifice is still...

Looking For Love & Approval

Looking For Love & ApprovalWhat would you be doing differently if you did not have to prove yourself to anyone?  Your enemies are not your dysfunctional parents, childhood sexual abuser, or punitive parochial school teacher; your enemies are the thoughts they instilled in you that you still believe...

Just What Is a Feeling, Exactly?

Just What Is a Feeling, Exactly? That was a question a client asked me, with an emphasis on the "exactly." It's a great question because it is so direct, to the point, and so difficult to answer exactly and correctly. But because it is so important, and because...

Unburden the Memory

Whenever you live something consciously it never becomes a loaded thing on you. If you go to the market to purchase something and you move consciously, walk consciously, purchase the thing consciously, with full remembrance, mindfully come back home, this will never be a part of your memory. If you want to remember it, you can remember it, but it will not be constantly forcing your attention towards it...

Why You Need To Stop and Smell the Flowers

Why You Need To Stop and Smell the FlowersOne hears a lot about nurturing... nurturing one's self, nurturing loved ones, children, etc. I have been advised many times in my life to pay more attention to myself, and to nurture myself. Not feeling  too clear at one time about what that meant (since I had never learned how to nurture myself), I asked...

Taking Inner Inventory: Who Do I Pretend To Be? What Do I Need?

Taking Inner Inventory: Who Do I Pretend To Be? What Do I Need?Ask yourself, "Who do I pretend to be?" Sometimes we become so immersed in who we think we are -- or who others imagine us to be -- that we begin to identify with the mask that we wear as we weave our way through the world, Psychologist Carl Jung called this mask the persona. If we come to believe that we are our mask, then...

First Class Expectations for a First Class Experience

First Class Expectations for a First Class Experience As we enter this bright new year, let’s notice the strong correlation between our expectations and our experience. Everything that happens to us is related to our beliefs about who we are, what we deserve, and what the universe is capable of supplying. The game is...

What is Real? What is Reality?

Over the years, I have read many wonderful books on the subjects of spirituality, philosophy, and personal growth. These books usually paint a beautiful and inspiring picture of reality.  But often, after the inspiration of the book had faded, I found myself asking, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if reality were like that?"

Widening Your World Can Be A Daunting Task

Widening Your World Can Be A Daunting TaskWhen you open your life to the rest of our world, it can be daunting. It is easy to become hypersensitive to the violence and suffering around us. Maybe you cannot tolerate the extreme violence of many movies and TV shows, or even the news reports on the radio. Emotions may run high on all accounts.

Are You Waiting for Something?

Are You Waiting for Something?The pattern I have seen repeated both in myself and in others around me is the sleeping beauty/frog prince complex. It consists of waiting for something or someone to deliver us from whatever situation we have gotten ourselves into.

From Should to Would: Leaving the World of "Should"

From Should to Would: Answering Your Soul's Call

by Alan Cohen. My eight-year-old neighbor Mark keeps me on my toes. Mark asks lots of questions, which I am sometimes tempted to dismiss as childish. But when I think about them, I usually discover a profound lesson. The other day Mark asked me for a ride to the local grocery store...

Inner Child Speaks

The inner child waits patiently for the adult to notice it, to talk to it. It asks itself: "How can I get her attention? How can I get her to talk to me, to listen to me?" It thinks back of its past experience with parents and teachers and remembers that...

Giving All Of Yourself

Giving All Of Yourself

by Alan Cohen. It is not so important how much we give; it is how we give that counts. If you have a lot, but offer a little, you have given little. If you have a little, but give it all, you have given much. Our actions are real not for their outer...

How To Build Self-Esteem by Loving Yourself

How Build Self-Esteem by Loving Yourself

You'll never have good self-esteem if you have negative thoughts about yourself. Self-esteem is merely feeling good about yourself, and when you do so, you develop confidence. Confidence then builds self-esteem -- each step feeds upon the other...

The Ending Doesn't Matter

It is easy to be seduced by the idea that how things turn out is more important than what happens in the process. The real question is not "How did it turn out?" The question is, "What happened to your spirit as you journeyed?"

Keeping Too Busy to Keep Your Soul Intact?

Keeping Too Busy to Keep Your Soul Intact?Most people have some physical symptom that signals them that they are starting to run down their batteries. A sore throat, headache, or hemorrhoid flare-up is the universe's way of alerting you that you are getting stressed.

Life's Most Powerful Things

Thought-power is creative power. It is the power that sparks action. Action, then, becomes directed behavior that produces an identifiable result. Good results come from good thoughts. Good thoughts are like a good foundation that is unshakable and permanent. Things do not appear without a thought having first given "life" to them.

Rewriting the Script: I Give Myself Permission...

give myself permissionHow many times have you made a decision to change something in your life and then found yourself slipping off the path you had chosen? Have you found yourself repeating past behavior even though the higher side of your consciousness knew better than to be caught in that same old trap? Is it that you were insincere in your choice or rather that you stumbled on old programming?

About Self-Doubt: Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't...

About Self-Doubt: Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't...

Self-doubters tend to dismiss compliments and embrace criticisms. They focus — even highlight — their weaknesses, ensuring that others see their shortcomings as clearly as they do. Eleanor Roosevelt's clever one-liner "No one can make you feel inadequate without your permission" says it all.

I Don't Care What They Say

I Don't Care What They Say

by Marie T. Russell. How many times have you been hurt by what someone said about you? How many times have you doubted your self-worth because someone criticized you, either to your face or 'behind your back'? Why do we react with such self-doubt or indignation when someone...


There are some mornings where I can't seem to get moving. Now, I am not talking of those mornings when I may be physically tired and need the extra sleep. I speak rather of those mornings when I've had enough hours of rest, yet can't seem to get motivated to "rise and shine".

Whose REALITY Is It Anyway?

Whose REALITY Is It Anyway?"The weekend is over and tomorrow it's back to reality!" "You've lost touch with reality!" What exactly is reality and whose reality are we talking about? I saw a bumper sticker not too long ago that said "Question reality". I agree. I think reality should be questioned and challenged and maybe even done away with...

When You Have A Critical Moment of Emotional Stress

When You Have A Critical Moment of Emotional Stress

by Michelle J. Johnson. Have any of you noticed that sometimes when you try to create something, certain obstacles will come up which question exactly what you're trying to create? I've wondered if this is some kind of test, you know, to see how bad I really want the creation.

Can Negative Energy Be Transformed?

Can Negative Energy Be Transformed?

by Sylvia Browne. If you give energy to something that is negative -- such as worry, anxiety, or fear -- then you build it to such a state that it becomes worse than any action directed toward you. Make yourself like a funnel or a sieve...

Matters Of The Mind

We use our mind in many ways. We use it when we don't even think about it; it simply takes over and provides us with the support we need for survival. We forget that it's there working and we overlook it as the best tool we have for self-improvement.

Seeing Through New Eyes: Twelve Keys to a New Life

Seeing Through New Eyes: Twelve Keys to a New LifeWhen you have begun seeing through new eyes, it might still appear to others that nothing about you has changed. However, you know inside yourself that everything has changed. A Zen proverb says: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after...

Emotions 'R Us: As We Think, So Shall We Feel

Emotions 'R Us: As We Think, So Shall We Feel

by Dr. Paula Sunray. We can't be feeling what we are feeling unless we are "thinking" it. First we have to think and then we feel, so whatever we are feeling is a result of our thinking. If we are feeling fear, then we are having a fearful thought...

Follow Your Heart's Desire: Every Step is Valid

Follow Your Heart's Desire: Every Step is Valid

Everyone has dreams. You may dismiss them, wish them into your life or escape into them, but there is always one inside you. Have you ever attempted to make your dream your life's reality? This is life's biggest challenge and one of the greatest opportunities for you to grow as a person.

Happiness, Laughter & Riches

The Billionaire Report is out and Bill Gates is it, the richest man in the world. What does it mean to be rich?? How much money is enough?? ...This weekend I was touched by two events, one was the World Laughter Tour in Boca Raton and the other the TV movie about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both made me think... who is the happiest person in the world?

Control or Joy: Which Will You Choose to Experience?

Control or Joy: Which Will You Choose to Experience? by Alan Watts.

by Alan Watts. An old aphorism from India says, What is beyond, is that which is also here. And you must not mistake this for a kind of blasé boredom, or a tiring of adventure. It is instead the startling recognition that in the place where we are now, we have already arrived. This is it. What we are seeking is, if we are not totally blind, already here.

Always & Never: The Two Most Powerful Words

Always & Never: The Two Most Powerful Words

'Always'. 'Never'. These are probably the two most powerful words in the English language. Even more powerful than yes and no, since saying yes (or no) applies to the moment or subject at hand, while saying 'always' or 'never' sets the tone for everything to come. The two words can...

The Sequel's Not Equal

The thing about sequels is that they rarely measure up to the original. Like movies, there are two ways to live a life: hiding out in history, or dancing on the cutting edge. History is safe, but reeks of regularity. The cutting edge seems scary, but it bestows life...

What To Ask For

I know a man who prayed to receive checks in the mail. Then he did. Unfortunately, they were social security checks addressed to the previous tenants of his apartment. He would have done better to pray to recognize himself as a prosperous being living in an abundant universe that meets all his needs in wondrous ways.

The Missing Tube

A Course in Miracles asks us to keep our priorities in order. Spirit first, matter second. People before stuff. Love before fear. Leo Buscaglia noted, We were born to love people and use things, but we learn to love things and use people.

Awash in Guns

In just one year, guns are used to kill more than thirty thousand Americans, and thousands more are injured. The fear of gun violence alone affects the quality of life of every American, even those who have never experienced it firsthand. What we forget is that living in fear does not have to be an inevitable part of life in America.

Aversion to Good, Aversion to Evil

Words which contain a reference to good and evil have become degraded, especially those which refer to the good -- not only courage but also effort, patience, love and hope -- are met with cynicism and indifference. Unless we boldly confront cynicism and indifference, we cannot make fundamental and effective responses.

Great and Noble Things

We all want to leave our children a better world than the one we found. The greatest legacy you can bestow is joy, which is a choice you can make right now. If you wait until the world changes to let your light shine, your dream will wither and die. Make your joy conditional on nothing outside you and on everything inside you...

Aspiring to Beauty

Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? Can we call whatever we see beautiful, depending on our perspective? Beauty, Sensuality, Sexuality, Charisma. I have long questioned these notions. What are these things? Are they culturally defined? Dependent on the fashion...

How To Eat A Mango

I love the smell and taste of a plump fresh mango. I always have. But for most of my life I would not buy or eat them. Why? I really never thought about it. Then one day somebody showed me how to eat a mango. Here's the secret...

We Need Women - Now

Now is the time for women's equality in Congress and at all other government and corporate decision-making levels. With men, we get rhetoric, more problems and no answers -- but lots of excuses. I am convinced that we need women's realistic, common-sense approach to the needs of modern America.


Boundaries... barriers... walls... All these words have similar meanings. They indicate a place where one must stop and go no further. In some cases boundaries and walls are wonderful. But too much of a "good thing" can become its opposite... bad.

The Seasons of Our Nature

Just as there are four seasons in Nature, our inner natures also experience four seasons. In the Winter of our inner natures, we feel as if we're coming undone; an old fear we thought we'd put to rest resurfaces. The more attached we are to worldly success, or to old patterns and people with whom we've identified...

Accessing Life Purpose

Among traditional peoples, when a woman expecting a child enters the last trimester of her pregnancy, the shamans of her community place her in a deep state of trance. The shamans then connect with the spirit of the child coming into life, and they speak to it: 'Who are you? Why are you coming into our village? What is your life purpose?'

Attaining Liberation

You have no idea how radiant and powerful you really are. The world you live in has buried you and your light in an ornate and viscous web of thoughts, traditions, conditioning and ideologies. It covers the earth like a great blanket of intricate and resolute knots.

All About Sam

In my community, there is one man whose life speaks louder than his words. He is known as Sam, and he lives on the streets. His life provides us with a sense of charity so that we can live guilt-free in our lavishly furnished homes. We don't want to learn how one could adapt to living on the street.

Angel Cop

A testimonial of an encounter with a policeman who assisted in showing her the way back to the path of enlightenment and recovery: "One morning last spring I was driving down US1 at 5:30 in the morning. Well, I wasn't just driving, I was speeding. I was going at least 15 miles over the 45mph limit, and my mind was not on the road..."

Letter to the Editor: Change From The Heart

A testimonial from someone who went from self-hate and self-destruction and ended up behind bars to discovering the goodness within and set out on a path of recovery.

A Defining Moment

A thought or decision can certainly redefine our direction in life and in love. There's a lesson in every experience. However, one usually doesn't figure out the lesson until well after the experience...

Eagle Speaks

I had arrived at my first powwow. As I sat listening to the drums I couldn't help but wonder... Did I have the strength to align myself with the power of the eagle? The courage necessary to take on the responsibility of becoming so much more than I thought I could be? The integrity to accept a powerful new dimension in my life?

My Life As A Bum

Article (short-fiction) that takes a look at being homeless and a way in and out of that experience.

Changing Our Perception of Others in Three Steps

Changing Our Perception of Others in Three Steps
To begin, please choose a person whom you don't feel a great deal of appreciation toward. It could be someone you love who is currently bothering you, someone you strongly dislike, or someone whom you feel just slightly negative toward.

The Loving Present

The present is complete; it has no limitations. When I am in the past projecting images of the future, I am dreaming. In reality there is only the present. You say, "I'm helpless, I can't be in the present. I wish I could." And I say, "Miraculous things happen in the present, when you do not compromise." In the present, whatever you do would be of love.

How to Love Yourself

Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to criticize yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. It's a dreadful way to live. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved...

Getting to Yes

When we do not acknowledge our feelings, we may reactively eat for comfort. Not facing tensions in a relationship can lead to fear of arguments or anger at disagreements. Seeking escape from the discomforts of life may trap us in patterns of...

Attaining Happiness & Joy

by J. Donald Walters. We all seek permanent happiness. No one has, as his long-term goal, a happiness that is evanescent. More than anything else, what we want of life is escape from pain, and the attainment of joy. The deeper our joy, the more deeply meaningful our lives become also. The duty with which we are charged by life itself is to find that 'hidden treasure': infinite joy and bliss.

A Public Proposal

by Alan Cohen. You can find yourself in ideal conditions and be miserable, and you can be in the most adverse conditions and soar. Environment and physical factors may influence us, but attitude makes or breaks us. You may not be able to...

Abuse Survivors: Releasing the Pain

A lot of the afternoon talk shows are featuring "therapists" who say that it's not possible to completely repress memories of abuse. Well, I know from my dealings with thousands of abuse survivors that repression is an extremely common coping mechanism. However, many women do not remember the abuse they experienced until a dramatic life event occurs.

Successful Affirmations: Why & How

Successful Affirmations: Why & How...

by Dhyani Ywahoo. Affirmation is a skillful means for transforming energy, and it begins with the deletion of negative statements about self and others. A negative statement freezes one in time and space without room for harmonization. Affirmations need to be unambiguous, simple and clear statements of one's intentions.

Changing Levels of Consciousness

Dealing with addictive responses such as anger, jealousy, irritation, aggravation.We learned these as children and we now respond automatically. We can learn to respond in a different manner, and thus raise our level of consciousness and our happiness leve

Getting What You Want

With all the self-help information available today, why isn't everybody happy and why doesn't everyone get what they want. Why are so many people struggling to achieve something only to give up in frustration? How many self-help or motivational workshops have you attended only to have the excitement wear off after a short period of time?

Integrating The Feminine

Our difficulty lies in the fact that in asserting our right to partake in the man's world we have come to identify with the very patriarchal attitudes that devalue our mothers and grandmothers. We are ashamed of our yearnings for connection, our tears, our mothers. We try to live like men: valuing separateness and achievement.

How To Reclaim Your Lost Self

Although 'self-help' information can be readily gleaned, there must be a head-heart, or intellect-feeling connection before one's situation can change. All knowledge learned must be internalized (believed), and processed (discussed, analyzed, emotions explored). Insights must be gained and goals set and attained, in order to resolve unfinished business, heal wounds, and grow.

Success Through Hypnosis

The goal of hypnosis is to access the subconscious mind which functions at a deeper level than our usual level of awareness. Our subconscious mind is not limited. It can remember everything and can transmit solutions to our problems.

Afraid of the Unknown

by Stuart Wilde. Naturally we are scared to move into the unknown because our personality relies a lot on the symbols, psychological structures, and associations we develop. We become comfortable in a society, and with a group of people -- work mates, family, and friends. However, embracing change is a matter of giving away or letting go of old traits.

Blissful Innocence

Blissful Innocence by Alan Cohen

by Alan Cohen. We have heard that "ignorance is bliss," and we usually judge and criticize ignorant people. Yet there is a form of ignorance that serves us well, and that is ignorance of limiting beliefs. A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon declared, "It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept."


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