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Intuition and Spirit: You Can Connect With Your Built-In Ability

Intuition and Spirit: You Can Connect Too
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Narrated by Marie T. Russell

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We all have the ability to intuitively know things. It’s just something you feel or even see. The ability is built-in; intuition is a sixth sense of the nervous system, used to sense energy, and with experience, you learn to trust it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda from Star Wars repeatedly tell Luke Skywalker to use the Force and trust his feelings. And you might have noticed it takes a while before this lesson sinks in. Trust takes time.

Love and Intuition Go Hand-in-hand

Without love you can go no further, so if you are blocked from your intuition, begin by opening your heart to love. Love is the Force that holds this universe together, present in everything and everyone, and it expresses itself in you through your actions. Remember that.

Even if you don’t feel love you can express it. You can be it and embody it and give it. After all, love is a verb, and verbs are what? Actions. Your heart is your direct connection to source. The more your heart space is open the clearer your communication can be.

Much can be gained by listening to our inner guidance, the voice of intuition. Learning to connect with a loved one in spirit is no different. Intuition and connection take time and practice but are attainable for everyone.

Learning A New Way of Living

We learn a new way of living as we open up to our intuitive gifts. For many centuries the information has been suppressed. That control shall be relinquished now as we learn to open up to this wonderful way of living. Each of us is naturally in touch all the time with our higher self, the part of us that exists outside of space-time. There is no separation. But there is a lack of listening.

Each of us is naturally intuitive, too. Some intuitions are transmitted to our conscious minds from our higher self. It’s why we sense things we have difficulty putting into words. We just know it to be true because it comes from the ultimate source of truth. Develop your relationship with your higher self and you will be able to communicate directly with it telepathically.

The Four “Clairs”

We connect with our loved ones in spirit by using the four primary clair senses: claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. These senses, commonly referred to as “sixth sense,” parallel our physical senses and are intuitive in nature. You could say they are the senses of the spirit body, or soul, integrated with the physical body’s nervous system and brain.

Claircognizance: the receiving of thoughts and ideas out of “nowhere” (though they are coming from “somewhere”).

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This sixth sense is related to telepathy and some people do it naturally. Telepathy is a form of communication in thoughts and ideas.

Clairsentience: the intuitive and deeply sensitive feeling of energy and vibrations, or “vibes.”

A gut feeling can be clairsentient. Empathy can be clairsentient. Strong reactions to negative emotions and sensing a person’s true intentions can be clairsentient.

Clairvoyance: the ability to see images or movie-like scenes in your Third Eye.

If you are highly clairvoyant you might see images in your physical environment, outside of your Third Eye. You might see colored lights when your eyes are open or closed.

Clairaudient: the hearing of sounds and voices outside of normal hearing range and from sources that aren’t physical.

You might hear voices originating outside of your body or within your head. Or it could be your own voice speaking to you differently, from a source outside of the physical, i.e. your higher self. People with clairaudient ability might also hear high-pitched sounds or frequencies without knowing why.

Receiving Messages from Spirit

The clair senses are all tuned to receive messages from people, and from beings who are not physical, but they are not the only source. Spirit knows your strengths. It knows which sense is best for reaching you and what’s happening in your mind at the time.

For example, your mind is distracted by a phone conversation while driving. You come to a traffic light and suddenly feel the urge to slow down. It’s so strong you get goosebumps. You slow down just in time to miss colliding with a car that barrels through the intersection.

Heeding your clairsentience saves the day and maybe your life, too. Your mind was too busy at the time for you to be reached with claircognizance, and your ears were too occupied to be reached with clairaudience. Clairvoyance -- a powerful image seen in your mind’s eye -- isn’t the right sense to use while driving, either. Instead, you have a gut feeling because it’s the best way to reach you at the time. For some people it’s the best for reaching them anytime because it’s the clair sense they know best.

Saved by the...

You have a gut feeling that saved you from a car accident, but where does it come from? Something knows the danger as you approach the intersection, and it cares enough to manipulate energy so it’s felt by your nervous system.

But is it a deceased loved one sending the message? Sometimes.

Is it a spirit guide or angel? Sometimes.

Other times the source could be precognition -- the previous night you saw the scene in a dream and the sudden déja vu of witnessing it come true jolts you. Or you know better than to drive while distracted and it hit you just in time. Or maybe it’s a combination.

The rational mind wants a clearly defined cause and effect, but the intuitive mind has no need for it. It just “knows.”

I can say for sure that intuitive senses can be developed. And oftentimes you learn to listen because of times when you don’t and regret it. Spirit calls that “practice,” and the more you practice, the better you get.

Are You Listening?

You can have many such experiences with clair senses before realizing, for example, that the ringing in your ears you think is tinnitus is actually a loved one in spirit communicating with you in a frequency above normal hearing range. Then you learn to slow down your mind and hear the silence behind the chatter, and the ringing turns into a voice you recognize.

Or you see the face of the loved one in your mind’s eye. Or you just feel them and their loving presence. There’s never anything to fear when they connect with you -- they live in a state of continuous knowledge of complete divine love for everyone. They can never come to you in darkness, pain, or fear.

The source of sudden flashes of inspiration you get could be claircognizance, beamed into your brain from the spirit realm. Nikola Tesla, regarded as one of the most brilliant scientists and whose inventions underpin modern technology, said his inspirations came from a source beyond himself.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” - Nikola Tesla

Some people do not have access to all the clair senses, and certain senses might be stronger in some people than in others. Find out which is your strongest and run with it.

Which One Is The Weakest?

I teach clients how to open their intuitive abilities as well as learn which clair sense is their strongest. The best clair sense to work on first is the weakest one -- that’s usually what spirit guidance tells me to do for my clients.

So for example if a client is weakest in the area of clairvoyance, I direct them to candle gaze for 5-10 minutes per day. It decalcifies the pineal gland (the seat of the Third Eye) and sharpens our inner vision. With practice you will see the flame split in two and images dancing in the flames.

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From Death To Life: The Incredible True Story of Anthony Joseph  by Terri-Ann RussellFrom Death To Life: The Incredible True Story of Anthony Joseph
by Terri-Ann Russell

Terri-Ann Russell takes us on a journey of loss, love and finally acceptance of the death of her treasured son, Anthony Joseph in her debut book. She leads us on a voyage of self-discovery, as she can now understand and feel what her clients have experienced for decades.

For more info, or to order this book, click here. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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Terri-Ann RussellCurrently the owner and founder of Sassy Soul Energy Healing in Sedona, Arizona, Terri-Ann Russell was guided to the area while meditating on a hiking trip to the famous Airport Mesa Trail. She soon found herself guided to the Sedona Soul Sisters, an organization of gifted professional psychics who “welcomed her home” with open arms and with whom she is now associated as a member of the staff. Considered a multi-dimensional healer, Terri-Ann works through angels such as Archangel Michael and Mother Mary, as well as with other galactic beings. Her training is extensive in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Theta healing, Quantum healing, and Energy Transfer Reset, as well as her own modality: Soul Matters Activations.

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