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As we move from the 3rd Dimension, it can feel heavy and difficult, especially during this time in history. When you experience a transformation, you may feel sad, depressed, as if your life situations are worsening. We are undergoing a mass movement into the 5th Dimension, and that is where the magic and miracles happen.

There is an unknown aspect of this transition that you know you cannot control. It can feel like mourning as you let go and surrender. Personal empowerment amid this uncomfortable change is in knowing a higher power will flow through you. One way it will demonstrate itself is through your gifts that you feel compelled to share with the world. You begin to feel confident, strengthened, with an interest in self-care and a feeling of personal possibility.

There may still be moments of brief sadness as you let go of the 3rd Dimension, but it will be less intense. In this zone, you’ll begin to feel as if you’re on a mission, there is something that you must do, that must pass through you as a Divine vessel.

Discovering Self-Acceptance

If you’re on a serious mission for spiritual and personal growth, there is no self-judgment to be made. To be awak­ened in this human form, you cannot judge yourself or oth­ers, because we are all at the right space and time. We are not here to make enemies and pass judgments, and there are no mistakes. Because we are human, we are here to learn about ourselves.

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We all have gifts that are specific to our earthly life experience. It’s self-judgment that prevents us from moving into our gifts, purpose, and commit­ment to the Holy Spirit. You are here to awaken through your human form.

One part of the Awakening is the accep­tance of who you are in this human form because there is something you came here to do. A good example of this is my life and the difficulty I had in letting go of the life I wanted to live to accept the life I was meant to live.

As a healer, I have not always wanted to accept who I am. Once I got to the point in my life when I could look in the mirror and truthfully say, “I accept you. I accept you. I accept who I am now,” I would blink to confirm. From that point on, every time I thought of myself and the newness of my healing gifts and life as I had come to know it, and said, “I accept you,” I began to feel better and more gifts began to open up for me. In addition to self-acceptance, I also had to undergo a period of balancing the feminine and masculine energies within me that had worked against each other.

The left side of your body relates to the feminine aspect of your consciousness; the right side of your body relates to the masculine aspect. We need the feminine energy to be pres­ent and strong in ourselves and across the planet right now. For so long, the dominance of male energy and consciousness has remained in the forefront of our personal lives, and this imbalance of the feminine and masculine energy has caused internal and external conflict on many levels, affecting each and every one of us, including me.

As I said, “I accept you,” I felt as if I was being healed through balancing the feminine and masculine aspects of my consciousness. Self-acceptance is a vital tool that continues to help me fully tap into higher consciousness.

When we accept both the feminine and masculine, this be­gins to calm the overbearing aspect of the masculine energy and creates an opening for balance to be felt, accepted, and integrated on a personal and internal level, so it can then manifest on the external, global level.

Strong, Loving, Empowered Peacemakers 

Women have been encouraged to act more male-oriented and to develop the masculine aspect of themselves to survive in this culture. Women have used this energy to get the right to vote, to fight back after being beaten down mentally or physically, to find productive and meaningful work, to raise strong children, and ultimately, to survive. However, we don’t have to continue using forceful energy in the same way that we did in the past to be strong in this world, even if this has previously been the way of the world.

We are no longer of the time when the male perspective has to determine what feminism, womanhood, personal strength, leadership, and power will encompass. We can be strong, loving, and empowered peacemakers. We don’t have to be strong with dominance and force.

Regardless if you are a man or woman, there is a place for both masculine and feminine energy to work together in Christ Consciousness. The voice of the peacemaker who walks this new energy into existence to heal our planet, our bodies, and our souls can do this in a loving way and still be heard.

The Divine Feminine Within Us

Divine feminine energy is comprised of the following Angelic qualities — unconditional love, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and helpfulness to others. It includes tenderness, gentleness, kindness, and all the other Divine feelings you might relate to unconditional love — the greatest of all God’s Divine cosmic powers.

The unconditional love within Divine feminine energy has a powerful magnetic quality. At its highest level of 5th Dimensional conscious Oneness with God, unconditional love has the power to heal, to harmonize, and to create miracles just as Jesus did so long ago.

The Divine feminine energy is here now more than ever, making its way in passive nature. It is this passivity, this peace, love (experienced by the stilling of the ego-influenced, finite, human brain-mind) that opens the heart’s spiritual door to the soul and permits the human self to receive — intuitively— Divine guidance and information from the Divine mind and loving heart of his or her very own Divine eternal soul and God Within.

“Be still and know I Am God,” which means be still in your human brain-mind (as in meditation) and begin to know, to remember, to feel, and to realize for yourself the Divine energies, qualities, and attributes of the Spark of Goddessness in YOU.

Bouncing Back and Forth

Those with 5th Dimensional consciousness will move and migrate toward each other. Some will move back and forth between the dimensions while others will anchor the 5th Dimension. This is called bouncing back and forth from one Dimension to another.

You will also need to be spiritually understanding that you may still have moments when you feel sad, concerned, or even afraid. However, as your consciousness rises, you will come to know that these feelings are not you. They are momentary experiences of feelings that will pass.

You now understand that you will not be deterred from adhering to the higher energy that now pulls you toward a higher vision. Even though our lives have shifted, my Guides want us to honor the Omnipresent even more by creating a pure loving connection and faith. The more we stop the fear and put love into our hearts and serve others, the more we can positively shift the energy. The old paradigm is over, and this is okay. We are all right, and the Divine will see us through this challenge.

There may be individuals who are still not comfortable with these higher energies. These individuals may choose to remain in the 3rd Dimension. It is their free will. However, their life experience will not be as easy. My Guides tell me the way we can evolve in society is through DNA activation. Eventually, the body adjusts, and it will no longer experience the symptoms as it did in the past.

If we can surrender over and just be in this beautiful, higher Dimension, we can be healed. Our Guides want us to have faith in ourselves and our gifts and to be the authentic loving beings that we are. They want us to be fearless and loving and knowing that we are powerful souls.

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