5 Quick Ways to Get Down To Earth and Be Comfortable in Your Body

5 Quick Ways to Get Down To Earth and Be Comfortable in Your Body

We cannot be truly healthy, have vitality and experience joy without being comfortable and at home in our bodies. As long as we are physical entities we might as well move all the way into our homes. The following fun exercises can help you get in touch with the earth and energize your body as well.

Bare Feet on the Earth

Place your bare feet on the floor. Trace the edges of your feet with your finger, where they meet the floor. This gives you a tactile sense of your bottom edge. It helps to draw your energy body fully into your physical body.

Go Barefoot: Feel the Earth's Energy

Walk on the earth. Bring your attention to your toes, your heels, the middle and edges of your feet. Note the sensation of grass, earth, rock, pavement whatever your feet touch.

Go barefoot indoors, and again note sensations. Wiggle your toes until you feel your self extending into their very tips. Brush your foot back and forth along the floor, walking up the soles of your feet.

Hug a Tree: Recharge Your Batteries

Find a tree and hug it. Feel the energy flow in a circuit, from your hands to the tree, into the ground, and then back to you again. Reverse the circuit so the energy is flowing from your feet into the ground, being drawn up into the tree, and returning to your hands.

Pipe Legs: Earth Connection

Stand in an easy pose, legs shoulder-width apart. Bend your left knee as you shift your weight to the left. Exhale. Send energy down through that leg into the ground. Inhale back up to the starting position. Bend your right knee as you shift your weight to the right. Repeat, allowing your body to pivot easily. Let your arms swing loosely at your sides.

Send energy into the Earth. Feel the Earth respond. Imagine that your legs are hollow pipes. Feel your soles opening like the lens of a camera.

Imagine bouncing energy down into the earth from the soles of your feet, as if you were bouncing a superball. Feel the energy come back to greet you. The motion involved is effortless. Remember to press your foot hard into the ground.

Breathing Down: Clearing the Energy Blocks

Draw a breath down through your crown where a line drawn from the tip of your ears and nose would meet. Bring the breath down through your spine and deep into the Earth, first 12 inches, then 36 miles deep into the Earth's core. Breath back up from the core of the Earth through the balls of your feet into the pelvis and spine and out through the crown.

Much of the pain we feel comes from holding ourselves rigid in order to avoid feeling pain. What a paradox!

As the process of clearing energy blockages proceeds, we can rediscover the exquisite pleasure available within our physical bodies: being at home, being fully alive, and being sensual tactile beings.

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The Little Grounding Book
by Judith Poole.

 The Little Grounding Book by Judith Poole.The Little Grounding Book is a subtle energy manual exploring energetic concepts, with exercises and meditations to aid the reader in feeling more connected to his/her physical body and to the Earth. Being grounded is a first step in healing many physical and emotional conditions and to creating a life of abundance. This simple book provides tools for people of all ages who wish to be more focused.

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Judith Poole is a Teaching Shamballa Reiki Master and certified Healing Tao T'ai Chi instructor. She works with groups and individuals, presenting Tools for the Impeccable Spiritual Warrior. Judith has written two energy manuals: The Little Grounding Book & More Than Meets the Eye: Energy. They are available from Amazon.com (clidk on title link) or directly from her. Learn more about Judith and the services she offers at https://www.healingpoole.com/

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