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The lotus flower grows from muddy soil below the water and is connected to its source with a strong rhizome or root system anchored down into the muddy earth. And so it is with us. We grow from our "muddy" or "murky" life challenges and experiences to become a lovely creation of light. and we too are anchored strongly to our source. 

Live As A Dreamer

When we look around us, perhaps we see mostly mud or darkness. Yet, in order to create our dream world on this lovely planet, we must have faith in ourselves and our future. We must be willing to dream of better days. We must dream of possibilities. Our dreams hold the possibilities and potential of our future. 

We can hold on to our dreams, even though "reality" and people around us may seem as if they are trying to keep us from soaring and dreaming of a wonderful future. Let yourself daydream of wonderful futures... both for yourself and for the entire world.

First we dream it internally, then the energy can radiate out into the world. As within, so without. Go ahead and live in this world as a dreamer and let your dreams guide you toward the potential of a wonderful future.

 Cross The Bridge of Happiness

Our emotions guide us along the way. They are here to serve us on the path of discovering our true self and our true well-being. They shine a light on the path that leads to our happiness. Our emotions are our messengers and our servants. 

Pay attention to your emotions. They tell you what is true and hidden deep inside of you, possibly repressed through years of upbringing and trying to fit in, and blurred through striving for the wrong goals.

The goals of riches and material success are empty goals. The true goals are Love, Gratitude, and Divine Order. Once we embody these essences, we will find ourselves on the bridge of happiness and we will cross it to reap the true rewards that Love, Gratitude, and Divine Order will bring.

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Truth is in the Heart

Each one of us sees things in their own way, and feels things differently, and thus has their own truth. We are best served when we value our own truth, and respect and tolerate the truth of others. 

Search for and experience your own truth. It lives deep within you. You will find it through listening to your heart. 

That is how we will find the answers to all of our questions. Our truth resides within our own heart.

Follow Your Vision

Never lose sight of what is truly important. There are many distractions in this world, yet to accomplish great things and fulfill our dreams, we must remain focused on the goal. This requires courage, determination, and steadfastness.

Keep your eyes on your heart's ultimate goal: love and healing for ALL. Remind yourself daily of the ultimate goal. Reflect on the immense possibilities, and open yourself up to guidance and direction to help make that vision a reality in your world and in the world at large.

Keep your sight on what is important and gather the energy needed, both from within and by connecting with like-minded souls, to create the reality that our heart's vision is leading to.

You Are Not Alone

We are not the first to walk on this journey, nor are we alone. Our ancestors are with us with their fount of knowledge, wisdom and guidance. We can tap into the power of our ancestors and their love for us. We are them and they are us.

Our ancestors live within us. We have their energy in our blood, their experiences and wisdom imbedded in our cells.

We can access their wisdom from within our selves, and also with our intuitive self. We are connected to them physically and energetically. Call out for their wisdom and their strength. It is part of who you are. You are never alone.

Live Playfully and with a Light Heart

We tend to take ourselves so seriously. Even a bad hair day can put us in a bad mood. Hair, for goodness sakes, has the power to decide how we feel??? When that's the case, we probably need to re-evaluate our "happiness criteria". 

Let's lighten up and take ourselves less seriously. Bad hair day? So what! Clothes not up to the "Joneses"?  Does it really matter? Will it matter when you're on your deathbed? That's a good question to ask ourselves, especially in situations that are driven by the ego's need to feel equal to or "better than" others.

We can get in touch with our inner child and learn to play again, learn to enjoy the present moment, learn to live and love uninhibited by what others will think. Let's be more concerned about what our inner child thinks and what we feel. It's time for us to learn to live playfully and with a light heart.

The Lotus Within You Awakes

We are not all of the things we have accepted in our belief of being "lesser than", or of being born a sinner, or of being "not good enough". Like the lotus, we have been living in the darkness, yet now we rise out of the muck, reaching for the light and the truth of who we really are.

The truth of our being is being awakened as we approach the age of Aquarius, the age of Love and Light. It is time to let our light and love spread out into the world. 

You are much greater than you think you are. You are a being of light and love. You are the light from the future that shines down upon your Self, illuminating and guiding your path. You are the one you have been waiting for. The lotus within you is awakening. 

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