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How do we learn to love?
By being loved. And emulating love.
How do we learn to be holy?
By experiencing holiness. And emulating holiness.

Going back only ten generations, each of us has 1,024 direct ancestors. Each of those 1,024 people left a lineage and a personal legacy. If any of them had lived in a different place, received a different education, married a different person, parented in a different way, gotten in the way of a different political or social movement, been involved in a different war or peace, then everything—everything—would be different.

We know that genetic traits can be passed through the generations. Our children can bear a striking physical resemblance to our great-great-grandparents. Physical strengths and weaknesses are often duplicated generation to generation. A proclivity toward certain types of work—athletics and the arts, for example—seems to be within certain families. And sadly, for some there seems to be a history of diseases that run in the family and physical and mental illnesses that manifest time and again.

We are happy when grandsons have Grandma’s beautiful blue eyes. And we are proud when our granddaughters have the inherent skills to follow into the family business. And we rejoice that modern medical science and advanced technology are working tirelessly to master the faulty DNA that causes ongoing pain and suffering.

Yet there are still some dispositions that remain puzzling and troubling. Distrust, despair, anger, fear, insecurity, anguish, loss, grief, and guilt are felt and manifest in many lives. They are present in so many lives; they cause real personal pain and affect all those who come in contact with the sufferer. From where do these woundings come—how can they be understood—and how can they be healed?

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Trauma through the Generations 

Throughout the generations, so many people have been exposed to great traumawar, death, destruction, rape, subjugation, pillage, plunder. Harsh and ruthless voices have shouted cruel and frightening threats. Innocent souls have been tormented and mercilessly abused. Brutal killers have slashed their ways through towns, and villages, and bodies. Beatings, imprisonments, torture, holy wars, crusades, pogroms, genocide. Holocaust. Debasement. Terror. Horror.

How does a human body—with its eternal soul—respond to all this affront, all this abomination? Modern science affirms that there is an inextricable body-mind connection. Words, good or evil, spoken to water or to plants change the chemical composition. People who are ill for whom prayers are said—whether or not they are aware of the prayers—heal more rapidly than those for whom no prayers are recited.

In the same way, severe trauma gets recorded at the deepest level—in the soul and in the genetic makeup of the DNA. Epigeneticists tell us that severe trauma can cause a mutation in the genes—that mutation is passed on to future generations through the DNA and becomes a part of the DNA structure. Much of our human DNA is made up of layers of trauma mutation.

New babies are born with the mutated genes of their lineages, and from the very beginning, come into this world with the pain of terror and trauma in their beings, just as surely as they come in genetically with blue eyes or red hair. These mutations can negatively affect a person throughout an entire lifetime. And they may then be played out on life’s larger stage as we understandably become defensive and protective when perceiving a real or imagined threat.

Healing the Lineages

It is time for the lineages to be healed. It is time to break the cycle of broken DNA being passed from generation to generation. It is time for individuals to be rid of inherited pain. It is time for the world to no longer fear the actions of those who lash out in unrecognized, nevertheless real, affliction.

If we sense that our lineage needs healing, we can begin to restore the love and holiness that may have been stifled or lost in the trauma-pain of the generations.

Contemporary spiritual seekers, Jonah and Rebecca Balogh, offer this Lineage Process for those who wish to heal:

Stand with your hands at your sides, palms facing forward, and say—

I now have 100 percent desire
that all my lineages be cleared
of all pain and all suffering
so that I grow in perfect harmony with Full Grace.

Let there be perfect integrity in all my being,
in all my souls, in all my lineages, in all my heart
for the purpose of healing all lineages
so that the fullness of life is now realized.

We now have 100 percent desire
that all lineages are now clear
so that they hold the Original Beauty
of the Great Love.

Who are we?
What are our lives?

We are Then.
We are Now.

We can be Who We Can Be.

Loved and Loving.
Whole and Holy.

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Radical Loving: One God, One World, One People
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book cover: Radical Loving: One God, One World, One People by Wayne Dosick.For many of us, it feels as if our world is breaking apart. Long-held, comfortable beliefs are being shattered, and we face unprecedented questions and challenges. How do we heal the harsh divisions of class, race, religion, and cultures that plague us? How do we vanquish sexism, rigid fundamentalism, unabashed nationalism, senseless hatred, and violent terrorism? How do we save our precious planet from the threats to its very existence?

In this book is a bold, visionary, Spirit-filled blueprint for the redemption, transformation, and evolution of our emerging new world through radical loving and a day-to-day sense of the sacred. With age-old wisdom wrapped in contemporary garb, sweet, inspiring stories, keen insights, and gentle guidance, Radical Loving is a call to renewal and to Oneness?a promise that Earth can be Eden once again.

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