Being Aware and Understanding Our Connection to Everything
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Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Everyone wants to be loved. And most of us have had difficulty not only loving others unconditionally, but also loving ourselves unconditionally. And those two are tied together very closely.


Our judgment of others is often a projection of our judgment of ourselves. So the first step in being able to connect to others with an open heart is to connect with our own self with an open heart.

We do this by first becoming aware and understanding why we judge and reject certain parts of others (and of ourselves). Once we gain clarity, we can learn to accept and love our shadow, and thus the shadow of others as well.


When we think we stand alone, we are weak. However, when we realize that we are part of a greater plan, and that we are connected not just to others, but to nature and to life as a whole, we then realize that we are as powerful as life itself.

We are powerful through our innate connection with our heart, our intuition, and the greater good. We are powerful as we tune in to our truth, and step past the fears of "not enough"... not good enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not intuitive enough, not loved enough, not loving enough, etc.

We become our empowered self when we give ourself permission to live our truth, listen to our intuition, and love unconditionally. Our power resides in our fullness, our oneness, and our aliveness. Embrace your full potential and power, and step forth to follow the guidance of your heart and soul.


Have you ever had the experience where you did or said something, and later said to yourself, "I should have known better than to say that" or even "I knew better than to do that". Yet, even if we knew better, we did something else. Usually because we got caught up in reacting to something or someone. We "re-acted". In other words, we repeated an old pattern without stopping to consider an alternative. We didn't stop and access our wisdom. 

To access our own wisdom, we need to take the time to pause before re-acting -- which is not always easy to do. And perhaps that is the first piece of wisdom to access... remembering to remind ourselves: Don't fly off the handle. Take a deep breath, and do not "re-act". 

How do we do this? By looking and interpreting what we see from a neutral perspective, as an observer, rather than a participant. Seeing the situation from the outside, as if you we're watching a movie, will give you the chance to apply your wisdom to the situation. And yes, sometimes that happens after the 'faux-pas', the mis-step, because after all, wisdom comes from knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insights.

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When someone mentions the word evolution, you probably think of the evolution of the species... Yet the definition of evolution, found at, is the following: "A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form." 

Evolution is a highly personal process, as well as a species-wide one. If we look again at the definition: "...something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form", we can see how it applies to personal development as well. And in both areas, personal or species-wide, evolution is often triggered by traumatic and catastrophic events.

And, in this current time across the planet, with climate change, the Covid virus, the political atmosphere, wars and rumors of wars, we are all being triggered into evolution. The trauma, stress. and lifestyle changes are forcing us to change, to evolve, to re-evaluate our life and its direction. And while the triggers may not be comfortable, they are often necessary as otherwise we rest in complacency where things are going along "well enough" and there is no need to rock the boat.

Consequently, sometimes, the Universe has to rock the boat for us. And so it is in these times. Our boat is being shaken, and we are being asked to stretch our mind, open our hearts, and evolve into, not a more complex, but a more simple and better form. We are being encouraged to go back to basics... to a simple life, a more tranquil life, a more loving one, both for ourselves and for our Mother Earth. 

Our Planet is evolving as well and going through her growing pains... floods, tornadoes, droughts, wild fires... All changes are not always welcome ones, yet they are often necessary. The job you lost, the "love of your life" who left you, and whatever other challenges have come your way, they are all steps in helping you evolve into "a better form".

We can do so kicking and screaming and resisting the evolution which is upon us, or we can look for the gift in the experience, the lesson, the change we are being encouraged to make. The more we resist, the more difficult it can be. And the more we accept to become aware of what is being asked of us, and of what change is in the works, the easier the evolution or change can be.

President Lincoln, in his first inaugural address, as the USA was reeling from the divisiveness between North and South, said the following which can be applied to our modern times, and not just in the US, but across the whole world:

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

Thus, we are now, yet again, in a time where people, even members of the same family, the same city, the same country, see themselves as enemies because of their differing views and beliefs. Yet our evolution needs to be one where we are guided by the better angels of our nature. This is the evolution that is being called for at this time, and that we can all help to manifest. 

Rather than resist everything that is taking place, we can evolve by opening our hearts and our minds and become the "better form" of ourselves, and thus manifest the  better angels of our nature.


Humans mostly seem to live their life as if they are separate from everything and everyone. We feel separate from animals and nature, and also from the people around us. They are all seen as "other". We judge and blame some people, admire others, yet through it all, see them as "not us".

Yet, in truth, we are all connected since everything is made of energy and energy has no walls, no boundaries. Science and quantum physics have shown that everything is energy in motion. 

The harm or the good that is experienced by one, or is done by another, flows to us and through us as well. If we are willing to be completely and deeply honest with ourselves, we will find a bit of the energy of everything "out there" in our own being. Everything and everyone is our mirror. 

It is not always easy to admit, but once we can do so, and once we recognize our connection with everything and everyone, it is easier to understand behaviors (both ours and "theirs") and accept that everyone is on a journey to becoming whole, to returning to being Love.

The way to solve problems on this planet is to start recognizing that we are all connected, and that we are all the same. Recognizing our connection and our oneness can help us come into harmony with each other, and also help us connect with our higher selves. 


As we become aware of our connection with everything and everyone, we also become aware of the effect we have on others (and vice versa). Our actions, as well as our thoughts, send ripples of energy out into the world. Realizing this leads us to acknowledge the power we wield with our thoughts and imagination.

Through this power, we can have a magical effect on our surroundings. Holding thoughts of love, compassion, and collaboration sends that energy to those around us. On the other hand, thoughts of anger, revenge, and general negativity also ripple their energy out into our world.

This is a wonderful thing to be aware of as it frees us from being a victim of our environment, and reveals that we are a powerful co-creator with our thoughts and imagination. As we radiate love, that same energy finds its way back to us. The more we are conscious and aware of what we are emitting or emoting, the more we can fill our world with wonder and connection.


When one looks up the definition of the word consciousness, the only thing that people seem to agree on is that consciousness is awareness, both internal and external. Yet in the personal empowerment field, when we speak of consciousness we refer perhaps to a more (w)holistic or spiritual perspective.

Consciousness, or higher consciousness, is an awareness of the whole, as well as of this moment itself. To be conscious means to be here now and to be aware, not just of ourselves, but of the life around us. We are thus not self-centered, or even other-centered, but rather Life-centered. We embrace the All and everything and everyone around us.

It is not an easy state of being to reach, or to maintain, as there are so many distractions, both from the outside world and from inside our own head. Our mind can easily send us off into tangents of past, present or future, of she did this, he said that, I/they should have said/did this or that, etc.

Consciousness requires that we remain in the present and aware of our connection to everything and everyone. It requires that we release outdated personal stories and justifications (ours as well as other people's) and embrace the present in its fullness, right here and right now.

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