6 Ways to Live an Inspired Life

6 Ways to Live an Inspired LifeMany people today are frustrated and disheartened by the divide that seems to have arisen in this country and across the globe. This discord affects everything from family relationships to the workplace, leaving people frustrated and fearful that it’s going to get worse and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Living Impeccably: This Present Moment Is Our Gift To The Universal Self

Living Impeccably: This Present Moment Is Our Gift To The Universal SelfThe consciousness we develop in ourselves in each lifetime extends beyond the physical body. It exists prior to being born and after we die. Therefore, our obligation is to live the truth encoded in us to the best of our ability, and our contribution is to evolve our individual consciousness in a way that uplifts humanity’s collective consciousness.

Affirming Life Purpose

With each breath in I affirm I have a life purpose. With each breath out I send my purpose out to the world, where it may manifest in my life. This continues automatically as I breathe in and out.

Accessing Life Purpose

Among traditional peoples, when a woman expecting a child enters the last trimester of her pregnancy, the shamans of her community place her in a deep state of trance. The shamans then connect with the spirit of the child coming into life, and they speak to it: 'Who are you? Why are you coming into our village? What is your life purpose?'

Attaining Liberation

You have no idea how radiant and powerful you really are. The world you live in has buried you and your light in an ornate and viscous web of thoughts, traditions, conditioning and ideologies. It covers the earth like a great blanket of intricate and resolute knots.