Deep Listening to Receive Inner Guidance Requires Slowing Down

Deep Listening Requires Slowing Down
Each of us has our own beliefs about receiving spiritual help. I interchange the terms guides and intuition, for they are intimately connected. But whether we attribute the guidance we receive to angels or our own intuitive powers, we cannot hear it if we do not slow down and listen. Listening, really listening, is a holy experience.

Not In Contact With The Inner Compass?

Not In Contact With The Inner Compass?
The shocking truth is that many of us have lost contact with our Inner Compass – with our connection to this Great Universal Intelligence – and so we have lost contact with our own internal guidance system. And because of this, we are not truly in contact with how we really feel about things and so we flounder in our life situations and life becomes a struggle. I know this sounds strange, but it is true nevertheless.

Expanding Your Connection with Nature and the Cosmos

Expanding Your Connection with Nature and the CosmosYour body “knows” connection with nature when you hike, garden, watch the moon rise, or collect stones and shells. Your heart remembers your own and your children’s joy in climbing trees, swimming in creeks, catching polliwogs. Yet you’ve mostly forgotten how to sustain your relations with mountains and trees from day to day.

The Solution Is Just A Stone's Throw Away

The Solution is Just a Stone's Throw AwaySome life situations generate feelings of helplessness or hopelessness and intellectual reasoning is not sufficient for figuring out what to do or what to change. Our patterns of behavior, thoughts and habits often unconsciously block new ideas and attitudes for fear of the unknown. In this case, other approaches are required.

What Is Your True Nature? The Jewel Within

What Is Your True Nature?When we begin to explore the nature of the mind we will inevitably encounter the wild and uncontrollable aspects of our normal, some­what overcrowded, habitual mind. Only with guidance and skillful practice will we begin to recognize that the mind has an undercurrent of clarity and luminosity that is...

What One Sees Without Eyes

What One Sees Without EyesIn order to adapt to the world of the seeing, blind people are obliged to declare themselves unable to see — and, believe me, I know what I’m talking about, for that has happened to me even when I knew very well that it didn’t correspond to reality and was not true.

Seeing Auras Is Normal

Seeing Auras Is NormalSeeing colors is considered normal for sighted people. Yet, to the visually challenged, ordinary colors do not exist. Those who are blind to the auric field also have a disability, for seeing auric colors is as normal as seeing colors through the eyes. We are all born to perceive subtle energies.

We Are All Shamans on a Fascinating Life Journey

We Are All Shamans on a Fascinating Life JourneyI believe, as Ipupiara (an anthropologist, shaman, and healer) said, “We are all shamans. I am no different from or better than you are. Just because I wear feathers on my head, have long hair and a ponytail, wear a strange poncho and colorful clothing, and speak in a funny accent doesn’t make me a more powerful shaman.”

Connecting with the Magic of Your Intuition

Connecting with the Magic of Your IntuitionThe purpose of developing awareness of your intuition is that it helps keep you safe in all ways. When you use your intuition correctly, you will be able to read the unsavory energies of morally bankrupt people’s lies and deceptions. Highly successful people from all over the world have shared over and over how they use their intuition or sixth sense to determine the choices they make.

Embracing New Life: Allowing Your Creative Intuitive Power To Lead and Support You

Embracing New Life: Allowing Your Creative Intuitive Power To Lead and Support YouI invite you to promise yourself that, from this moment forward, you will pursue with power and confidence every dream or desire you have for the future, and that you will trust all the gifts at your disposal. When you master your creative intuitive power and allow it to lead and support you in life, you will never knock on the door of creation as a beggar...

A Gift from Christmas Angels

A Gift from Christmas Angels

I usually made myself crazy with the holidays and had vowed to simplify that year. I had done my best to stick to my promise, and by the Saturday two weeks before Christmas, I felt that I really had a handle on my holiday preparations. Gifts had been...

Testing and Validation

One of my children brought to my attention a TV program that he was watching. On the program, a scientist was testing individuals who had gifts similar to mine. My child said, "Mommy, you need to call that man so you can help him with those studies. "As a mother who believes in the intuitive capabilities of her children, I...

Communicating with Animals

Animals are always trying to get through to us. They are constantly sending us intuitive messages that we aren't aware of. However, in spite of ourselves, some of those messages are getting through. When you think your dog might need some water, and you check and find the bowl is empty, chances are...

The Power of Imagination & The Importance of Honoring It

The Power of Imagination & The Importance of Honoring It

by Robert Moss. When have you said to yourself, "It's only my imagination"? I've said it at a moment of strong intuition — intuition that subsequently proved to be correct — that lacked supporting evidence in the moment. I've also said it when I've had a glimpse of a wonderful future — and then betrayed that vision by diverting my energy to listing all the reasons it cannot be...

Awareness & Intuition

Our physical senses -- hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch -- are powerful receptors, able to retrieve immense amounts of information every second. They send signals through the nervous system to the brain, which then processes and...

From Questions to Insights

From Questions to Insights

by Lynda Dahl and Cathleen Kaelyn. Years ago I was struck by what I recognized as a similar thread woven through many of my friends' psyches. The thread reflected an underlying sadness that life hadn't worked out the way they'd hoped, that there was so much they had to offer that never found the right time or circumstances, that life...

You Already Know

You Already Know by Alan Cohen.

by Alan Cohen. When we need to know a truth, we tend to look outside ourselves for answers, and the last place we look is in our own heart. Meanwhile, all that we could ever need to know abides at the core of our being.

It Ain't Me, Babe!

Someone is talking about this thing called truth, is communicating and demonstrating something about reality. You sit back and watch. If he makes it through your severe testing and, for now, you accept what he offers, then you applaud him, sing his praises, and use him as your argument and protection.

Beyond Cataclysm

I wish to bring you some understanding regarding the changes which are about to occur on the planet Earth, especially with regard to the Earth changes. The Earth must work harder than ever to release her resistance to growth and evolution. Such is the nature of form. It always tends to want to...

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

by Echo Bodine. If you've ever seen John Edward or James Van Praagh on television, you've probably noticed that both of them humbly say that anyone can do what they do. What is rarely mentioned is how it took them both many years of practice to understand and fine-tune their gifts...

Beyond the Brain: The Intelligence of the Heart

Beyond the Brain: The Intelligence of the HeartMost people would rather feel loving and appreciative than resentful and depressed. But often the world around us seems to be spinning out of control. Despite our best intentions, it's hard to maintain our emotional equilibrium when we're confronted every day -- sometimes every hour -- with stressful situations.

Being a Closet-Intuitive: Choosing Between Security & Adventure

Being a Closet-Intuitive: Choosing Between Security & AdventureThere is widespread distrust and fear of our intuitive powers. For one thing, we are taught to be wary of our "fortune-tellers." However, true psychic or intuitive sensitivity is the exact opposite of "fortune-telling." It is our intellect, not our intuitive ability, that looks toward the future. Our intuitive sense, on the other hand, is most profoundly directed into the moment -- into the here and now.

Intuition: The Most Trusted Guide

Intuition: The Most Trusted GuideDeveloping our intuition is not as difficult as it may seem. We all have it and it's always working even without any effort on our part. Our challenge is to recognize its powers and follow its directions. Allowing your intuition to express itself may be as simple as asking who...


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