A Higher Meaning For Wealth: It Is More Than Money

When I was eighteen, I bought an old Volkswagen camper van. With my new home-on-wheels, a few thousand dollars in my savings account, and some camping supplies, I quit my two jobs and set off on the road-tripping adventure of a lifetime.

I didn’t have a lot of stuff, but I had time, and I was free to roam. I knew I could find a job any time I needed one, and that I would always find a way to get what I needed to fuel the next stage of my grand adventure. The world was my oyster. I felt wealthy beyond measure.

As I’ve grown older, my definition of wealth has evolved. Freedom is still of very high importance to me, and when I know I can give myself and my family the kinds of experiences I desire, I feel wealthy. I also have a beautiful home, and the resources to contribute to my children’s lives in any way I choose.

Most of all, I feel wealthy when I can use my abundance to contribute to my purpose and mission in the world, and create a movement. Through connections with other people, technology, and the wise application of financial resources, I can effectively use the gifts I’ve been given in my soul blueprint, and contribute to the betterment of humanity.

In other words, my wealth is more than dollars and cents. It is a tool which enables the fulfillment of my purpose on Earth.

Wealth Is More Than Money

Wealth is everything we need?materially, spiritually, and emotionally?in order to fulfill our purpose on Earth. It is the accumulation of everything we need, want, and desire.

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More, wealth is the perception and belief that we have everything we need, want, and desire. In order to be wealthy, we have to feel wealthy. Otherwise, we just have a lot of stuff.

This is a higher meaning of wealth than the one we usually encounter. Or, depending on your perspective, it might be a foundational meaning. After all, what we see as wealth in others' lives is really only the superficial trappings. We can’t see how they feel, or how they are living their purpose, until we look deeper.

Often, we equate wealth solely to money, but that’s actually inaccurate. Money is simply the common energy of exchange in our world?the unit of measurement by which we value the intangible resources of time, energy, security, relationships, love, and freedom.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone, from every walk of life, wants to be wealthy. It’s a desire that we are born with, and one that we nurture as we grow. After all, I don’t know anyone who spends their time asking, “How can I be poorer? How can I have more lack in my life?” Do you?

What Is Your Concept of Wealth?

When you think of being “wealthy,” what does that look like to you? Is it a numerical benchmark, like, “I’ll be wealthy when I have a million dollars in the bank”? Or is wealth more of a feeling to you, a state of being, a new and upgraded operating platform? What resources, relationships, and mindsets do you need to attract in order to live in wealth and abundance?

Wealth is very personal. It’s different for each of us. Once you know what wealth actually looks and feels like to you, you will be more able to attract it.

Another question to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to be wealthy?” Why do you want more money? What do you think money will allow you to do, be, and create?

Here are just a few reasons that people desire to create wealth. Perhaps some of them also apply to you.

I want to be wealthy because …

* I want greater security.

* I want to buy a new home (or car, boat, camper, etc.).

* I want to travel and experience the world.

* I want to create a healthier lifestyle without worrying about the price tag.

* I want to start a business.

* I want to create or assist a charity.

* I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

* I want to live as an example to others.

* I want to start a movement.

As you explore the question of “why,” try not to judge yourself. There are no wrong reasons to desire wealth.

Our why = our purpose. Why you desire is actually more important than what you desire.

What Makes You Feel Wealthy

Whatever makes you feel wealthy is important, because it gives you a clue as to your deeper motivations, values, and purpose. For example, if you want wealth because it will increase your prestige and visibility, it’s not something to be ashamed of. In fact, these attributes are probably tied to your greater purpose.

When you know and acknowledge your “big why” around wealth, you actually open up avenues for greater wealth to come to you. You open up pathways, make connections, and see possibilities everywhere, and are more likely to take action to acquire the resources you need to move forward.

We live in an ever-expanding universe. Our desire for wealth is extremely personal, but it’s also part of that collective expansion energy. When we tap into that truth, and understand that our desire for wealth is innately connected to our purpose in life, we invite the universe to work on our behalf.

Where There's A Will There's A Way

My grandmother, the matriarch of our family, was a seamstress. She came from poverty, but she had a strong will, and knew that there was always a way to get what she wanted.

She worked hard. Really hard. She sewed for a factory from the age of twelve. Her wages were not enough to make ends meet, never mind to create the life she dreamed about, so she sewed for a lot of people on the side, and took odd jobs whenever the opportunity arose. Opportunities seemed to magically appear for her whenever she needed them.

Her “regular” job did not provide her with security, but she created that security for herself through investments, stocks, and good planning. She had money stashed everywhere?under the mattress, in the cupboards, in safe deposit boxes. Knowing she had access to money from multiple sources at all times made her feel wealthy and secure.

By the time she was ready to retire, she was able to live off of her investments. Whenever anyone in the family needed a loan or financial advice, they came to Grandma. She created all kinds of experiences for herself and her family that many people never get to enjoy?like traveling around the world. She was driven by her purpose to do her best to create the best life possible for herself and her family.

Society's Standards?

By society’s standards, my grandmother wasn’t “rich.” In fact, for most of her life, she was barely middle-class. She lived in a tiny apartment, and wore clothes that she’d made herself. She wasn’t extravagant, or ostentatious?but in her mind, she was wealthy. She had created everything she needed to do the things that mattered to her.

On the other hand, many people have a ton of money, but never feel wealthy. I know millionaires who started to feel poor because they lost some money in the stock market, or because the value of their real estate investments dropped a few percentage points. Despite all the zeroes in their bank balances, these individuals were no longer wealthy, because they no longer believed that they were supported, empowered, and free to choose the path that was most aligned with their purpose.

The Intersection Of Wealth & Purpose

Although wealth is the acquisition of whatever you need to fulfill your purpose, you don’t need to fully understand your purpose in order to be, and feel, wealthy.

Yes, it seems like a paradox?but the truth is, there are multiple levels of purpose. In some way, we are connected to all of them, whether we are aware of it or not.

Our desire for wealth is more than just a desire for more?although society often portrays it that way. When we reel our desire back to its essence and energy, we see that desire is a trigger. It pushes us to reach beyond our comfort zone: to grow, to imagine, to create. This energy directly contributes to the expansion of our selves, our personal sphere of influence, our planet, and the universe as a whole.

Remember, wealth is what we need to fulfill our purpose. And since our desire points the way to our purpose and triggers our actions in that direction, our desire for wealth is a major key to unlocking our greatest gifts and talents and living the most amazing possible life.

It’s natural to desire wealth because wealth (your definition of it) is inherent in your soul blueprint. We all have a place in our soul blueprint dedicated to our purpose and vision. Wealth, and our desire for it, is the means by which we are empowered to express those things.

Consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously, you know that the beacon of your desire for abundance is important, so you attend to it constantly. Maybe you’re not fully aware of this fire-stoking; maybe you simply have a feeling that you are more than your current circumstances, and that you are meant for greater things. The good news is, you get to decide what that “more” is. You get to decide what wealth and abundance mean to you.

So, right here, right now, I ask you to embrace your desire for wealth and prosperity. Know that, when properly aligned, it will empower you to actualize your purpose in the world. It will call you to continue to grow beyond your comfort zone and the status quo, and evolve into your highest potential.

When you are actualizing wealth on your own terms, based on your own definition of “wealthiness,” you are working for the greater good of yourself, the planet, and humanity.

For many of us, this runs counter to what we were told about money and wealth as children. Perhaps we learned that wanting more money is “greedy,” or that a person can only get rich by trampling others.

If you have old programming along those lines, I encourage you to set it aside. Such untruths will only leave you second-guessing your purpose, and the desires that can guide you there.

Just for a moment, imagine a world where everyone was connected with their truest, most authentic definition of wealth. Imagine that every person was fully aligned with their desire to expand, and that each had everything they needed to fulfill their greater purpose. Imagine how different the world would be, and the enormous contributions that each person could make. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

I’ve always known, deep in my bones, that wealth would give me freedom. That freedom has looked different at various points throughout my lifetime, but it’s always given me a sense of empowerment and lightness. I want to be free, because when I am free I am purposeful. When I am purposeful, I am powerful, and when I am powerful, I am creating a soul-satisfying life.

You have an important reason why you want to be wealthy. Wealth is what you need to fulfill your purpose, so your why for wealth = the key to your purpose. Your why is the trigger for you to show up and shine as your best self, which will align you with wealth. You get to decide what wealth means to you, and what you need to acquire to fulfill your greater purpose and live your soul-satisfying life.

©2017 by Prema Lee Gurreri.
Reprinted with permission.

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