Seven Ways to Achieve Balance This Spring

Seven Ways to Achieve Balance This Spring
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Spring is a time of growth, of new beginnings! The time of year when the flowers bloom and the rains wash away the old and reveal the new. Days show signs of Spring as the daffodils and the tulips peek their heads up towards the sun for their natural nourishment of growth and balance.

We humans are the same. We need certain things to help us grow and feel renewed. And most importantly a sense of balance in our lives.

As the weather warms and the days grow longer, we feel a sense of renewal. Some call it Spring Fever!

Each year we all get that same feeling of freshness and newness when the flowers and the trees are in full bloom. The Pink and white blossoms seem to dance and swirl around in the air as we go about our day. It's nature’s way of announcing that Spring has arrived, and the fruits of those blooms will bring in the new. We need the sunshine to nourish us, just as the sunshine nourishes the flowers and the trees.

From Homebound to Spring Bound

The recent pandemic has impacted so many of us in ways that we never could have imagined. I believe staying at home has been the most challenging for many of us. We as human beings require fresh air, movement, connection and sunshine for balance.

Remaining homeward bound for so many months has made us go within and become more creative in our lives. These are a few brilliant ideas that people are doing to stay in balance, mind, body and spirit. They may assist you in finding your balance this Spring.

A Few Tips to Brighten Your Days

1. Go outside

Go for a walk in the park or spend time in your back yard, sit in the sunshine for fifteen minutes.

2. Have a regular exercise program

A regular exercise program (5 days a week at least) will help you find inner peace. Take a Yoga class online, ride your bike, run, go for a 30-minute walk. These are all ways to release stress of the mind and your body.

3. Take 10 minutes a day and quiet your mind

This can be meditation or just sitting quietly by yourself out in nature or in a quiet comfortable room, we find renewal in the silence of the mind.

4, Take a Sea salt or Epsom salt bath

Add two cups of Epsom salts to water and soak! The Epsom salt contains magnesium, which is a mineral that many of us lack.

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5, Garden indoors or outdoors

It is still too cold in New Mexico to start planting a garden, but I have indoor plants that are blooming their little petals off! It’s fun to have indoor plants and outdoor plants as they are a fabulous source of oxygen and beauty. Please watch certain plants with your pets, as specific plant leaves can be lethal to animals.

6. Adopt a pet if you don’t have one

There are so many animals that need a good home in this world. They are little souls looking for love. Animals are very therapeutic and will love you unconditionally. Humans need the unconditional love that a dog contributes to a home. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Make an effort to be kind

Make an effort to be kind to all of the people you meet every day regardless of their attitude. Lead by example and show kindness to all human beings. Be the one who lets the car in on the highway or the one who says excuse me at the store. Smile at everyone you meet, and they will smile back at you!

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