Humans Are Wired For Prejudice But That Doesn't Have To Be The End Of The Story

rubber duckyHumans are highly social creatures. Our brains have evolved to allow us to survive and thrive in complex social environments. Accordingly, the behaviors and emotions that help us navigate our social sphere are entrenched in networks of neurons within our brains.

How To Shatter The Bonds of False Beliefs

How To Shatter The Bonds of False BeliefsStudy carefully the following list of six false beliefs and the false responsibilities that are never far away from them. Dare to learn everything you can about your own false beliefs and then watch how the weight of false responsibilities falls off of you.

Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel?

Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel? Your truth cannot have an effect if it goes unspoken, or if not acted upon. Where would we be if people did not question systems? Where would we be if people such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Einstein, John Lennon, and Jesus did not speak and live their truth?

Bankers Lie At The Toss of a Coin But Only When At Work?

Bankers Will Lie At The Toss Of A Coin – But Only When At Work

There is something in the culture of banking that lends itself toward making otherwise fairly good people do bad things. That’s the finding of a new study published in the journal, Nature. And it may simply confirm the suspicions of many following endless news of bankers being outed for bad behaviour.

The Higher and Lower Mind: Playing (and Winning) the Mind Game

The Higher and Lower Mind: Playing the Mind GameWhen we engage the lower mind, we gain only information that leads us to make the same limiting choices as in the past, which leads us to the same limited outcomes. This decision to access the field through the higher mind or the lower mind is a choice point...

Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work Perfectly

Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work Perfectly

To master a desire does not mean to suspend that desire so that it is not felt any more, but to change the course of the force that is active in that desire, so that something of value may be accomplished now while that force is in working condition.

Our Future Has Not Been Written: Where Do We Go From Here?

Our Future Has Not Been Written: Where Do We Go From Here?Man didn’t believe he could fly – until the day he did. The four-minute mile was said to be impossible – until it wasn’t. Many thought it inconceivable to educate a blind/deaf person – until the day a determined teacher broke through her willing student’s isolation...

A Magic Wand To Help Us In Our Struggles and Confrontations

A Magic Wand To Help Us In Our Struggles and Confrontations

It may sometimes seem as if new obstacles are placed in our path constantly. Rarely does everything proceed as planned or without unexpected problems. Yet... a life without setbacks, failures, regrets and sickness is not a real life. These negative developments are as real as everything else in life.

Community Celebrations and Dancing in the Streets

Community Celebrations and Dancing in the Streets

Why is joy so important? Because to inspire people to bring about change — to work to create a culture of caring — we need the strongest, most motivating emotion there is, and joy is the ultimate experience of happiness, the essential desire of our lives. On a personal level we're isolated and...

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

We need to awaken a crucial understanding at this time of evolution... What we need to become aware of is that the choices many of us have made on Planet Earth are not resounding with the highest truth, and therefore our planet is not evolving as fully as it could...

Is The Weather Deciding What Mood You're In?

Is The Weather Deciding What Mood You're In?When you catch yourself complaining about the weather, stop. Sim­ply say, “Really? I love this weather.” Usually that produces a shock effect. Remember that all kinds of weather are necessary to keep this earth healthy. So...

Go With the Flow, But Keep Paddling

Go With the Flow but Keep Paddling, article by Barry Vissell

Here’s what I’ve learned so far from “Mother River”: Go with the flow! Most times the main current will bring you through tricky areas without any struggle on your part. But how often do we fight against the flow, not trusting the divine current to keep us safe. One of my favorite...

Confidence: Being the Best Me That I Can Be


Rather than comparing ourselves to others or competing against others, author Keith Johnson suggests "Focus on becoming your personal best. Compete with yourself by becoming your best; then compare against only yourself.

Calling Forth Brilliance & Genius: Be An Uplifter, Not A Downer

A Reputation to Live Up ToA number of years ago I went on an intense lecture tour that left me feeling exhausted. The last event of the trip was a full-day workshop, and as I pulled myself out of bed that morning to get ready for the seminar, I wondered how I would gather the energy to present a decent program. When I arrived at the venue, I...

We're All in Customer Service

We're All in Customer ServiceI was speaking to a friend who is the head of a customer service department. She tells everyone in the company, whether they work in the warehouse, in accounting, or wherever, that everyone in the company is in customer service. As I reflected on her words later, I realized that her sentence "we're all in customer service" had much more further reaching...

Looking For Love & Approval

Looking For Love & ApprovalWhat would you be doing differently if you did not have to prove yourself to anyone?  Your enemies are not your dysfunctional parents, childhood sexual abuser, or punitive parochial school teacher; your enemies are the thoughts they instilled in you that you still believe...

Unburden the Memory

Whenever you live something consciously it never becomes a loaded thing on you. If you go to the market to purchase something and you move consciously, walk consciously, purchase the thing consciously, with full remembrance, mindfully come back home, this will never be a part of your memory. If you want to remember it, you can remember it, but it will not be constantly forcing your attention towards it...

Why You Need To Stop and Smell the Flowers

Why You Need To Stop and Smell the FlowersOne hears a lot about nurturing... nurturing one's self, nurturing loved ones, children, etc. I have been advised many times in my life to pay more attention to myself, and to nurture myself. Not feeling  too clear at one time about what that meant (since I had never learned how to nurture myself), I asked...

Taking Inner Inventory: Who Do I Pretend To Be? What Do I Need?

Taking Inner Inventory: Who Do I Pretend To Be? What Do I Need?Ask yourself, "Who do I pretend to be?" Sometimes we become so immersed in who we think we are -- or who others imagine us to be -- that we begin to identify with the mask that we wear as we weave our way through the world, Psychologist Carl Jung called this mask the persona. If we come to believe that we are our mask, then...

From Should to Would: Leaving the World of "Should"

From Should to Would: Answering Your Soul's Call

by Alan Cohen. My eight-year-old neighbor Mark keeps me on my toes. Mark asks lots of questions, which I am sometimes tempted to dismiss as childish. But when I think about them, I usually discover a profound lesson. The other day Mark asked me for a ride to the local grocery store...

Giving All Of Yourself

Giving All Of Yourself

by Alan Cohen. It is not so important how much we give; it is how we give that counts. If you have a lot, but offer a little, you have given little. If you have a little, but give it all, you have given much. Our actions are real not for their outer...

How To Build Self-Esteem by Loving Yourself

How Build Self-Esteem by Loving Yourself

You'll never have good self-esteem if you have negative thoughts about yourself. Self-esteem is merely feeling good about yourself, and when you do so, you develop confidence. Confidence then builds self-esteem -- each step feeds upon the other...

The Ending Doesn't Matter

It is easy to be seduced by the idea that how things turn out is more important than what happens in the process. The real question is not "How did it turn out?" The question is, "What happened to your spirit as you journeyed?"

Keeping Too Busy to Keep Your Soul Intact?

Keeping Too Busy to Keep Your Soul Intact?Most people have some physical symptom that signals them that they are starting to run down their batteries. A sore throat, headache, or hemorrhoid flare-up is the universe's way of alerting you that you are getting stressed.


There are some mornings where I can't seem to get moving. Now, I am not talking of those mornings when I may be physically tired and need the extra sleep. I speak rather of those mornings when I've had enough hours of rest, yet can't seem to get motivated to "rise and shine".

Happiness, Laughter & Riches

The Billionaire Report is out and Bill Gates is it, the richest man in the world. What does it mean to be rich?? How much money is enough?? ...This weekend I was touched by two events, one was the World Laughter Tour in Boca Raton and the other the TV movie about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both made me think... who is the happiest person in the world?

The Sequel's Not Equal

The thing about sequels is that they rarely measure up to the original. Like movies, there are two ways to live a life: hiding out in history, or dancing on the cutting edge. History is safe, but reeks of regularity. The cutting edge seems scary, but it bestows life...

Aversion to Good, Aversion to Evil

Words which contain a reference to good and evil have become degraded, especially those which refer to the good -- not only courage but also effort, patience, love and hope -- are met with cynicism and indifference. Unless we boldly confront cynicism and indifference, we cannot make fundamental and effective responses.

Great and Noble Things

We all want to leave our children a better world than the one we found. The greatest legacy you can bestow is joy, which is a choice you can make right now. If you wait until the world changes to let your light shine, your dream will wither and die. Make your joy conditional on nothing outside you and on everything inside you...

Eagle Speaks

I had arrived at my first powwow. As I sat listening to the drums I couldn't help but wonder... Did I have the strength to align myself with the power of the eagle? The courage necessary to take on the responsibility of becoming so much more than I thought I could be? The integrity to accept a powerful new dimension in my life?

The Loving Present

The present is complete; it has no limitations. When I am in the past projecting images of the future, I am dreaming. In reality there is only the present. You say, "I'm helpless, I can't be in the present. I wish I could." And I say, "Miraculous things happen in the present, when you do not compromise." In the present, whatever you do would be of love.

Getting to Yes

When we do not acknowledge our feelings, we may reactively eat for comfort. Not facing tensions in a relationship can lead to fear of arguments or anger at disagreements. Seeking escape from the discomforts of life may trap us in patterns of...

Emotional Suppression Causes Serious Damage to Bodies, Minds, and Spirits

Emotional Suppression causes Serious Damage to Bodies, Minds, and Spirits

Emotional suppression sometimes serves a useful, even essential purpose. When suffering a severe traumatic injury, for example. Yet while emotional suppression may sometimes serve a useful purpose, inhibiting the free flow of emotional energies over the course of a lifetime causes serious...

Eleven Laws to Set You Free

Eleven Laws to Set You Free

If we want to grow inwardly we must find new ways to learn about ourselves. These higher discoveries call for higher learning. Think of each of the following eleven laws as individual magic strands of a flying carpet. Make it your aim to weave them together in your mind. Then watch how these lessons combine to effortlessly lift you to...

Bashing Down Walls and Flying Freely

Bashing Down Walls and Flying Freely

Sometimes when things don't go the way I want, rather than letting things go their own way, I start pushing and shoving and trying to make things happen. Can you relate to this one? We start insisting on things going our way...

Is Your Sense of Personal Power Limited?

Is Your Sense of Personal Power Limited?

Personal Power comes from within, from a strong and healthy sense of self. Your personal power includes several components: your self-esteem, how good you feel about yourself; your independence, how well you can decide on your own what is right for you to do; and your initiative...

Five Ways to Cope with Stress plus Ten Ways to Relax

How to Cope with Stress with Ten Sure Ways to RelaxStress comes from anxiety, fear, guilt, and pressure. Stress causes headaches, earaches, toothaches, chest pains, palpitations, skin rashes, and butterflies in the stomach. Stress makes us hold our breath or breathe unevenly, gives us indigestion and diarrhea, or causes constipation. Stress leads to...

Practicing the Six Perfections on The Path to Bliss

Practicing the Six Perfections on The Path to BlissThe first among the six perfections is generosity. Generosity is of three types: giving material aid, giving dharma, and protecting from fear. 'Giving dharma' refers to the giving of teachings to other sentient beings out of the pure motivation to benefit them. Giving away one's own possessions without even the slightest touch of miserliness...

How Does Greed Affect Your Life?

How Does Greed Affect Your Life?Consuming too much is the scourge of modern Western culture. Food is not the only thing you may over-consume. Greed causes you to risk everything for the sake of acquisition. This acquisitiveness destroys the health of society and culture as well as your own life.

Slow Down, Stop Rushing, and Celebrate Life

Slow Down, Stop Rushing, and Celebrate LifePeople are in such a rush these days, living on the fast track. Talking fast, eating fast, moving fast. What a difference from thirty years ago. Did you know you'll probably do more in this year with appointments, people to meet, places to go than your grandparents did their entire lives?

Speeding Through Time: How Computers & Impatience Warp Our Sense of Time

How Computers & Impatience Warp Our Sense of TimeWhen I began using computers during the 1970s, I noticed they were influencing me in unexpected ways, especially with regard to my sense of time. In a matter of days I went from marveling at the speed with which the computer could complete bookkeeping tasks I used to labor over, to snarling at the stupid...

On Responsibility and The Path to Self-Awareness

On Responsibility and The Path to Self-AwarenessAs we journey forth on our path to self-awareness, we need to begin to take responsibility for who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. This sounds easy enough, but to accomplish it isn't always that simple.

When Every Single Choice Makes a Difference...

When Every Single Choice Makes a Difference...Every day we make choices. Some seem simple, some seem complex. What will I eat for breakfast? What will I say to this person? How will I react to this situation? Some choices we make without even thinking about it, and sometimes we are simply remaking a choice we made a long time ago.

Creativity Brings Hope: Releasing the Divine Capabilities of Our Species

Creativity Brings Hope: Releasing the Divine Capabilities of Our SpeciesWhere does our hope lie? Where shall we ground ourselves for continuing on and changing our ways radically? Creativity can redeem and save our species. I agree with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés that all women and men are born gifted. All we need to do is release this creativity, get out of its way, as M. C. Richards used to say.

The Art of Believing and Holding On To Our Vision

The Art of Believing and Holding On To Our VisionOftentimes, in our life, we have doubts in the outcome of a situation... whether the doubt has to do with our own capabilities, or someone else's. Yet faith in ourselves is an integral part in succeeding... When we give up believing in ourselves, we give up trying.

What's It All About?

What's It All About?Have we not all asked ourselves this question at one point or another? "What's it all about?"  Since to every question there is an answer, I asked my Inner Self to provide an answer. The answer I heard was "It's all about you!" Well...


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