Chi and Sexual Energy: A Path Toward Health, Vitality, and The Divine

Chi and Sexual Energy: A Path Toward Health, Vitality, and The Divine
Energy, like water, is the life-giving sustenance of the earth. Sexual energy is nourishment for the totality of ourselves -- the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is the water of life, replenishing the gardens of the human temple. Working with energy is a pivotal factor in our overall state of happiness.

What Do We Consent To When We Consent To Sex?

What Do We Consent To When We Consent To Sex?Two men regularly meet at a sex club, so that one (‘the top’) can fist the other (‘the bottom’). One night, the fisting duo stay until the club closes. The lights click on in their sobering glory, exposing the prosthetic hand that the top has been inserting into the anus of the bottom.

Feminine Wisdom and Aging: The Positive Role of the Wise Woman and Crone

Feminine Wisdom and Aging: The Positive Role of the Wise Woman and Crone
Times are changing, and for the most part, the word 'crone' is now accurately being used as a synonym for a woman who not only embodies postmenopausal wisdom, but shares it with the world. It is the time when the wisdom and healing of a woman's menopausal journey quickens in her heart, and her desire to share all that she has learned drives her back to the outer world.

Are Midlife Sex Problems More Common Than You Think?

Are Midlife Sex Problems Are More Common Than You Think?

The most common sexual problem is low desire, according to a research study we recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Around 40 per cent of the women we asked, and 30 per cent of men, reported experiencing problems with low desire during the last six months.

How Technology Is Changing Sex

How Technology Is Changing SexAs the TV series Westworld wraps up its second season, the show continues to spark discussion about a potential future that involves lifelike sex robots.

When Sex Roles Get Reversed, Some Females Develop A Penis

A male African jacana bird mounts a female, but who takes the lead in caring for the young?. In many species, the males develop elaborated sexual traits to attract females and dissuade potential rival males through competition.

Is The Point Of Sex To Boost a Woman's Immune System?

Is The Point Of Sex To Boost a Woman's Immune System?Most people think just one sperm is needed to fertilize a woman’s egg and make a healthy pregnancy. However, biologists now believe sexual intercourse is not just a sperm delivery process, but also a kind of biological communication.

Why Child Sex Abuse Doesn't Create Pedophiles

Why Child Sex Abuse Doesn't Create PedophilesA popular misconception is that most child sex offenders were once victims themselves. The theory is based on the erroneous assumption that they’ve become paedophiles – those preferentially sexually attracted to prepubescent children – because of their victimisation.

How Does Internet Porn Affect Romantic Life?

Does Internet Porn Affect Romantic Life?The world of internet pornography is a pervasive and wide reaching technology, growing at a breathtaking rate. It is a $13 billion-a-year industry in the US. Nine out of 10 boys in America are exposed to it before the age of 18, and men are 543% more likely to be users than women.

When Science Meets Sex, Lust, Attraction And Attachment

When Science Meets Sex, Lust, Attraction And AttachmentYou are on holiday with your partner of several years. Your relationship is going pretty well, but you wonder if it could be better. It’s Valentine’s Day and you find a bottle on the beach. You rub it. A love genie appears. He (or she) will grant you three special Valentine wishes. Here are some of your choices:

The Greatest Taboo? What The Bible Says About Incest

The Greatest Taboo? What The Bible Says About IncestIncest sparks strong emotions – and today, in many cultures at least, they are largely negative. But has it always been thus? Or is the taboo peculiar to certain times and places?

Does The G-spot Exist?

Does The G-spot Exist?It is perhaps one of the most controversial debates in sexual function: is there or isn’t there a G-spot? And if there is, how do we find it?

Do Deep Voices Make Guys More Scary Than Sexy?

Do Deep Voices Make Guys More Scary Than Sexy?"Masculine traits in humans are not the same as, say, in peacocks where the beautiful tail attracts a mate," says David Puts. "For example, beards make men more dominant looking, scarier, and seemingly more dangerous, but most women prefer clean-shaven men."

How Long Does Sex Normally Last?

How Long Does Sex Normally Last?The difficult thing is how to measure it, because people will probably over-estimate. If you’re a non-scientist, you might have once asked yourself, propped against the bedhead after disappointingly quick intercourse, how long does sex “normally” last?

Gender Fluidity Is Great — But Only If You're Famous

Gender Fluidity Is Great — But Only If You're FamousFor all that Miley Cyrus’s cropped hair and crotch-clutching and “I don’t relate to being boy or girl” have inspired articles about gender fluidity as the new “in” thing, it’s hard not to see Cyrus’s “trailblazing” as derivative of David Bowie – a true icon in so many ways, not least in his defiant smashing of gender norms.

Researchers Close In On The Mystery Of Why Sex Evolved

Researchers Close In On The Mystery Of Why Sex EvolvedThe reason why, in terms of evolution, organisms have sex may seem rather obvious – they do it to reproduce. Clearly, natural selection must favour individuals who can reproduce over those who can’t. But this is missing the point. For many species there is an alternative: asexual reproduction.

Why Boys Need To Have Conversations About Emotional Intimacy

What parents don’t know about teenage boys. Davidlohr Bueso, CC BYAmerican classrooms do not talk frankly about teenage love or emotional intimacy. Last month, Tom Porton, an award-winning, veteran Bronx high school teacher, handed in his resignation after colliding with the school’s principal.

Is Cheating More Society's Problem Than An Affair Of The Heart

Is Cheating Is More Society's Problem Than An Affair Of The HeartWhen it comes to love, cheating and divorce, matters are never just of the heart. In a bid to understand the love lives of humans, scientists have turned to the romantic relations of birds since the family life of many birds is reminiscent of those exhibited by humans.

What Does The Male Gaze Mean, And What About A Female Gaze?

What Does The Male Gaze Mean, And What About A Female Gaze?The “gaze” is a term that describes how viewers engage with visual media. Originating in film theory and criticism in the 1970s, the gaze refers to how we look at visual representations. These include advertisements, television programs and cinema.

The All-in-one Solution To Sexual Health Is On Its Way

The All-in-one Solution To Sexual Health Is On Its WayThe current sexual and reproductive prevention methods have significantly improved the health and well-being of women and their families. But this is not enough. Worldwide each year there are still 85 million unplanned pregnancies, 21.6 million unsafe abortions, and nearly 300 000 maternal deaths from complications related to pregnancy and birth.

Some Thoughts On The Female Orgasm For 2015

Some Thoughts On The Female Orgasm For 2015Without the perennially interesting problem of the female orgasm, it sometimes seems that the oddly sex-segregated world of men’s and women’s magazines would run out of content.

The Truth About Sexuality In Ancient Greece

The Truth About Sex In Ancient GreeceA new exhibition at the British Museum promises to lift the lid on what beauty meant for the ancient Greeks. But while we gaze at the serene marble statues on display – straining male torsos and soft female flesh – are we seeing what the ancients saw?

Does ‘Hotness’ Depend on Group Opinion?

It’s often thought that we are hardwired by eons of natural selection to be attracted to particular physical traits; that preference is thought to guide a search for healthy mates to help us produce healthy offspring. But the study by Yang and Leonard Lee of the National University of Singapore challenges the notion that our inborn ideas of physical attractiveness are immutable.

Sexual Energy in Seduction: Red Lights, Green Lights

Sexual Energy in Seduction: Red Lights, Green Lights

There is a reason why some people choose to dress or groom themselves in ways that are not provocative. Certain ways of dressing, as well as certain uses of things such as makeup, scents, and jewelry, often elicit exchanges of sexual energy. If we go through the day projecting our sexual energy onto others...

From Repression to Transcendence: Is There Life After Sex?

From Repression to Transcendence: Is There Life After Sex?

You exist as a sexual being. Once you accept it, the conflict that has been created down through the centuries dissolves. Once you accept it deeply, with no ideas in between, when sex is thought of as simply natural, you live it. Sex is transcended not by any effort on your part. If you make any effort, that will be repressive...

Making Love to a Woman: The Joy of Giving Pleasure

Making Love to a Woman: The Joy of Giving Pleasure

Many men admit that the physical act of sex helps them to open their hearts to connect with their partners. Whereas many women need heart connection first so they can be open to sex. Many couples, therefore, are truly stuck. He wants sex in order to feel love. She wants love in order to enjoy sex.

The Road To Sexual Ecstasy: Awaken The Lover Within

The Road To Sexual Ecstasy: Awaken The Lover Within

by Margo Anand. In launching yourself into this adventure, your first question is likely to be "Where do I begin?" Many of my clients, when they come to work with me, assume that the answer is, "by finding the right partner". They believe that...

Sexual Energy Taoist Perspective

Sexual energy is nourishment for the totality of ourselves — the body, the mind, and the spirit. Sexual imbalances can cloud the mind with distorted thoughts and skewed desires, but a balanced sexuality can be the source of creativity and a way of fulfilling our dreams. It is also the energy that can create spiritual fulfillment, as it is a force that unifies and creates wholeness out of opposites.

Sex After Sixty

If you don't believe that there is sex after sixty, even seventy and eighty, just read the medical books. They will tell you that, yes, there is; perhaps a tiny bit less often, a smidgen less hot, but it will be there for both of you, all of us, forever, so to speak. Unfortunately, these books were written by people in their thirties and forties fantasizing about their own futures.

What is the Tantric Practice of Maithuna?

Maithuna is a ritual of transformation, and although it is expected to generate pleasure, the pleasure must not be of the ego -- when the man and woman embrace, they do so not as themselves, but as male and female deities. Maithuna may incorporate meditation, yogic postures, mantras, yantras

Tantric Healing

Tantric practices address us on the physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels. There are aspects of Tantra that speak to qualities found on each of these levels. In our study of the tantric texts, we have found that extrapolation from Tantra's healing aspects can be useful as a therapy for what we might refer to as psychosexual wounds.

Oneness & Tantra

Tantra is well regarded within the yoga tradition as the fastest path to enlightenment. Eastern legend holds that an average human soul takes 100,000 lifetimes to achieve enlightenment, but that with tantra, any person truly committed to this path can gain enlightenment in as little as one lifetime. I soon discovered why this is true.

HIV & STD Bill of Rights

While this article was written with teenagers in mind, the suggestions and information it contains are valid for adults as well. Bill of Rights: * Your body is yours to respect and protect. * You have the right to say "no" to anything that is not safe for you...


My first post-marital relationship was a sexual turning point. Blake was an exciting man. At the time we met, I'd been off alcohol for three years, so we were both completely drug free. We started mainlining sex. I intended to explore sex passionately and in depth without the interference of church or state.

Viagra: Is It Safe?

In order to be able to make an informed decision on whether or not Viagra is the way you want to treat your erectile dysfunction, you need to have a full understanding of what Viagra -- officially known as sildenafil -- is, and of how it works. It may surprise you to learn that the medication wasn't even originally intended to treat erectile dysfunction.

Complete Union

When a woman and man join, while the five senses are engaging in intense sensations, the minds of the two people are merging with all of their desires, aversions and thoughts. More important and more binding, the souls of the individuals are uniting, bringing together all of their hopes, dreams, sorrows; past, present and future.

A New Sexual Paradigm

Western sexology says that you are a physical body and orgasm is an operational definition that can be measured.

Attraction & Aesthetics

What and who we find attractive is highly fluid -- we are all friends with at least one person whom we did not like when we first met them. In the same way that first impressions about people can be completely wrong, our feelings of attraction are sometimes unreliable.

Beauty & Poetry of Sex

Though many of us desire meaningful, intimate connection with a lover, most of the sexual images we are exposed to condition us to be aroused to sex without love. For each of us, our concept of sexual love has been shaped over many years by the sexual images permitted and promoted in our culture.

Before & After: Foreplay and Afterplay

Everything that is sexually stimulating is part of foreplay and effectively harmonizes the physical and subtle natures of the couple. Love-play should always be undertaken with an earnest desire for the other's absolute fulfillment rather than for selfish gratification. Foreplay should be mutual to create total harmonization of mood and bodily elements.

Bisexuality or Homosexuality

Your soul has no gender. Each soul has varying percentages of male (focused) and female (creative) energy, but everyone has both male and female energies, and each soul can relate energetically to any other. The soul in this sense is bisexual -- it can take either side in a creative act. This flexibility is the natural state of the universe.

The Candy Stripe Buses

Lorenzo Milam, disabled for over forty years, discusses how when people become disabled they put sex on the self and the need for proper sexual health.

Clothing Is Optional

Nude recreation is becoming increasingly popular almost everywhere worldwide. It is time to dispel existing myths about their way of life in order to increase understanding about this philosophy.

Enhance Your Sex Life - for a healthier prostate -

Good health and a healthy prostate depend on a regular, happy sex life. There is no magic number that guarantees good health, but simply having sex is not enough. Ideally, sex is more than a physical act  it is a loving union with your partner.

Facing The Real Taboo: Love & Sex

No one alive knows what "natural" sex is for Humans. We have been too "civilized" (domesticated). We think that our own sexual preferences and habits are enlightened...

Am I Really Different?

'Does this mean I'm really a lesbian?' the woman whispered in a cracked voice. She looked around nervously, afraid that someone would hear, or worse yet, confirm the ominous truth that lay naked in her question. She had just revealed her deepest fear and curiosity to 200 people...

Freeing the Female Orgasm

Women's capacity for orgasm seems almost limitless. Why is it then that many women are frustrated rather than satisfied? Why is it that for so many loving couples, the female orgasm remains an elusive dream; one in which she's perhaps become resigned to sex that's..

Herbs to Improve Your Sex Life

How do herbs help with sex? The term "aphrodisiac" probably comes to mind right away. An aphrodisiac is anything that provokes sexual interest or desire. And it's true -- many herbs can enhance sexual desire. But when it comes to sex, herbs can do more than that.

Genital Herpes

Your sexual health and attitude are determined by multiple influences -- your parents, friends, teachers and your environment and culture -- but the most important influence is you. Most of the time we do not question the way we behave. Our actions reflect habits of thought and established beliefs about ourselves and others.

Importance of Sex

by Arthur Lytle, Ph.D. >Sexual intercourse can be a very creative act. On a temporary basis, some satisfaction can be had with almost any other human sexual partner, but only temporarily. There is always that constant urge and desire to seek that greater fulfillment . . . the ultimate.>

Infant Sexuality

by Rhonda Levand. Everything that happened to us in our infancy, every touch received, every reaction we felt to our sexuality, is remembered in our subconscious minds. We have stored these memories of our first touch, bonding with our mothers and fathers, feeding, toilet training, holding, and nurturing, to be triggered...

Intimacy, Growth, and Tantra

by Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D. Tantric practices are indications of a certain direction for intimacy and growth. They are not just instructions to be enacted or another set of erotic conventions to be performed and perfected.

Creating a Love Ceremony

by Diana De Luca. It is important to take time out of the ordinary, everyday routine to create a nurturing, sensual space. As we open our hearts and honor our sexuality, we are nourished and healed on a deep level. Give yourself permission to...

The Lover's Touch

by Diana Daffner. I would like you to touch me as if you were going away tomorrow, far far away, and you wanted to remember the feel of my body, the texture of my skin, the hills and valleys that make up the landscape of who I am. I would like you to touch me as if you were blind, knowing that you love me...

Make Peace with your Sexuality

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. Sexuality is a beautiful expression of love. It is an intimate, sacred communion between two people. When experienced with an open heart, it can transcend the limitation of physical reality and allow one to soar into the octaves of ecstasy, wonder and awe; it can...

Making Love To God

by Joyce & Barry Vissell. Most people have a difficult time with their sexual lives. However, those traveling the spiritual path can develop unique problems in handling sexual energy. Some of us assume we no longer have sexual desire -- that we've outgrown it. Some of us feel hopelessly trapped..

Menopause & Crone Sexuality

There are powerful landmarks that profoundly influence women's lives. They function as psychological gateways to the change in consciousness required by each new stage. Emotions women feel, the psychological meaning they attach to the events, and transformational experiences of each stage are outgrowths of the physical timing inherent in the female body.

Normalizing Sacred Sexuality

by anonymous. How can we normalize sexuality, taking it from scared to sacred? We undertake an individual journey into our Soul, the heroic journey referred to by mythologist, Joseph Campbell. This journey leads us to explore the fearful places where our shadow dwells, the places that we have denied for most of our lives.

Opening Up To Sex

Sex, the most fearful and fascinating, the most guilt ridden and ecstatic of arts, is a subject we do not discuss easily. Most of us have spent many years avoiding sex talk due to our shame, guilt, and fear programming. In order to share Sacred Sexuality, you must have the courage to communicate your innermost feelings, letting your partner know what you like and dislike.

Parents, Sex & Intimacy

by Rhonda Levand.

Our parents had a more profound influence on us than anyone else. What they communicated to us verbally, by their actions, or what they didn't tell us about sex, affects our sexuality. Since we probably lived between sixteen and twenty years with our parents, and what they did...

The Passionate Partnership

by Charles & Caroline Muir. We believe that as much care, thoughtfulness, and attention should be paid to a relationship as to a career, a family, or a cause. Unfortunately, this is not a popular concept. More popular, but less realistic, is the theory that love, having visited itself upon us, is here to stay; that a relationship, once established, will operate on automatic, will be self-sustaining...

Recycling Sexual Energy

by David & Ellen Ramsdale. When something is recycled, it is returned to its source. The wheel, or cycle, is turned back to the beginning of its circular path. There is some evidence that in human beings the sexual energy cycle has two stages. The first stage begins in the brain, at the pituitary and pineal glands, and ends in the sex glands. The second stage...

Sensual Ceremonies

A sensual ceremony is a special gift. It is a physical sharing warmth and caring, an expression of tenderness. Giving this gift of pleasure, we invite another to be guided into the inner garden. Here are a few ideas to help you raise the level of sensuousness in your sex life. 

Sex And Religion: Gnostic Taboos

by Morton & Barbara Kelsey.

 What is the source of our fear of talking about sexuality and sexual conduct? Why is the subject so delicate and forbidding for adults that they are uncomfortable discussing it with children? We believe the heresy of gnosticism that has permeated many of the sexual attitudes of the Christian Church is responsible for a great deal of the sexual negativity and unwholesomeness of our culture.

Sex & Self Esteem

The pendulum has been swinging from the days of save yourself for marriage, to the pill, free love, open marriage, STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) and safe sex. And the pendulum is still in motion. We talk about the sexual revolution. There have been and will be many sexual revolutions until we...

Sex Roles and the Family

by Gerald Fishkin. Individual and family problems often go hand in hand. The stressed-out family member is likely to act out his or her tensions in the family setting, putting additional pressure on others in the family. Many parents, for example, react to their stressful situation by becoming more...

Sex & Rejuvenation Taoist Style

When the machinery of rejuvenation is activated through the practice of Taoist sexology, aging can be prevented. The age-old search for the fountain of youth may end here, for Taoists believe that immortality can be attained by transforming the physical body through continuous rejuvenation.

Sex You Up!

Sex You Up! Sex is more than just fun, it's profoundly important in maintaining physical and emotional well-being Science has uncovered several ways in which regular sexual activity confers health benefits. - InnerSelf Magazine

Sexual Healings

by Miss Desmond Clark.

Do you know how to tie your shoe? I hope so. Now, do you remember who taught you how? Whether it was your Mom or Dad is unimportant... but do you remember? We all have memories that we can recall but I have noticed that many of us do not remember the little obscure incidents that helped form our personality and our behavior. Can you remember who said you were not good enough... and you accepted that?

Attitude & Sexual Health

by Dr Jenny McCloskey. Your sexual health and attitude are determined by multiple influences -- your parents, friends, teachers and your environment and culture -- but the most important influence is you. Most of the time we do not question the way we behave. Our actions reflect habits of thought and established beliefs about ourselves and others.

The Sexual Surrogate

In modern Western societies the messages about sex are extremely contradictory and confusing. We have no traditional rites of passage nor meaningful ceremonies to initiate young people into informed adult sexuality. I hoped that my work might establish standards that could help people of all ages have less confusion about sex and intimate relationships.

Sexuality & Spirituality

Sexual energy is instrumental to the Ageless Body. It is by virtue of the hormones and their master glands connected to sexual function that the body stays in a perpetual state of "juicy" youth.

Soul-Mate Connection

Many beings are yearning for relationships and most of those that are in relationships on earth are quite unsatisfied. It is a reflection of the imbalance of the earth. Now the time has come for the balance of power to shift. It has already begun, and it shall continue until the balance of power...

Speak To Me Of Love - Not Bills

by Sherry Lehman, M.A. Foreplay is a 24 hour a day affair for most women, in that it is everything that happens between partners during the day. For a woman, foreplay begins when the couple awakens in the morning. From that moment on, everything her partner says and everything her partner does affects how she will feel sexually...

7 Tantric Keys of Awakening

These seven Tantric keys can open us up to our essential selves and unleash in us that abundant, joyous energy -- Every Day Ecstasy -- that allows us to be all that we can be as human beings with our partners and our children and in our work, our community, and the world.

Tantric Sex

Thousands of years ago, people had achieved a high degree of awareness and an all chemical formula for converting what we know as sex energy-called by many names, such as Vital Force, Elan Vital, Soul, Chi, etc.-into a state of divinity. Their spiritual philosophy held sexuality as a divine rite...

Transforming Sexual Energy

To be a Taoist is to experience life as a harmonious flow of life energy. In the traditional Taoist terms, this flow in humans is from breath to sex essence to spirit. It flows both visibly and invisibly, in a never-ending cycle. Regardless of your attitude toward life...

Why We Resist Sexual Pleasure

It doesn't have to be as obvious as a clutch back from the brink of nirvana to show you that you're afraid to surrender to sex. Perhaps just as you're getting really turned on, you suddenly flash on something you ...

Women & Sex: Viewpoint of The Church

Women and sex have been the two targets of the Christian Church for centuries. In early times, especially in Hellenic Greece, women had certain rights: divorce, contraception, ownership of property. By contrast the Church, right down through the ages, has persistently railed against woman, calling her evil, debased, and the originator of sin.

Accepting Homosexuality: From Shame to Acceptance

Accepting Homosexuality: From Shame to Acceptance

I feel that now is the time to take a completely different look at Homosexuality! With modern science suspecting the causes of same-sex orientation to be genetic, it is time to dispel the myths of choice. When people are born a certain way through no choice of their own -- such as race, or looks, or handicaps -- should they be penalized by society? Is that fair?... I think not.

An Ideal Partner: The Search Is On

Millions will be looking for the "love of their lives" until they die. They will look, and never realize that real love might already have found them. Being loved means owning up to the responsibility of being loved, which is -- in the long run -- more difficult than asking for (or looking for) love.

Realizing Your Intentions

 Many men feel that their lives are ones of unrealized intentions. They wanted deeper friendships, but could never work them out, either. They wanted to be more open with their families, but could not even imagine how to do this. The only thing they could imagine were the brutal consequences of being open...


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