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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

February 7, 2024

The focus for today is:

I practice kindness which buffers the effects of negative news on mental health.

Today's inspiration was written by Kathryn Buchanan:

Curious to know whether there was something special about kindness specifically, we tested how people exposed to a negative news story followed by an amusing one (such as swearing parrots or award-winning jokes) fared.

Amusing news stories certainly helped buffer the effects of bad news and reduce the mood disturbances they caused. The group that was shown negative news stories followed by positive ones fared far better than people who were only shown a negative news story. They reported less decline in mood – instead feeling uplifted.

But in comparison, participants who’d been shown acts of kindness reported a more positive mood on average, and a greater belief in the goodness of humanity. This shows us there’s something unique about kindness which may buffer the effects of negative news on our mental health.

Today's inspiration was adapted from the article:
     How Kindness Can Counteract the Negative Effects of News
     Written by Kathryn Buchanan.
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, co-publisher of, wishing you a day of practicing kindness (today and every day)

Comment from Marie:
When we practice random acts of kindness, especially when we do so anonymously, our feelings of well-being increase as well as our self-worth. 

Our focus for today: I practice kindness which buffers the effects of negative news on mental health.

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About the Author

Kathryn Buchanan, Lecturer, Psychology Department, University of Essex

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