What Is Wealth? Is It Something We Create?
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Wealth is something we create.

It is not merely there, waiting for us to find it and lay claim to it. 

Thus we see that it isn't only that we attract money to us:

We attract energy, which then manifests itself in the form of money.

And the supply of energy is cosmic in scope.

How Is Wealth Produced?

Wealth isn't produced out of the ground, or out of a factory. It is produced out of the cosmic "ground" of being; out of the infinite "factory" of ideas.

Wealth is much more than money.

It is happiness, peace of mind, the richness of fulfilling relationships, a simple and uncluttered life, wisdom, love.

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To devote too much energy to the quest for money may make one "filthy rich," but it won't make one wealthy in the truest sense.

Money: A Symbol of Energy

Remember, money is only a symbol of energy. Approach it as energy.

And remember the principle:

"The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy."

There need be no Limits to your flow of abundance.

The only Limits will be those you place on that flow yourself, by the self-erected fence of emotional attachment.

The above was excerpted with permission
from the book "Money Magnetism",
©1992, 2004, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Article Source:

Money Magnetism: How to Attract What You Need When You Need It
by J. Donald Walters.

book cover: Money Magnetism: How to Attract What You Need When You Need It by J. Donald Walters.Offering simple but powerful techniques for attracting material and spiritual success, Money Magnetism is a practical, easy-to-understand guide, sure to produce results.

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