What Is To Be Learned From Our Biological Family?
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Q: What is to be learned from our biological family?

A: It is important for you to know that, although we speak of inherited thoughts and emotions, you are not constrained by them unwillingly. The family blueprint that you inherited was chosen by you because it provided you with opportunities to develop in the areas you had previously selected. Perhaps you wanted to develop the art of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, determination, courage, or any number of soul qualities.

Not all of your feelings actually originate with you. Many of you who are reading this material are the children of those who have experienced wars, and as with all wars, there is trauma. These traumas have become a part of your emotional make-up and have also dictated the way in which your own parents were able to do their parenting.

As you step back and look at your family in the light of this information, you can clearly see how thoughts and feelings are passed down through a family. It is those very thoughts and feelings which 'one didn't talk about' that cause most emotional entanglements. These 'traumas' awaken a child to the pain of the parent.

Children Seek Harmony

As it comes into the world a child seeks harmony. It is then the natural tendency of the child to alleviate some of the parent's pain by voluntarily carrying the emotional burden within its own body. It does so out of love for the parent.

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Emotion is healed at the point when you can honor your parents for what they have delivered to you, for they truly have been in service to you, as you have been in service to them. All that they are became a part of you, and it has been your part in the family karma to evolve those aspects.

Honoring the Gift that Your Parents Have Given You

When you understand that everything was pre-planned and by choice, you can then honor the gift that your parents have given you. At this point, you are released to the true essence of your soul. As you release your parents with love and honor, your soul will have more and more influence upon you, and your life will be filled with joy.

If you disown your parents, you deny the choices you made prior to this lifetime. And you deny the essence of who you are, for you are, in part, their creation. You hold within you their characteristics, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

You are dominated by them only if you believe that you are -- for you are here to evolve the family. In doing so, you evolve the family of humanity, for as one person releases all that is restrictive, the planet is changed forever.

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Omni Reveals The Four Principles of Creation
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book cover: Omni Reveals The Four Principles of Creation by John L. Payne (Shavasti)An inspiring and compelling collection of questions and answers are posed to 'Omni', a non-physical group entity channeled through John Payne. Omni is primarily concerned with communicating the four principles of creation which form the core of his teachings, all centering around the idea that the creative aspect of the universe is a natural part of our being.

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