Energy Is Priceless: Putting Love in Everything You Do
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To make money, you have to deliver your energy in some form, to satisfy a demand that is out there. And if what you are selling is energy, charisma, and enthusiasm, there is no competition because most others are selling things that are lifeless, loveless, and dull.

So your stuff -- your service, your creativity, whatever will always be different, unique, and desirable. Why? Because you will imbue it with energy, the God Force, love, and caring.

What You're Selling Is Love

I know a young man who opened a shop. It was minute -- just two little rooms; the whole thing wasn't much bigger than the average kitchen. The shop sold candles, incense, aromatherapies, and so forth. Heaps of other places in the town did the same thing, but he was a bit different so he wasn't in competition with the others.

The young man was soft and kind and loving. People would come in, and he'd be right there for them. He'd talk to them, make them feel better, and they'd go out of his shop with a bottle of ylang-ylang extract or something. I'm sure many didn't know the difference between ylang-ylang and ding-aling, but it didn't matter -- because it felt safe and correct and nurturing.

He had a little fountain in the doorway and that felt nice; and the shop was spotless. The few shelves he had were always fully stocked and neat; little signs explained things, and he explained things; and you could pop in for a remedy for your granny's arthritis. He couldn't fix it necessarily, but you'd wind up with a candle or a book or something that was imbued with tons and tons of love. That would cheer your granny up, her immune system would kick in a bit stronger, and she'd get a bit better.

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He sold love 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. He was humble and kind and soft-spoken; and if he had an ego, it certainly wasn't around during working hours. People loved him; they flocked to his shop.

After several years of selling love in little packages, he sold the shop for over $500,000 -- an astounding price for a few hundred square feet of shop. He used the cash to make another investment and did the same love-love thing there. Now, eight years later, he's worth three or four million, and his company will soon go public. When it does, he'll receive an enormous refund -- with a note from the God Force saying, "Here's 20 million bucks, dude. Thanks for dishing out all that love and sweetness in a dull gray world."

Action: Making a List

Get a piece of paper, and write down the services, knowledge, or products you are familiar with -- the things you're already doing. Then write another list of things you might be interested in delivering to people.

Having honed down your lists, look at your products, services, and packaged information, then analyze what other people have done in these fields. Ask yourself, Is this other product exciting? Does it challenge? Does it inform? Does it teach people something? Does it enthuse them and make their lives more comfortable? Does it help them to be sexier or more beautiful? What is in this product that has value, and how could it be improved?

Perhaps you could take a very ordinary product that everybody is familiar with and add a little something that makes it absolutely irresistible.

Look at your commercial life so far. What have you sold? Let's say you've always sold your labor, and you're working for somebody at present. What can you do to put more energy into the labor you provide? You might say, "I get paid the same amount of money whether I put more energy in or not," but this is not the point.

Energize Yourself In Your Work

If you energize yourself in your work, you will find that: (1) the job becomes more fun to do, (2) you'll be more likely to be promoted or given a raise, and (3) you'll lift your energy so high that you'll go beyond the job, and hop perhaps to another corporation that pays you twice as much. And you do this by arriving a little earlier, staying a little later, improving your efficiency, and making an effort to relate emotionally to the people around you.

It is good to practice putting energy in right now, no matter how dull the current situation. Later in life, that energy will become cash in the bank or abundance or wonderfulness of one kind or another.

Under the metaphysical law of supply and demand, you should not limit how much you're going to put out. You don't have to let the world use you, but you have to give because you want to receive. So start by giving. Give of your attention and concentration, give of your love, and give of your energy.

Don't destroy yourself with negative feelings toward other people; if you can't love them, be neutral. Be enthusiastic, be open, and be up there for it, for in limiting yourself, you get stuck in one place in one salary for the rest of your life.

As you agree to give as part of your action plan, and as you begin to look at how you can improve your service, knowledge, or product, it will take you to the next step. It carries you to a higher energy, a greater velocity, a larger salary, and bigger opportunities. It opens you to easy money. You'll find some money, or win some, or a great dollop of moolah suddenly will drop into your lap. Expect a payoff!

Supply and Demand

Once you imbue your life, your products, and so on, with energy, you will see that the law of supply and demand no longer applies. It only relates to the tick-tock world we see around us. It does not apply once you understand the trick of projecting energy into your moneymaking activities.

To properly comprehend the idea, you first have to make a subtle ego-shift in your mind. You have to switch from focusing on yourself -- "What do I need? Who will supply my demands? What will I eat? Who will give me the things I want?" -- to concentrating instead on the needs of others.

This doesn't mean you have to become a charity worker, or disempower yourself financially. It's more a way of saying that your needs will be met once you can find a way of projecting energy and fulfilling someone else's need. That is self-empowerment. Hoping someone will fix it for you is disempowering, because a satisfactory outcome always lies beyond your control, subject to the whims of others.

So switch your focus to: "How will I fulfill somebody else's needs today, and get paid in the process?" There is no way of making money on this planet other than by fulfilling people's needs. It's just an ego-shift. First, you concentrate on serving others, and in that way you serve yourself.

What Do People Need?

By concentrating on what people need, you become abundant. When we look at the marketplace of life, isn't it true that so many products don't work? How many restaurants have you eaten in that are not clean or customer oriented? How many businesses exist just to screw people rather than to love them and satisfy their needs?

There are so many shoddy products and rip-off merchants who haven't clicked into "How will I fulfill my customers' needs?" Often a customer's need may just be an emotional need to talk to you about their life while you're selling them something.

If selling products is what appeals to you, think of products you believe in, products that are worth the money. Ask yourself, Can I put my heart and soul into the product? Can I be enthusiastic and really love this gizmo, really serve my customers?

So the game is to provide people with something they need, imparting helpful information and exuding a loving energy as you make the sale. You have to join humanity at the level of emotions, needs, and desires. You have to nurture them and be there for people. You have to empathize and put out energy.

Love In Action

If you are there for people on a human level, it helps you sell products. It's love in action. Love in action is a form of compassion. Wouldn't it be great if you could sell a million refrigerators and rack up a whole heap of compassion at the same time? Now that would be a lovely memory to look back on at the end of your life, would it not?

Once you have the God Force in what you do, there is no more competition, and you are no longer a victim of the vagaries of the market, the ups and downs of supply and demand. You're out on your own, miles ahead of the rest.

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The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde."It’s hard to align with money if you think that it is evil and nasty. But once you come to an understanding that money is neutral, it’s easy to see that having money does not necessarily deprive somebody else. There’s no reason why you can’t be very rich and still be an extremely spiritual and wonderfully generous person—aligned to the God Force—with a huge heart, and compassion for everyone you meet." — Stuart Wilde

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