Written and Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

While nothing in the world really belongs to us, our lives are one thing that do belong to us. We are in charge of them completely. We get to make choices, set goals, and choose the direction in which we desire our lives to progress.


As we all know, life isn't simple. It's not just a question of setting a goal and then knowing that we will reach it, no matter what. There are so many variables... not only what we do, but what others do as well.

Even our physical body, though it is also unquestionably ours, is complex and influenced by many external, as well as internal, factors. Our body is ours, but it also has its own mode of operation.

Yet, even with all the complexity of life, there is always a simple thread underlying it all. We get to choose our attitude. No one can impose an attitude on us. And our attitude sets the tone for our life. So which attitudes are you choosing?

Honor Your Feelings

Whenever we feel out of sync with our life, we can find the clue to the reason why by...

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This Life Is Yours

This Life Is Yours: Discover Your Power, Claim Your Wholeness, and Heal Your Life
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