What Is Tonglin and Why Does It Increase Compassion?

What Is Tonglin Practice and Why Does It Increase Compassion?
Tonglin practice is rooted in the breath. If you can breathe in and out, you can practice tonglin. The essence of the practice is to breathe in the suffering of another person and to breathe out loving-kindness, compassion, and healing. As we breathe that healing out, we are making the greatest gift we...

Personal Empowerment Through Mantra: From Monkey Mind to Clear Mind

Personal Empowerment Through Mantra: From Monkey Mind to Clear Mind
The word mantra means ‘mind protection’ in Sanskrit. A mantra carries a vibration and frequency that extends beyond the simple meaning of its words. In the highest sense, mantras carry thought waves that can energize the prana through constant repetition and they can reach deep into the subconscious mind to access the collective consciousness. More simply, using mantra can help overcome mental chatter, and prepare the way for an expansion of consciousness.

How To Access More Energy and Mind Power

How To Access More Energy and Mind Power
You are made of energy that is constantly vibrating. This energy is changeable and transformative. It is amazing how our body, mind and soul has the ability to heal and change. Watching people change, heal and transform has been one of the most humbling and exciting experiences of my life.

Be a Witness to Your Thoughts: Watch The Movie On Your Mind's Screen

Be a Witness to Your Thoughts
Meditation needs great work. It is arduous, it is an uphill task. To remain non-meditative is easy in a way. You have not to do anything about it, you are already non-meditative, everybody is born non-meditative. But to become meditative really needs great courage, great determination, great patience, because to go beyond the mind is the most complicated phenomenon.

The Heart Chakra: Where Matter and Spirit Meet

The Heart Chakra Encompasses Lungs, Arms, Hands, Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems
The heart chakra is where matter and spirit meet. It marks the halfway point, with three chakras below and three above. This is a very important chakra indeed, as it’s our center of love and connection. Here you move into a greater awareness and love flows from you. You are peaceful, joyful, and compassionate. Your actions are no longer self-serving but are motivated by helping others overcome suffering.

It's Not All In Your Mind: How Meditation Affects The Brain To Help You Stress Less

It's Not All In Your Mind: How Meditation Affects The Brain To Help You Stress Less

In Australia, about one in six adults practise meditation, while one in ten practise yoga. People often turn to yoga or meditation as a way to to take time out and manage the stress of their day-to-day lives. Stress is common, and ongoing stress can contribute to the onset of a range of psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety. Meditation and yoga have been shown to reduce people’s self-reported levels of stress. This is likely due, at least in part, to the effects that meditation and yoga have on the brain’s stress response system.

It's Time To Awaken The Higher Brain

It's Time To AwakenThe Higher Brain
The old lower reptilian brain is designed to keep you from being eaten by a tiger. The higher brain does the opposite, it turns on your body’s ability to rejuvenate and feel a sense of inner calm and meaning. That feeling of well-being is meant to be your natural state. 

Cultivating Inner Silence Through The Practice Of Daily Meditation

Cultivating Inner Silence Through Daily Meditation
Despite the seeming explosion of meditation in modern culture, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what it is, being used interchangeably for thinking, daydreaming or contemplating on a particular issue. With lack of a cohesive understanding about what meditation is, it can naturally lead to confusion about how to practice it and what it is really supposed to do.

Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away?

Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away?
The word spirit, from the Latin spiritus, means “breath” and is also associated with “light.” Anything that interrupts the breath weakens the life force, diminishing our light. When we hold our breath, we obstruct our ability to see, be, and respond to life. Our spirit, our breath, and our light are inseparable.

Do You Have To Sit To Meditate? What About A Walking Meditation?

Do You Have To Sit To Meditate? What About A Walking Meditation?
We usually think that meditation is done sitting, but it can also be beneficial to practice walking meditation. In this case, walking with the eyes open, one is more mindful of the outside world. The purpose of a walking meditation is to cultivate awareness, and to use the very act of walking as a focus of your concentration thereby allowing you to have a wakeful presence.

Enter the Silence and Discover Freedom and Paradise

Enter the Silence: Discover Freedom and Paradise
Deep within you is a place of infinite calm, an oasis of peace, love, wisdom, power, healing. All you need lies within you, surrounds you and enfolds you. Fulfillment far beyond your human desire is there, awaiting your recognition and acceptance. There within your reach — moments away — lay freedom and paradise...

The Practice of Yoga Nidra: The Ultimate Surrender

The Practice of Yoga Nidra: The Ultimate Surrender“It is necessary to be awake all day long, in order to sleep well,” Nietzsche wrote in Thus Spake Zarathustra. In the context of Yoga Nidra, this affirmation takes on a new meaning and is a teaching of great importance. And we can also add that it is up to us to sleep well at night, in order to be truly awake.

There Is No "Should" in Meditation

There Is No "Should" in MeditationMany people have misconceptions about meditation and these can sabotage your ability to enjoy the benefits of it. The biggest misconception is that you “should” be able to clear your mind. You are not expected to clear your mind. What you will do is find you’re getting better at ignoring the thoughts...

Steps to Follow to Attain a State of Inner Listening

Steps to Follow to Attain a State of Meditative ListeningWhat is meditation? Here is a good definition: Meditation is listening. It is listening not only with the ear, but with the soul—not only to sound, but to the silent language of inspiration. "Listening" itself, as I use the word here, entails much more than listening with the ears. It means, among other things...

Yes You Can Stop the World with Meditation

How To Stop the World with MeditationStopping the world to enter a meditation state of blissful peace and out-of-body timelessness is not easy for many of us. Many people find it difficult to tune out external distractions. To do this, you must control your physical senses. We can tell ourselves not to be distracted by...

What You Put into Your Body Matters

The Quality of Your Meditation: What You Put into Your Body MattersAlthough meditation is independent of any particular lifestyle or diet, I would be remiss if I did not point out that what you put into your body will make a difference in the quality of your meditation and how quickly you advance in your inner experience.

10-Minute Walking Meditations Can Change Your Life

10 Minute Walking Meditation Can Change Your LifeIn daily life, walking meditation can be very helpful. A short period -- say ten minutes -- of formal walking meditation serves to focus the mind, develop balance and accuracy of awareness as well as durability of concentration. Beyond this advantage, the awareness developed in walking meditation is useful to...

When Keeping a Quiet Mind is Inappropriate

When Keeping a Perfectly Quiet Mind is InappropriateHaving a quiet mind is lovely, and there are some simple man­ual tasks that you can do with a quiet mind: washing dishes, rak­ing leaves, sweeping floors. But there are other tasks that are a bit more complex, where keeping a perfectly quiet mind may be inappropriate or even unsafe.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition Through Meditation

Learning to Trust Your Intuition Through MeditationLearning to trust your intuition takes time. The only way to accomplish this is through meditation — by silencing the mind and listening inward. If you have meditated before, especially on a regular basis, you know how much the practice can improve your mental fortitude. As a medium, I recognize that it is absolutely critical for me to have a clear and open mind...

The Power of Meditation and Meditative Prayer

The Power of Meditation and PrayerMeditation is receiving from God. Prayer is petitioning God — it is a giving out. Meditative prayers are a type of supplication to the divine. In this type of meditation, you are making a specific request to the Higher and then receiving the blessing that the divine wishes to give you.

How To Weave Meditation Into Your Daily Life

How To Weave Meditation Into Your Daily LifeThough there is some advantage in doing meditation practice now and then, the real benefits come through establishing the discipline and momentum of daily practice. This is analogous with physical training: intermittent exercise may feel good on occasion, but does little to really develop strength, health, or vitality...

How We Can Restore The World To Wholeness

How You and I Can Restore The World To WholenessIt is said that every tiny bit of restoration of wholeness within ourselves directly contributes to the restoration and awakening of all beings and of the whole world. The impulse of every movement toward healing, every moment of mind­fulness, every act of kindness we generate within ourselves, is directly shared or transmitted...

Compassion for a Suffering Person

Compassion for a Suffering Person

The meditation for the cultivation of compassion: begin by bringing to mind a person you know who is suffering adversity, whether physically or mentally. Bring this person to mind as vividly as possible, and picture the whole situation. Let a yearning arise for this person to be free of suffering and the...

Integrating Spiritual Practice In Daily Life

Integrating Spiritual Practice In Daily LifeHow do we integrate our spiritual practice into our daily life and professional work? How do we really bring it alive in the world, make it acceptable to our friends, co-workers, and clients? How do we celebrate our interconnectedness in our work and in our relationships in the world?


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