Allies in the Spirit World

Everybody on this planet has a spiritual support team. This group is our backup in the game of life. We come into the world with this team, and build on it through our spiritual practices and experiences.

Thinking: Good or Bad?

When most of us are introduced to the practice of meditation and mindfulness, usually our opinion is that thinking is bad. After all, we reason, our thinking and ideas have become a layer between the present moment and ourselves. Our mind has convinced us that we are isolated. At least, that is how we often perceive the situation.

Steps to Inner Healing

There is a three-step process of inner healing that I have found to be very helpful in my life. Although it is a simple process, it can be powerful. Although those three steps are simple in theory, they are not always easy to practice. However, I find that they can produce very tangible results.

Clearing the Ties that Bind

When I began to study Huna in 1982, the first subject we dealt with was forgiveness, for good reason: it cleared the way for a larger current of energy to flow through us. It takes effort to hold on to old guilt, grief, and pain, just as grudges and gripes contribute to stress. Forgiveness is releasing rather than accepting. It frees up energy that has been holding stressful...,

Question? Exclamation!

We are aware that we suffer from optical delusions, but we still suffer, nonetheless. We can see that there has been a breakdown somewhere along the way, but by what practical means are we going to heal ourselves?

I Didnt Know About Death

We have not done well with dying. We have denied its reality and considered it an end to life that should be avoided at all costs. We tell our children that Grandma died and went to a beautiful place called Heaven, and then we quit saying her name. Instead of seeing death as the next stage of life and exploring the possibilities of such a belief, we choose to let fear keep us ignorant.

Contacting Your Wise Being

There are many ways we can learn to tap into the wisdom within us. One way is to allow yourself to make contact with an image of a very wise being who is your adviser, your spirit guide, your helper, your counselor, your guardian angel, whatever you want it to be...

Meditating 101: Simple, Quick, Easy

Meditating 101: Simple, Quick, Easy

by Sandy Goodman. I am probably the last person that should be saying how, when, and where to meditate. I have set a goal of daily meditation at least a hundred times, and I haven't succeeded for more than three consecutive days. It isn't a matter of not liking to meditate. I do..

Am I Being Inspired?

Many times we'll feel that we have 'received' something -- a prompting, a nudge, an idea. However, we're not sure if it's inspired by God's wisdom, or if it's coming from our own personal thoughts. How do we tell the difference? From the discussions I've had with people, there seem to be a vast number of discernment techniques. Some people, for example, feel a "happy glow" around one choice, and...

Nourishing the Sunrise of Peace

The primary directive given is to pave the way for the re-emergence of the Christ. Yes, love your brother. Yes, live in harmony with nature. But first and foremost, pave the way for the best within each one to shine outward. In other words 'Heal your mind'. But how? By losing it. Forgetting it. By simply letting it erode. But if I let my mind erode, I won't have anything left. Just low-lying flatlands, right?

A Body of Thought

I was very close to my father, and very upset when he died. A few days after his death, I turned over in my bed, supposedly still in mid-dream, when a shadowy form appeared. He, for I assumed the figure to be such, was similar to those dark depictions of the spirit...


Confronting Forgiveness

My mind is racing -- I'm unsettled. At times my mind's stillness is as elusive as the blur of hummingbird wings. Aurora's voice echoes in my head, "Focus, try to focus." I hear him, but instantly my mind returns to scanning my precious past events. Now Aurora is even more emphatic: "One way to focus is to open up and radiate pure love -- of course, this is attempted only after you have affirmed your intentions."

Denvers Goodbye

"Looks like this tree could use some water." I looked over at my neighbor, standing 30 feet away, beside the cypress tree my former boyfriend, Denver, had planted the previous spring. His words echoed and rolled slowly across the lawn that divided us. My hands tingled, and I clasped them together to keep them from shaking...

A Ghost of a Chance

"Is she going to make it?" I asked, throwing my arms around my grandfather's stooped shoulders, enfolding him in a tight embrace. My grandmother was dying of cancer. What does one ask in such a dismal situation? Oma and I had often talked about spiritual ideas. She firmly believed we all have souls...

Grandmother's Angels

A testimonial of undying love and the presence of life after death... Curiously, my study of metaphysics did not really begin in earnest until the day of my Grandmother's death, when I became convinced that life did, in fact, continue after "death".

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

by Del Kyger. Since childhood, Mildred "Billie" Steves has felt the loving presence of God. So when Billie began to receive communications from God following her morning meditations, she was quite at ease and did not see these events as out of the ordinary...


Thank you, infinite goodness, for your bounteous gifts, including peace, love, freedom and joy, health, energy, and abundance which liberally surge through me and to me each time I live fully in the here-and-now with you, and let go of all my perceived pain from people and circumstances in my past, and all my behaviors and habits born of ignorance and fear.

Stargazer Lilies

At the time, I was totally unprepared for the dramatic and extraordinary events that would unfold over the next 21 days. I would see and learn of a few more of the mysteries of the universe. I would get a glimpse of the phenomenal wonders and magic of life, physical death, life after death, and the transition that takes place during this period.

Spirit Watching Over Me

One day, I asked my dad if he would be there when God called me home, and he promised he would. He told me he would be watching over me. One evening, many years later, Mom called and said that Dad had just died. It was the first time I had lost anyone close to me. I was devastated! I don't believe anyone is ever prepared for...

What is God: A God Beyond Words

And on the eighth day, man created God. Who else but man would donate only a mere three letters of the alphabet to the power behind the universe? Three letters do not bear much weight in light of a God who is attributed with creating a world, saving its people, and providing a life everlasting. Many would profess to say that God in fact is not the name they would use at all to depict their own conception of a higher being. Nature, the Great Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, Jesus Christ, no Christ, the earth, so many names...

A Guide Named Joe

Like many people on their spiritual path, it was some time before my spirit guide revealed his name to me. I must admit I thought it rather curious when he told me his name was Joe. I asked if he were an angelic being, or perhaps a saint, but he said I could just address him as Joe. Being a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kind of a person myself, I reasoned that was the type of guide I would attract. As you may have noticed, many metaphysical people tend to ask one another...

Death and Dying

After living sixty or sixty-five years people tend to move around a lot. Many buy and use house trailers and motor homes, enduring cramped conditions to seek new horizons. Still others devise various forms of travel to see the world or the country 'while still young enough to enjoy it.' Many, if not most, hike, walk, swim, jog, cycle, climb, swing golf clubs or tennis racquets or fly rods. The shared desire seems to be to achieve a state of almost perpetual motion. Action symbolizes life. Death is such a very long stillness. There seems to be a grim universal blind hope that it will be harder for the death dart to hit a moving target.

The Healing Power of Allowing Jesus to be Real

The Healing Power of Allowing Jesus to be RealOne night many years ago when I was struggling with my spiritual journey -- still a Catholic priest but not at all certain I would remain one -- I realized that I had grown weary of the dryness of conventional prayer. Following that approach, I usually did all the talking but felt little sense of genuine communion. There must be a better way, I thought, and then I just let go and sat still...

The Direct Path

Why we are here? Who and what are we really?. The great mystical traditions are astonishingly united in their answers to these questions; they each claim, in different ways, that we are essentially sparks of Divine Consciousness, emanated by the Divine out of itself, and placed here in this dimension to travel back to conscious union with the Godhead.

God at the Edge

Reality can be messy, and it can frequently force us to reduce our expectations and rein in our hopes. Not everyone can find spiritual fulfillment in a place that feels inviting and safe. There is a long history of people discovering God in unexpected, unusual, sometimes even uncomfortable contexts.

What Is Enlightenment

What is enlightenment? How can I experience it? What books should I read? What is transcendence? What is this nirvana? What is enlightenment? Where does Self-inquiry lead? What is the purpose of religion?

Esotericism What Is It

Esotericism as a way of life is an art. It is the art of living from the inner reaches of one's being. As art it is based on sensitive, intuitive perception, open to inspiration. And as true art it is a creative way of being, expressive of true universality. But it is also a science -- a science of the soul of things..

Experiencing God

One of our most ingrained belief systems, and one that evokes the most fear whenever challenged, is our religious beliefs. Conflict will surely arise every time anyone challenges our programming regarding religion. In the beginning, I was told what to believe about God, salvation, and eternity, by people I trusted...

False Worship

"In the name of God" we have created more atrocities than any one person or group could ever think up. In truth, all of it has been in the name of idolatry, not God. Please ask yourself, why are we worshiping a god of fear? Of vengeance? Where is the God of love, the One who lovingly put us here?

How Does One Find God?

The Judeo-Christian tradition has conditioned many to believe that God exists... in some remote far away region. This negates the idea of an indwelling God. Your spiritual hunger -- your search for God -- is the desire to become holy, wholly unified in mind, body, and spirit.

A Spiritual Life Game

Many people don't think about their spiritual lives until they're faced with a crisis such as a life-threatening illness. Then they decide to embark on spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer. Are you ready to turn "later" and "someday" into "now" when it comes to attending to your spiritual life?

Is Your God Real and Useful

God has managed the amazing feat of being worshiped and invisible at the same time. Millions of people would describe him as a white-bearded father figure sitting on a throne in the sky, but none could claim to be an eyewitness...

The Golden Brotherhood of Light

On November 28, 1989, I was enjoying my early morning walk at dawn in a state of gentle meditatory delight when suddenly an awareness broke in upon my consciousness. I stopped to examine it more clearly, and I seemed to look out upon the earth from a new perspective. I "saw" a golden light presence engloving (fitting like a glove) the earth. I asked within, to whoever was revealing this, "What is this?"

High Holydays

by Rabbi Shoni Labowitz.

Prayers of this season encourage a reconsideration of our lives, as well as a time for recharging our passion and reconnecting with our spiritual roots. The High Holydays are meant to be celebrated in solitude as well as in a supportive community of kindred spirits.

Interfaith in the 20th Century

Interfaith in the 20th Century

by Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke. Over one hundred years ago, Charles Bonney, who presided at the World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago, ended his closing address like this: "Henceforth the religions of the world will make war, not on each other, but on the giant evils that afflict mankind." Sadly...

Finding The Master Within

There comes a time in an individual's spiritual evolution when every seeker/person on a spiritual or philosophical quest, must come to the realization that all higher knowledge, higher truth, and all higher wisdom can only be revealed through their own being.

One God, Many Religions

There cannot be a Supreme God for each different part of the world. Thus, we must realize and accept that there is only one God, one Truth, and many religions. No religion has the exclusivity of God or Truth, for all were created by men inspired by the same and only God...

The Body Cannot Die

At one point the Course In Miracles says: At no single instant does the body exist at all. (T:362; T-18. VIII. 3:1.) On the surface of things, this sentence does not seem to make sense, for if there is one thing that seems obvious it is our bodies. Let me suggest an analogy that may be helpful...

Thoughts From The I AM

The instant we release self-judgment we are incapable of judging anyone else. We can only judge ourselves if we have not accepted ourselves unconditionally. The cause of judgment is lack of self-love and to surrender judgment, you must release fear. Every experience is an equally valid expression of life and as such we cannot judge it. True, justice is the allowance of all that is.

Time To Change Gods

I've heard people say that they learned the truth of health and wholeness by being sick, the reality of abundance by suffering lack, the beauty of harmonious relationships by witnessing first hand the ugliness of discord. If that's the game plan they have chosen, fine, but doesn't it remind you of the old joke about someone who hit himself on the head with a hammer so it would feel good when he stopped? Many of us...

Unveiling The Christ Within

Our real existence is as Spirit, and only in the degree that we perceive our real existence as Spirit, do we drop the false sense of life as material. Then we see that the structural life of man, animal, and plant is but the false sense of existence; that our concern for the so-called necessities of material living has been unnecessary...

Do Walk Ins Exist

Souls don't represent all that is pure and good about a body or they wouldn't be incarnating for personal development. Souls come to Earth to work on their own shortcomings.. In terms of self-discovery, a soul may choose to act in conjunction with, or in opposition to, its own character in the selection of a human body. As an example...

You Are The Living Christ

Scriptures common to Christian, Muslim, and Jew specify that both the male and female are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). We have not really absorbed that truth until we become able to name the Holy One in ways that can also appropriately name ourselves: God-She, Mother, Great Woman, as well as God-He, Father, and Lord.

Freedom Through Self Awareness

by David Montini.

The fear was so intense that he could feel his heart beating in his throat. Moments before he had been enjoying the company of his two older female cousins (16 and 18 years old). It had become a normal Sunday practice to play with them after escaping from visiting next door with the adults. They were engaged in their weekly naughty behavior of playing poker, sipping wine, and smoking his aunt's non-filtered cigarettes.

A Fathers Day Wish

I never gave much importance to my father's death and its effect on my life. I tucked it away under the category something unfortunate that happened when you were a kid. It felt as though I put all those unexpressed feelings, words and emotions into a little invisible jar and screwed the cap on tightly. My mind must have known...

Grieving Why Men and Women Handle It Differently

Grieving is not something done to us, but rather something we do. Thus, grief demands a response from us, one other than resignation. An active process specifies choices and presumes change. More than anything, the process of grief is about transformation.

I Am a Faithful Agnostic

A paradox is a statement that seems to say opposite things: 'She was strong because of her weakness.' Life is full of paradoxes. Sometimes when I am asked what my theological position is, I often -- and paradoxically -- call myself a faithful agnostic. I say it quite seriously, though I enjoy the consternation it sometimes produces. The agnostic does not know whether God exists...

Calling Great Spirit

I walk with the Great Spirit, with God. I talk to Him. The Great Spirit guides me in my life. Wakan-Tanka, that's what we call him in Lakota. You can call Wakan-Tanka by any name you like. In English I call Him God or the Great Spirit. So call Wakan-Tanka whatever you like. Just be sure to call Him. He wants to talk to you.

Becoming a Living Soul

 I was born in 1960 and my formative years were spent worrying about the Vietnam War, race riots, and the nuclear threat. My earliest memory is John F. Kennedy's assassination. Sadly, my daughter was about the same age on September 11, 2001 as I was on the day JFK died. Will she be haunted by the continuous Technicolor loop of doom and destruction...

Developing the Compassionate Heart

Certainly there are injustices to be named in this world, and hate-filled situations to be changed, and inequities to be remedied. There is appropriate treatment to be demanded, without prejudice or fear. But can we do these things without destroying ourselves through anger?

Keys to Meditation Success

How long should you meditate? The first rule is, Don't be ruled by what others do. What works well for them may not work for you. Accept that in certain ways you are unique. Intensity of effort is far more important than the time spent in meditation. Never meditate to the point of mental fatigue, strain, or boredom...

How Do You Breathe?

Our breath determines the state of our bodies and our minds. It is even more vital for our well being than food. The way we breathe determines how healthy and balanced we are. Once we know how to progressively improve the way we breathe, we can harness an incredible and powerful life force and ensure a healthy chi flow within the body. This, in turn, will affect the way we feel, giving us full authority over the state of our minds, our hearts, and even our bodies.

Expressing Love and Compassion

As you practice these exercises, simple gifts of faith, charity, patience, gentleness, and kindness will fill your life. A new understanding of the needs and concerns of others will develop and your heart will be filled with spontaneous feelings of generosity, love, and compassion.

I Listened, and Learned

My mother, my great encourager and supporter, listened patiently as I read her the last chapter of this book, and she did what every daughter prays for at such a moment. She cried and then looked at me with an expression of such admiration and pride. As my mother gave me this gift, she asked a question that would give me one more...

Anxious & Bored in Meditation?

Whether you encounter persistent drowsiness or any other obstacle to meditation, if you are not ready to meditate just now, ask yourself, Why not? Is there something you are avoiding in your daily life, some relationship left unresolved? Ironically, as you look into this very question, you are...

The Sacred Vow

We, meaning you and I, as Awakening Light Beings, have taken vows within the Heart of our Father-Mother God. We made a commitment to be the Heart, Head, and Hands of God on Earth. We promised to be the clearest instruments of God's Light we are capable of being, and we vowed to be "the Open Door that no one can shut."

Grief -- How to Hang On and How to Let Go

Grief is a bittersweet emotion. Even though it hurts we subconsciously long for the grief to continue. We are willing to put up with the pain if we can still have the remnants, at least, of a loved one who now exists only in memory. We want the connection without the pain, but the two coexist.

Love is the Key

An unfeeling heart has even been admired by many, as evidence of a "scientific outlook". The truth is that without love no one can penetrate deeply into the heart of things. For while emotions can cloud the mind, calm pure love clarifies it, and makes possible the subtlest intuitions.

Discovering Sense Ability

by Doris Wild Helmering. Sense ability is the skill to observe your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior. It also makes you aware of others and provides real-time feedback as to how your feelings and behavior affect others -- inhibiting or inviting closeness, empathy, tolerance, emotional intimacy, interconnectedness, and oneness.

Bigger Than Hope

by Alan Cohen. Real spirituality is beyond hope. Hope means there is a chance things may turn out as we wish, and if we are lucky we may get what we want. Inner knowing, on the other hand, proceeds from the awareness that...

Life's Seasons & Cycles

Life's Seasons & Cycles by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell. Summer has gone... and Winter will be arriving... yet Spring will return. The seasons pass in nature, as in our own lives. The winter of doubt and fear does pass away as we become aware that there is no one to blame for the dark times we went through -- not even ourselves. These are simply the processes of life, the changing seasons as it were.

Being Present using Sound

You can use random sounds (such as sirens, the neighbor's lawn mower, etc.) as reminders to return to the present moment. This technique encourages us to transcend our mood.

Angel Visions: How, What, Why, and Where

Perhaps you have seen an angel and didn't know it.?Some people actually see angels, complete with wings. Other people experience angels as an apparition of a deceased loved one. Angel visions also involve meetings with helpful strangers, who intervene or deliver a message... and then vanish without a trace.

Angels How to Connect with Them

People all over the world are having angel experiences. No matter where an angel message is received, or the culture or religion of the one who receives it, the messages are similar. Angels love, teach, comfort, encourage, support, and help you feel safe.

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

by Sayadaw U. Pandita.

We do not practice meditation to gain admiration from anyone. In this essay we learn some basics of meditation and how to meditate.

Searching For How To Be Happy -- Through Buddhism & Psychotherapy

Using Buddihst Teachings for personal growth.

by Ron Leifer, M.D. With the decline of religion and the rise of science, jurisdiction over the problems of happiness and suffering were transferred from the former to the latter.  This essay helps explain the symmetry and similarities between Buddhism and psychotherapy in the search for happiness and on how to be happy.

Are You An Earth Angel?

Are You An Earth Angel?

Do you feel different from other people, as if you were dropped off on this planet and wonder when someone's coming to take you home? If you have a passion and talent for healing, teaching, or helping others, yet you yourself have substance-abuse problems, weight issues, relationship challenges, and the like, then you may be an Earth Angel. If you're highly sensitive...

For Times Like These: Spiritual Common Sense

For Times Like These: Spiritual Common Sense

by Christina Baldwin. I have believed all my life that there is a necessary interaction that occurs between a person and the Divine. This interaction does not come only to great spiritual masters, it comes also to us: ordinary people in our ordinary lives...

Acceptance of Death: Developing a Lasting Sense of Peace

Acceptance of Death: Develop a Lasting Sense of Peace

by Margaret Coberly. One important and obvious realization that can come to light when thinking about death is that death is inevitable. Through the process of further reflection, a greater awareness of death occurs and eventually a calm presence in the face of death can be developed.

The Greatest Christmas Gift

The Greatest Christmas Gift

by Bobbie Christmas. One of my most cherished Christmas memories involves a Christmas when the only gifts I received came without gift-wrap. The socks hung exactly as we had left them, lifeless and flat. "There's nothing there," I sobbed...

Better Health Through Meditation

Better Health Through Meditation

by Eric Harrison. Don't be surprised if your doctor says to you, "Have you considered meditation?" He's not some alternative quack. The doctors are on firm ground when they recommend meditation. They are backed up by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scientific studies going back decades.

Pearls of Religious Wisdom from Eight Different Paths

Pearls of Religious Wisdom from Eight Different Paths

by Sarah Stillman. Some grow up against a backdrop of strong pious traditions, while others are born into families in which both parents belong to different denominations, or no denomination at all. Most of us tend to adhere to the religion of our parents, but some choose to venture on their own spiritual paths...

A Miracle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A Miracle A Day Keeps the Doctor AwaySometimes God comes along and gives us a real jolt.  And once in a while those "jolts" come in the form of experiences that could only be explained as . . . well, as inexplicable. When this occurs we are left to ponder, what has happened here? What's going on? ...

Towards An Aware Humanity: Healing, Loving, Compassionate

Towards An Aware Humanity: Healing, Loving, Compassionate

by Wayne Teasdale. The elements of awareness encompass conscious knowing, the ability to read hearts, to be a healing, loving, compassionate presence, situated in the Now. They also encompass practical wisdom in every situation, the ability to enlarge perspective, to affirm others and promote dialogue and mutual..

Choices & Non Interference: Practicing Patience & Respect

Choices & Non Interference: Practicing Patience & Respect

by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett. The highest form of respect for another person is respecting his or her natural right to be self-determining. This means not interfering with another person's ability to choose. Every experience holds a valuable lesson. Noninterference means caring in a respectful way. And it is the way of 'right relationship.'

Humility and Service as a Way of Life

Humility and Service as a Way of Life

by Tolly Burkan. Generally speaking, humility is a virtue. Foolish pride and ego glorification are pretty much universally recognized as the opposite of spirituality. An effective way to cultivate your spirituality and lessen your ego is to put yourself into the service of another...

Altruism vs Compassion: From Separation to Oneness

Altruism vs Compassion: From Separation to Oneness

by Matthew Fox. Compassion is the way we treat all there is in life -- ourselves, our bodies, our imaginations and dreams, our neighbors, our enemies, our air, our water, our earth, our animals, our death, our space, and our time. Compassion is treating all creation as holy and as divine... which is...

Attaining Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

Desiring Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

by Daisaku Ikeda. We all desire happiness, and yet happiness seems to be just beyond our reach. However many 'how to be happy' books might appear, human beings are still largely beset by the same problems as their ancestors. The poor seek wealth, the sick yearn to be healthy, those suffering from domestic strife...

You Are Enlightened and Master of Your Choices

You Are Already Enlightened and the Master of Your Own Choices

Someone asked me in a recent lecture, his face hard set with doubt, 'Are you really enlightened?' He pressed on, again with an expression of someone reluctantly mining for the truth: 'What was it that you were enlightened to?' Laughing, I answered him, 'I was enlightened to the fact that there is nothing to be enlightened about.'

Why Not Now? Forget The Past and Future and Be Content Now

Why Not Now?  Forget The Past and Future and Be Content Now

The present is the only time we can choose between love and fear. When we fret about the past or worry about what to do in the future, we accomplish nothing. And yet, our mental habit of reliving the past and rehearsing what is to come generates various forms of pain.

What Is Spiritual? Seeking Spirituality Beyond Perfection

What Is Spiritual? Seeking Spirituality With BuddhismWhen we are faced with a variety of spiritual teachings and practices, we must keep a genuine sense of inquiry. What is the effect of these teachings and practices on myself and others? In his last words, the Buddha said we must be a lamp unto ourselves.

The Counselor Within: The Wisest Counselor Always There For You

The Counselor Within: The Wisest Counselor Always There For You

by Robert Landau. "I am here for you. Remember, I love you always." Jackie awoke from her dream with a start. However, she could only manage to recall the last few sentences of his long message to her, but how powerful that voice felt! She wrote down as much as she could recall...

Healing Beyond Loss: It's Never Too Late

Healing Beyond Loss: It's Never Too Late

We so often get in the way of grief; we try to suppress, truncate, postpone, or ignore it. We are afraid of being overwhelmed, of becoming nonfunctional: "If I start crying, I'll never stop:" But grief is more powerful than our resistance. In grief, it is natural to feel...

Meditation is Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

Meditation is Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

As a society, we've made meditation into something mysterious and difficult to achieve, yet everyone can meditate now; it's easy. All we have to do is to sit or lie down quietly, close our eyes, and take a few deep breaths...

Dirt As A Spiritual Path: Finding Your Inner Compass

Dirt As A Spiritual Path: Finding Your Inner Compass

Once upon a time there was a Lodgekeeper who managed a mountain resort. Many people visited the area to hike and enjoy the natural splendor of the mountain. One day, a guest checked in and after getting settled, he told the Lodgekeeper he was going out hiking. The Lodgekeeper advised him to...

Bridging East & West Religions and Beliefs

Bridging East & West Religions and Beliefs

All religion, whether Western or Eastern, forms a bridge between the absolute and the relative, between the apparently real, and the truly real, between what we perceive as secular and what we know as holy. Most Western traditions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, see the absolute as transcendent, beyond, and other. Most Eastern traditions, on the other hand, envision it as immanent, within, and...

What, Me Meditate? Triggering the Relaxation Response

What, Me Meditate? Triggering the Relaxation Response

Meditation is like doing mental push-ups that strengthen the muscles of awareness and choice. While it's not a practice that most people are willing to adopt for life, even several weeks of meditation can help train your mind and change your attitudes. If you should decide to keep it up, the benefits for the body are just as positive.

Where Are Your Answers? Listen to Your Heart

Where Are Your Answers? Listen to Your HeartWhen I was little, my mother used to ask me if I would jump out the window just because my friends were doing it. The question made me mad, but she was trying to teach me an important lesson about life. Learn to think for yourself and listen to your heart, or you're likely to get into trouble.

Accidents and Synchronicities: The Big Stuff and the Little Stuff

Accidents and Synchronicities: The Big Stuff and the Little Stuff

The soul often whispers to us through synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention. When we don't pay attention, the message has to be more powerful, perhaps in the form of an accident.

Active Meditation: Focusing on the Moment

Active MeditationIf you watch carefully, you will notice that the best figure skaters are those who just let go and focus completely on the present state of their body. Other top athletes must also exercise this same type of meditation in order to compete at the peak of their abilities. They may not call it meditation, but that's what it is.

Being on The Path, Guided in the Right Direction

Being on The Path and Being Guided in the Right DirectionWe all know from experience that we cannot be a better person, a more loving individual, let alone a fully realized being, simply by intention alone. Spiritual seeking is a commendable activity in and of itself but spiritual seeking that is undisciplined and aimless will not...

Aura Meditations for Everyday Life

Aura Meditations for Everyday LifeSimply by meditating, people have been able to reduce the amount of stress they feel in their lives, alleviate physical pain, deepen awareness, relax muscle tension, improve mind-body coordination, achieve a sense of peace and joy, see more possibilities, and even reduce biological age.

Fear and Denial of Death: Is it Fear of Dying or Fear of Death?

Fear and Denial of Death: Is it Fear of Dying or Fear of Death?Modern society spends considerable effort on disinfecting the experience of dying. This inclination to hide and exclude death from everyday social activity is supported by the transfer of the place of death from home to the hospital.

A Visit to the Other Side: A Reminder of How Perfect We All Are

A Visit to the Other Side: A Reminder of How Perfect We All AreI didn't ever remember hearing about Universal Laws, yet, strangely I understood what they were saying even as it came out of their mouths. These were the guides for the universe created especially for us and I had to know more. I knew this was the truth as I had never experienced it.

Attaining the Silence of Absolute Samadhi through Zazen

Attaining the Silence of Absolute Samadhi through ZazenTo enter the silence of absolute samadhi is to shake off what we call the habitual way of consciousness -- in an old phrase, 'topsy-turvy delusive thought.' By doing so we purify body and mind. Then, going out (or coming back) into the world of actual life and of the ordinary activity of consciousness, we enjoy...

Daily Mindfulness: Eating and Walking Mindfully

Daily Mindfulness: Eating and Walking MindfullyWhen you practice mindful breathing, you become truly present. Mindful eating is very pleasant and is a very deep practice. Mindful walking is healing and transformational. Mindfulness brings healing to past and future generations as well as to our own selves. All of us can do it. By the third or fourth day, you will have seen the difference.

Four Steps to Attain Inner Peace

Four Steps to Attain Inner PeaceHow can you find some of that inner peace you hear the saints of old attained? Train your heart to function and perform and you will find that you can more easily handle day to day stress -- which leads to the ability to not lose your peace of mind. This is a great secret...


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