Creating 'Newmories' from Painful or Traumatic Memories

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Creating 'Newmories' from Painful or Traumatic Memories

All of us have traumatic memories.

Over the years we may become aware how they are affecting our lives in negative ways. For instance, a father was less than kind and we suddenly notice ourselves being harsh towards our own son. Or, we were sexually abused thirty years ago and still shrink back from intimacy today, unable to freely receive and give love.

Here’s a technique you can use on yourself to change your personal history by consciously healing memories with new thinking and imagination.


Begin by sitting quietly with your hands in your lap. Recall a traumatic incident from your past and imagine it resting lightly in your hands. Now turn it into an image, like a wounded bird.

Closing your eyes, feel yourself traveling back through time to visit that event. Notice yourself arriving as an observer, identifying with your future self, bringing a mature consciousness and perspective into this situation.

You ask: “What’s happening and what’s missing from this memory?” If what’s happening is cruel, then what’s missing is compassion. If hate is present, tolerance and acceptance are absent. If anger is raging, there’s obviously no peace.

Now, supply what’s needed. Focus the missing qualities you have identified and flow them into that memory. Flow love, forgiveness, appreciation, respect, compassion, empathy, understanding — whatever is missing.

You’re creating what I call a “newmory,” a new memory.

I am twelve years old, sitting in science class, bored. I don’t notice the teacher struggling to open a window blind. His exasperated bark wakes me up: “Wilkinson, take an interest!” Embarrassed, the way ten-year-old boys can so easily be, I leap to my feet and help him, feeling shamed.

Re-visiting this memory, I realize my residual trauma has little to do with me or the window blind. Yes, the teacher is lashing out at me,
but now -- clearly -- it’s not about me. He’s irritated, that’s all. And I’m nearby.

Something shifts. I feel relief and I send a wave of forgiveness into the memory, towards the teacher and towards myself, healing this old wound.

I just created a newmory.


According to an article online:

The lovely scent of cut grass is the reek of plant anguish: When attacked, plants release airborne chemical compounds. Now scientists say plants can use these compounds almost like language, notifying nearby creatures that can ‘rescue’ them from insect attacks.

A group of German scientists studying a wild tobacco plant noticed that the compounds it released, called green leaf volatiles or GLVs, were very specific. When the plants were infested by caterpillars, the plants released a distress GLV that attracted predatory bugs who like to eat the caterpillars in question.”


Planes are off course about ninety percent of the time. Pilots understand what’s known as the “One-in-Sixty Rule”: Over a sixty-mile distance, they will tend to be off course about one nautical mile. They must course correct, and constantly, to reach their destination.

Life is a series of course corrections that depend on two vital pieces of information: where you are now and where you want to go. Amazingly, many people don’t know either. They deny the facts of their present situation -- which include the influence of their memories -- and have vague goals. Denial plus wishful thinking does not equal a fulfilling life.

This chapter’s new habit is simple: travel into your past to create newmories that enable you to change direction and then course correct your way to sustained fulfillment, using your emotion compass to stay on track, knowing you will be off course most of the time.

In science, the acceptance of new ideas follows a predictable, four-stage sequence.

In stage one, skeptics confidently proclaim the idea is impossible because it violates the laws of science. This stage can last for years or for centuries, depending on how much the idea challenges conventional wisdom.

In stage two, skeptics may reluctantly concede the idea is possible but that it is not very interesting and the claimed effects are extremely weak.

Stage three begins when the mainstream realizes that not only is the idea important but that its effects are much stronger and more pervasive than previously imagined.

Stage four is achieved when the same critics who previously disavowed any interest in the idea begin to proclaim that they thought of it first.

Eventually, no one remembers that the idea was once considered a dangerous heresy.

~ Dean Radin

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Reprinted with permission of the author.

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Now or Never: A Time Traveler's Guide to Personal and Global Transformation
by Will Wilkinson

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Will WilkinsonWill Wilkinson is a senior consultant with Luminary Communications in Ashland, Oregon. He has written and delivered programs in conscious living for forty years, interviewed scores of leading edge change agents, and pioneered experiments in small scale alternative economies. Find out more at

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Editorial Review: En noviembre de 2008 un grupo terrorista islámico atacó la ciudad de Mumbai, en India. Uno de sus objetivos fue el Hotel Oberoi, donde se hospedaba Master Charles Cannon, representante y fundador de una asociación llamada Synchronicity, dedicada a difundir la meditación holística. Con él estaban 24 de sus colaboradores. Durante 45 interminables horas, los terroristas hirieron a cuatro miembros del grupo y asesinaron a dos. Cuando los rehenes finalmente fueron liberados por la policía, Cannon y su gente mostraron una insólita actitud: lejos de condenar a sus agresores, expresaron públicamente su perdón hacia ellos. Al narrar de nuevo los terribles momentos vividos por él y sus compañeros, el autor revela también sus convicciones espirituales, las cuales le permitieron trascender y transformar esta experiencia en una fuente de inspiración y fortaleza para millones de personas. Ello muestra lo que puede hacer el perdón por nosotros en un mundo propenso a la violencia y cómo puede ayudarnos a alcanzar lo que Cannon denomina "Estilo de Vida Holístico".Prefacio de Eckhart Tolle

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