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The Great Work now... is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.    -- Thomas Berry, The Great Work

Spiritual messengers visit us through dreams, visions, or apparitions, offering guidance and encouragement as we remember the bigger story of Creation and our interconnection with each other in the universe. They serve to awaken us from our sleep and give hope to and for humanity.

When the call comes, we have to be ready to listen and heed the message to take action. This is not always an easy process. It requires a lot of courage to take a leap of faith and trust that one’s true purpose is presenting itself and everything will work out just fine.

As I did the inner work of healing my core wounds, the messages from the universe were easier to hear. My path began to clear so that I could fulfill my soul’s destiny. These resources are available to us all along; we just sometimes are not able to see them due to the blocks in our perception that keep us separated from our wholeness.

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Our Story Line

This separation of aspects of one’s self, as revealed by our shadow projections, creates distorted perceptions and understanding. We see in other people those things about ourselves that are unacceptable and that are blocked from our awareness through the density of unprocessed emotions. We see these parts of ourselves in others when we judge ourselves as being better than or less than them. 

Human projections are often seen in the areas of race, religion, economics, and gender. Projections and separation can also occur with nature, as we see ourselves as better than animals, plants, and the rest of nature.

We humans develop a story line as we try to make sense of our fragmented selves and the limited view of life they offer us. These stories are created to help us deal with the trauma inflicted by our parents, culture, and institutions throughout many lifetimes of injustice. Humans have learned to adapt to having only partial access to their wholeness.

The inner work we do supports us in clearing the separation from within as well as between each other and between ourselves and nature. On the macrocosmic level, it supports the collective healing of Earth’s body and her energetic spine. As we heal ourselves, we heal and transform Mother Africa, for she exists in us as well.

The Energetic Shifts

In my work as an energetic healer, and in my own inner work of transforming my pain, I have experienced these blockages moving and clearing out of my body.

Often these energetic shifts are accompanied by the understanding that all of life is sacred, and this engenders an attendant desire to properly caretake Mother Earth and all her various life-forms.

The sacred inner work that we do underscores this intention and our connection with the wisdom of the natural world. It is in doing this inner work and establishing a connection with nature (once again) that we remember deep within our core being who we are and our interdependence. It is this understanding that is our future destiny.

Within each of us are the gifts necessary to heal the separation by our intention, our connection, and our own inner transformation. As this critical mass is achieved, the rollover of its breakthrough begins a domino effect as all comes into right relationship and is balanced in the universal field.

The Inner Blueprint

We mirror the adage “As within, so without.” Within each of us exists the whole of the universe. Within each of us exists a blueprint of geometric patterns linking us to everything that is. Biologically we are made of the same stuff that all living things on the Earth and in the cosmos are made of.

This separation that we are seeking to heal contributed to the development of a hierarchical order in our communities, which led, in part, to the fragmentation of our psyches. This disconnect from our wholeness was initially created out of the ego’s fear of annihilation, which arises as the result of trauma—often taking place in childhood or in entire cultures as a result of war or natural disasters. This shutdown inhibited us, minimalized us, and made us overly dependent on others, at the same time keeping us firmly rooted in a divisive construct.

This fragmentation of our core selves may cause us to feel helpless, ungrounded, and insecure. We lose touch with our own nature.

The good news is that we are waking up! We are remembering who we are as we open the paths along our spines and get those juices running again to bring more of who we really are back home.

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Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa

Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa: Teachings from Zep Tepi, the Land of First Time
by Carley Mattimore MS LCPC and Linda Star Wolf Ph.D.

book cover: Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa: Teachings from Zep Tepi, the Land of First Time by Carley Mattimore MS LCPC and Linda Star Wolf Ph.D.Exploring how to awaken to the energies and messengers of ancient Africa that reside along the 31st meridian, the spine of Mother Earth, Carley Mattimore and Linda Star Wolf take you on a journey to connect with our original roots in Africa, hidden deep within our DNA. They share shamanic journeys and teachings to connect with the strengths of Africa’s spirit animals. They explore the power of shamanic sacred sites and offer teachings on the African Tree of Life and the energetic hologram of the 31st meridian. Sharing wisdom from Mhondoro Mandaza Kandemwa, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and other wisdom keepers, the authors explain how, as we connect with the messengers along the 31st meridian, we begin to remember our sacred contract to protect the natural world. Offering a guide to reconnect with the ancient African wisdom of love and higher consciousness buried in our cellular memory, the authors show how we can help reopen the heart of humanity and heal the world around us.

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