Is it Authentic Telepathic Communication or My Own Thoughts?


Is it Authentic Telepathic Communication or My Own Thoughts?

One of the most common questions that I receive about interspecies telepathic communication is:

How can I tell the difference between my own thoughts and direct communication from an animal?

One of the biggest challenges that we as humans face in reclaiming our natural ability to communicate telepathically is differentiating authentic telepathic communication (especially when it comes from non-human beings) from the thoughts, ideas, and projections of our human intellectual, thinking minds.

There Is A Huge Difference

In many of our dominant human cultures, the mind, intellect, left-brain, figure-it-out-and-make-it-happen mental processes are privileged as superior to any other ways of knowing. The intuitive, right-brain, somatic ways of knowing and receiving are discounted, ignored, or even ridiculed.

This thinking, mental, rational approach is so dominant, in fact, that many of us don’t realize there is another possibility, another reality, another way of being, connecting and communicating that is completely separate from our human mental thinking processes.

One of my meditation teachers equates the ego with the mental, thinking, left-brain. That feels accurate to me…the ego is the structure of our personality and thinking mind which creates stories, ideas, concepts, and realities that are often nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

So when we begin to learn to communicate telepathically with animals and other non-human beings (trees, grass, rocks, rivers…), we can often become very confused if we expect the communication to look like, sound like, and feel like human language and thought.

Communication from non-human species usually comes in not as “messages”, but as a whole package of knowing, feeling, and understanding that is often far beyond what human language is able to express. We “translate” these ways of knowing and understanding as messages, because that’s our language and that’s what we do, but that’s not how other species who don’t have the human overlay of “ideas” communicate.

How can we tell the difference between authentic telepathic communication and projections and ideas that come from the human mind  and ego? Here are some qualities of each way of receiving and communicating that can help us to tell the difference.

Qualities of Authentic Telepathic Communication

1. Telepathic communication is fast.

True telepathic communication is fast…almost instantaneous. In fact, it’s this quality that often causes people to ignore or overlook it. In our culture of human language, we’re conditioned to believe that the more lengthy, time-intensive, and complicated communication is, the more important it is.

We tend to blow right past telepathic communication because it happens so quickly that we often just miss it unless we are really paying attention.

2. Telepathic communication is often surprising and unexpected.

Telepathic communication with an animal will often present a perspective that is completely different from our human perspective, or is something that we wouldn’t have expected to hear or understand.

3. Telepathic communication is complete, whole, and multi-sensory.

Telepathic communication often comes in a whole package of understanding and sensory information. Our human minds will translate this into language and words, but telepathic communication rarely takes the form of “messages” or sentences.

As an animal communication teacher, I find that many people are confused by this. They may feel that if they are not receiving “messages”, they are not receiving “real” telepathic communication…when in fact, the opposite may be true.

4. Telepathic communication is received  by and lands in the body

Telepathic communication is a deeply somatic way of receiving awareness, information, and understanding. Often, people will first experience this as an awareness, sensation, or felt-sense in either the heart or the belly area (or both.)

There is a quality of “landedness”, “groundedness”, and deep rootedness in these communications and understandings that is completely different from the mental, thinking process. Sometimes people will experience physical sensations that accompany the communications: tingles, heat, cold, or tears.

In contrast, messages that come from our own thoughts, ideas, and projections have very different qualities. Here are some ways that we can identify these kinds of “thinking” communications, so that we can drop back into authentic receiving.

Qualities 0f Mental Ideas, Thoughts, and Projections

1. Thinking is often overlaid with human perspective + emotion.

There is often a big story attached, that can include drama, attributing human perspectives to another species, or ideas and assumptions that are filled with judgments, blame, or making something or someone wrong.

2. Messages that derive from thinking are often prefaced with these types of  words or thoughts:

* I think…
* I wonder…
* Maybe…
* What if…
* I don’t know if…

3. Thinking often has a feeling of mental pressure, trying to “figure things out”, and often leads to tension and leaning forward in the body.

If you notice that your head feels pressured, your body is tense, or you are leaning forward, take a breath, lean back, feel the back of your body and your feet connected to the Earth. This can help to reconnect you to your somatic awareness and put you in a state of open receptivity where telepathic communication can be easily and clearly received.

Skill, Maturity, Practice, and Guidance

It takes skill, maturity, practice, and guidance to be clear and to be able to identify the difference between authentic telepathic communication and our human thoughts and ideas.  Telepathic communication is our birthright, a natural ability and language that is shared universally by all species. However, when we are relearning, rediscovering, and reawakening this ability, we can often confuse our own thoughts, feelings, and agendas from that which is coming authentically and clearly from another being.

This is why I emphasize that while everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically,  not everyone should try to use this ability to try to help others until they are far enough along on their own path.

Animals communicate with a multi-dimensional understanding and awareness that we as a human species are only beginning to be able to access. We can learn so much from our animal teachers if we put aside our ideas, human preconceptions, and expectations and instead approach animals with an attitude of openhearted presence and a willingness to learn and discover.

This article was reprinted with permission
from Nancy's blog.

About the Author

Nancy WindheartNancy Windheart is an internationally-respected animal communicator, animal communication teacher, and Reiki Master-Teacher. Her life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through telepathic animal communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her healing services, classes, workshops, and retreats. For more info, visit

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