Does The American Empire Exist Today to Make Endless War?

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has had a distinguished U.S. Army career and was well regarded by his military superiors. He was to become the long time assistant to Colin Powell, who first served as the National Security Advisor to President Reagan. then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff through the Gulf War, and then as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.

While I served as young military officer in the late 60s and have my own experience to draw on, I have come to depend on the opinions of Colonel Wilkerson as a check of my own opinions and my duties as an editor for InnerSelf.

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth?

This interview is indicative of now how valuable Colonel Wilkerson's counsel is to the peaceful loving world.

Says Wilkerson, “America exists today to make war. How else do we interpret 19 straight years of war and no end in sight? It’s part of who we are. It’s part of what the American Empire is. We are going to cheat and steal to do whatever it is we have to do to continue this war complex. That’s the truth of it. And that’s the agony of it.”

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Since World War II the US has spent countless dollars and lives on senseless wars we have not won. History has shown most wars of occupation cannot be won. Famed Marine General and two time Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler perhaps said it simply with his book title: "War Is A Racket". It was Butler who blew the whistle on Wall Street who sought to illegally overthrow the government of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

I believe we act less in self-defense and more motivated by corruption, greed, and theft of citizen wealth. Most of what we have accomplished in these endless wars are the scattered bodies of innocent men, women, and children. All was done, it was said, in the name of spreading democracy, a concept we ourselves have forgotten how to practice as we illegally turn many citizens away from the voting booth for the color of their skin or their party affiliation.

Well-intentioned or not, the military Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about has thrust the American people alongside the likes of Hitler and Stalin due to the destruction and carnage left in their wake.

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Were our actions really well-intentioned, induced by fear or just caused by our failure to engage and supervise our political leaders? Hard to say but, It is time for the American people to finally cast off their war-like government and join those that work for a peaceful world.

There is really only one viable solution to our misdirected military ways and that is to turn out in mass this election on November 3rd. The 100+ million people, young and old, who are too busy, uninterested, or too discouraged must throw off their invisible shackles and participate this time to elect those leaders who truly have their best interest at heart. The future is now.

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