The Saboteur Archetype Holds The Disowned Aspects of Your Heart

The Saboteur Archetype Holds The Disowned Aspects of Your Heart

Each archetype presents you with important lessons and gifts, and reveals your ability to exercise your power — or lack of it — in many crucial areas of your life. It is important to understand archetypal patterns because they help you delve deeper into your subconscious and unconscious thoughts, your emotions, your energies, and your behaviors.

Every archetype has two components: the shadow and the light. The shadow shows us the parts that are buried deep within, occupy our subconscious mind, and often emerge unexpectedly, in destructive ways. The light aspects show us the opportunities to reach our highest potential and to live from a place of gentleness, integrity, and power.

The Saboteur Archetype

The saboteur can cause you to sabotage opportunities, resist healthy and enriching relationships, close your heart, and lose money. This archetype is linked to your fears of surviving in physical reality. It can plague you with doubts of not being able to pay your bills, fit into society, find the right job, or have the relationship of your dreams.

The saboteur is most fearful of change, especially if that change is going to rearrange your whole reality. However, if you invest in strengthening your soul rather than sabotaging tactics, the saboteur will assist you to become more resilient and courageous.

When you befriend the saboteur, you become acutely aware of its sabotaging tactics and how to minimize them. This gives you an opportunity to take chances and become courageous, daring, creative, and adventurous — without compromising personal responsibility. Your intuition and ability to listen to your heart’s wisdom also greatly increases, and you become aware of the difference between fear, excitement, desire, and true gut instinct.

Embracing the Shadow Saboteur

On the shadow side, the saboteur can guard your heart and push away any people or opportunities that make you joyful. It is a master at making up dramatic stories that have little to do with reality but cause you to doubt your instincts. It urges you to give up or postpone your dreams for fear that you are not good enough and will fail.

Whenever you try to get too close to people, the saboteur will help you to subconsciously create situations that cause conflict and pain, and leave you feeling disappointed, hopeless, or lonely. It can also judge, criticize, and put you down, telling you that you are unworthy of good things. Thus, you may stop trusting the wisdom of your heart without realizing that the saboteur is running the show.

The role of the saboteur is to protect you. What it does not realize is that by trying to shield you from pain, it actually perpetuates it.

Once you confront your saboteur and understand how it is trying to keep you safe, you can develop a healthy relationship with it. Instead of creating pain, it can alert you to wonderful opportunities and lead you toward acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, and joy! It can also show you all the choices that are available to you, help you overcome your fears, and reclaim the courage you need to live your life from a space of love.

Kevin's Story: Opening the Heart

The Saboteur Archetype Holds Aspects of Your Heart That You Have DisownedKevin, in his early forties, had not been in a relationship for five years. Kevin had a very challenging relationship with his mother and saw an aspect of his mother in every woman he met. I asked Kevin to share ten reasons why it could be positive to open his heart to love. Instead, he told me twenty reasons why it would be better to keep his heart closed.

I encouraged Kevin to attend some workshops where we did a lot of intense heart work. He agreed, but showed up late with a runny nose. He told me he almost did not attend, as his body passionately resisted connecting to his heart.

During the heart-opening process, however, he let go of the shield he’d carried around in his heart for many years. By the end of the day, Kevin looked different. He told me that for the first time in years, his heart had opened and he was receptive to someone he could share a loving relationship with.

I saw Kevin for a healing session a few months later. There was a sparkle in his eyes, and he looked lively. There was also an ease about him, which I had never seen. He commenced a relationship with a woman who had also attended some of my workshops. They have been together for many years since and have a beautiful, nurturing relationship.

Process for Working with Your Archetypal Energy

Sit with a straight spine. Take some deep breaths.

Place your hands on your heart. Become aware of the ways you shield and protect your heart.

Imagine that your saboteur aspect stands next to you. It tells you that it is the guardian of your heart: it can either keep your heart closed to people and expansive opportunities, or it can open your heart while still offering the wisdom of experience — so that you do not sabotage further opportunities for growth, love, and happiness. It also holds aspects of your heart that you have disowned. This includes the ability to love, laugh, have fun, and listen to your heart’s wisdom. Allow yourself to take these abilities back.

Imagine a huge, bright, pink energy of love flowing into your heart, cleansing and energizing it. Now, visualize a yellow light of fun and laughter dancing around your chest and making you feel lighter and happier. Be aware of any other images and feelings that come to you.

Say: “Divine Wisdom, allow my healing and transformation to occur with ease, grace, and softness. Help me to receive the wisdom from my archetype, and assist me to befriend it. Allow me to have patience and compassion with myself and others, and to evolve at the right time and in the right pace. Thank you.”

Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times, until you feel lighter.

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