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eating yourself to death 5 21
So You Insist on Eating Yourself Sick and to Early Death?
by Robert Jennings,
Explore Chris van Tulleken's journey into the world of ultra-processed foods & their impacts on…
the "face" of an AI
The Impact of AI on Careers: Revolutionizing Hiring and Detecting Bias in the Workplace
by Catherine Rymsha
Discover how AI advancements are redefining talent management and career paths, influencing hiring,…
a woman and her dog looking in each other's eyes
How Dogs Can Help Us Detect COVID and Other Diseases
by Jacqueline Boyd
While we humans generally experience the world through sight, dogs use scent to learn about the…
statue of Buddha
Happy Birthday, Buddha! Why Buddha Has So Many Different Birthdays around the World
by Megan Bryson
Explore the diverse celebrations of the Buddha's birthday across Asia, from bathing statues to…
a young girl studying and eating an apple
Mastering Study Habits: The Essential Guide to Daily Learning
by Deborah Reed
Unlock the secrets to making studying a daily habit for enhanced learning and academic success.…
outline drawing of a person in meditation with wings and bright light
Endings and Beginnings: What Time Is It?
by Rev. Daniel Chesbro and Rev. James B. Erickson
There was a time when a critical mass of events and probable futures came together that could have…
photo of wall street with American flags
Making Dollars Count: Shifting Economic Focus from Quantity to Quality
by Robert Jennings,
When discussing economic prosperity, the conversation often revolves around 'how much' we're…
Antarctic Alarm Bells: Deep Ocean Currents Slowing Sooner Than Expected
Antarctic Alarm Bells: Deep Ocean Currents Slowing Sooner Than Expected
by Kathy Gunn et al
Discover how deep ocean currents around Antarctica are slowing down earlier than predicted, with…

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